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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fountain in the country with their own hands .Instructions for the production of the three fountains

Article Contents:

  • 1 Set fountain in the country
  • 2 Phased installation guide fountain in the country with their own hands
  • 3 Fountain waterfall with his hands
  • 4 Stone fountain with his own hands
  • 5 Variety fountains with their hands on private land
  • 6 fountains submersible
  • 7 Stationary fountains

Set fountain in the country

first item fountain installation plan is planning its size and appearance.Consider the size of the yard, do not make the fountain too big or small - it will not give a positive visual effect.Remember, pumping equipment power is directly proportional to the size of the structure.

must now choose the correct plot of land for the installation.Firstly, the fountain should be located where it will be clearly seen.Secondly, it should be close to the recreational facilities.The sound of running water and the cool freshness in the summer heat - important components of a pleasant and peaceful holiday in the fresh air.Try not to install a fountain in the sun.The water will have to be changed frequently due to its flowering.Next to the tree structure is also not the place, the roots can damage the thicket and repair will have to disassemble the whole element of decor.

To install the fountain with their hands on the site is correct, do not choose the place and some of the walls.In this case, the construction will not escape the acquaintance with mold and fungus.And this, in turn, not only spoil the appearance, but also cause an unpleasant musty odor.

advance plan the future development in the area.It is not necessary to install a fountain on the way to him.

step guide fountain installation in the country with their own hands

about how to make a fountain with his own hands and talk on an example of a very simple structure - -fontanelle fountain .The construction of this type has several advantages:

  • Spectacular appearance;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Easy access to components for repair;
  • Opportunity analysis for the winter.

Picking a place for installation, dig a pit size slightly larger bowl for the fountain.In addition, it should be around to dig a shallow trench (about 10 cm).


fountain with his own hands.Instruction in photo

At the bottom of the pit should be sand cushion thickness of 15 cm. This will protect the underground part of the construction of the plant roots.To level the surface and install it plastic cup .Expose Hot on the level, and pour sand ramming.Installation capacity should be carried out in such a way that its edges were 5-8 cm

next step -. Filling a plastic container under the water bowl.Pouring "with a slide" does not need to leave the edges of 4-6 cm.


fountain with his own hands.Instruction in photo

Now you need to install fountain and to check the operation of pumping equipment.If the power pump can be adjusted, then we set up so that the water falls back into the bowl.Approach to the selection of equipment should be very careful.Ideally, when you buy, the seller, explain what the size of the cup and the cup volume is expected.He will help you choose the right equipment capacity.


fountain with his own hands.Instruction in photo

After installing the cup and the pump must be addressed waterproof cloth .Cut blade diameter with a hole for a fountain.Since its center cut into strips.This must be done so that the resulting diameter of the inner circumference of the bowl is equal to the diameter of the structure.Bends resulting material strip and drop into the container.Attach them using the sealant.Fountains with their hands always require a lot of patience and accuracy in the work, especially the construction phase.


to design base is not lost form and were stable on a sealed cloth put a couple of rods fittings, and on top of them - galvanized fine-mesh grid.The cell size will affect the size of stones or gravel, use uemyh in the decoration of the fountain.


fountain with his own hands.Instruction in photo

final stage of construction - decoration design.Fountain boundary can put bigger stones, but do not make it too clear.On the grid laid out like small stones sea pebbles or gravel.If you want to add a natural fountain, its borders should not be too sharp.Along the edges of the construction will look good variety of plants.Fontany_na_dache_svoimi_rukami_87 Thematic Japanese fountain for lovers of oriental exotic set in the same way.Here are the steps of the fountain with his own hands for the manufacture of garden in the Japanese style it consists of the same items.Chart facilities you will find below.


Fountain waterfall with his hands

build anything ambitious, we will not, but small, a height of about 1 m, cascading waterfall we are quite capable.It has already been described in detail how to prepare a trench under the pond bowl.But this time, we are building a waterfall.And if there is a natural hill, it will have to create yourself for it.

Do mound comfortable during the digging of the pit.Just dump the earth where there should be a slide, and carefully ramming her.For the hose that supplies water to the water fall point, do a little groove in the wall of the pit and mound.

2 (1 )

Fountain waterfall with her hands.Instruction in photo

After the pit and mound-base of the waterfall are ready, begin to obscure the bottom and walls of a mini-pond waterproofing material (for example, PVC film).Lay the fabric should be such that it not only completely covers the bottom and sides of the pit, but also acted about two feet on each side of the pit.


sure to lay the pipe to supply water to the top of a waterfall in a prepared track-ditch.Fold one edge of it up to 30-40 cm.


At this time we do a permanent structure, so it is best to concreted bowl pond.To start gently decompose metal grid at the bottom of the pit.We can not allow waterproofing has been damaged.Then pour concrete layer thickness of about 12-15 cm.


How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands.Photo

Now you need to prepare wall bowl.We spread the net, strengthening it in the not yet frozen solution.Continue to install the fountain pump with your hands, which will take the form of cascading waterfall, you can in a day.Fill the pond wall of the cup and finish the most difficult stage of the construction.

next part of construction - it decoration resulting structures.In the pre-compacted hill are building stage.Step should be about 30 cm and three benches would be sufficient.


On the resulting flat surface lay flat sandstone , pebbles or any other material to taste.The rest of the fountain, including the film along the perimeter, decorate stones, gravel, marble or other prefabricated materials.


can only turn on the pump and fill Hot water facilities.We watched as a stream size falls on the stairs of the waterfall and enjoy the originality of our suburban area.12

Stone fountain with his own hands

How to build a fountain of stones?This is what we talk right now.First you need to take care of the availability of all the necessary equipment and materials.We need:

  • Water Pump (suitable underwater with an average power);
  • plastic container under the bowl;
  • tube made of metal or PVC for electric cable;
  • clutch;
  • Flat stones and gravel;
  • bars of wood;
  • control the flow of water power;
  • copper tube 15 mm in diameter.


Pit for the fountain bowl must be a little more prepared for the purposes of data capacity.Covered with soil space between it and the walls of the pit, we have significantly strengthened the position of the cup.As in previous cases, do not forget to create the bottom of the pit sandy base .On top of the need to put a layer of pebbles .


water pump located in the water tank is free.This will facilitate the work on its repair, if the need arises.From waste water tank can be easy to secure fine mesh .To give structural strength over a metal grid placed wooden blocks (if desired they can be replaced by a metal reinforcement).

fontan2 fontanz fontanch fontan5 fontan6

fountain basis will metal tube that is attached vertically to the pump.

next step - preparing flat stones. To do this with the help of special tools make holes with a diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the metal pipe - base construction.

fontan7 fontan8

Further, according to the principle of children's pyramid, "sit down" stones on the tube.We can only complement the fountain decor elements and connect the pump.Very simple, but effective and a beautiful fountain in the country with their own hands is ready for operation.

fontan8 fontan22

Variety fountains with their hands on private land

Fountains Submersible

If in the yard already has a pond, it may well be used as a basis submersible fountain.Its operation is simple.Water is supplied via a pump directly from the pond.In this case, for the installation of a submersible fountain needed:

  • pump;
  • pipe for water supply;
  • appropriate nozzle to form a jet of water and set it right direction.

Nozzles are very different.For example, nozzle Bell is a construction of two discs.The water flow passes between them and the gap is changed during adjustment.Nozzle « geyser » - narrowed to the top of the pipe - rather effectively copies the corresponding natural phenomenon.

Garten - Teyh - armor - figure - Randsteine

Such structures have a lot of opportunities.For example, you can create the effect of batter from the earth key.To this end, a fountain with his own hands is mounted so that the end of the pipe does not protrude above the surface of the pond.

Using more complex nozzles can greatly enhance the decor.Water spray effect, the simultaneous combination of several tips and many other variations on the choice of the person who designs the fountain at his dacha.

Stationary fountains

fountain of this type - a real find for lovers of art and design professionals.Facilities may take the form of natural stone font, the ancient structures;They are made of clay pots, plastic bottles, and any material that is at hand.Especially popular in recent years for the Japanese garden fountains.

any frost Suitable material: marble, artificial stone, sea pebbles and so on.For the decoration of fountains often resorted to painting.There are two ways of its implementation:

  • coloring material to the structure of production;
  • painting already finished pieces.


first option is much more expensive, but it is considerably more reliable.For protection against moss, mold and mildew useful process design fountain special means.

small stationary fountain will be good to look in places family vacation or near playgrounds.Our master class "Fountain in the country with their own hands" to help novice designers to build correctly, perhaps, one of the main elements of the decor in the suburban area.It does not matter, it will be a small fountain, a geyser or a large-scale cascading waterfall height of 2 meters.The main thing that he was pleased the owners and brought no problems.

Video intsruktsiyami fabrication fountain on