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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design interior of the house with the use of wood .Interior of a wooden house inside

use of wood in the interior

tree in the design of the house - a special guarantee of comfort and warmth.To create a harmonious interior of a wooden house inside, you need a taste and knowledge of some of the features.

Soft properties of this material create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.Therefore, even the most inexperienced designer can work with him.The tree itself will do the main task - the space from it always looks advantageous and without any design refinements.

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basic rules of design

To wood inside the house looked just as impressive as the outside, it is important to be able to correct accents in the interior.

  • Do not bring in a lot of colorful home design items (furniture, carpets, cushions, tablecloths).
  • Wood is perfectly combined with metallic elements, but on the condition that the ratio of their natural material will dominate.
  • Color logs will determine the general spirit of the interior, his character and attitude.

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The main thing to remember - this is what the tree should be the master of the premises.Related elements are intended only to emphasize its features, but does not overshadow them.It is therefore important to think in advance methods of surface finishing with a large area, because they create the overall impression.

We make major surfaces

most advantageous option for the interior of a wooden house in the surface will be completely raw.So the house will be a truly eco-friendly and close to nature.

However, not all local climatic conditions allow to go on such a luxury.It should be taken into account and design ideas, because the material from which the house is built, can be very far from the desired in color and texture.

Therefore, there is plenty of wood treatment options, it confirms the design inside the house in the photo.

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To give a special texture or color of wood can be treated with toning, sanded, varnished or cause the thread.Each of these methods has its own peculiarity.

lightly whitewashed walls and floor will resemble light and delicate style of Provence, inherent to the French.Roughly folded dark logs will remind Russian or Scandinavian style.A dark wooden beams on the ceiling will help to join the English culture.Wood, as the initial idea, giving plenty of opportunities for creating interesting, original and attractive in its own design.Help to better understand the beauty of the interior of a wooden house photo.

Each type of wood has its own properties.Knowing these features, you can plan the interior decoration at home, beginning with the first-built works.

  • Oak - the most durable and the most interesting material.It belongs to a class of expensive wood because of their unusual strength and special texture.He has a broad palette from light gold to almost chocolate color.
  • Pine - the most popular material due to a combination of reasonable prices and excellent qualities.It was she who bears the same honey-golden color, which makes the walls of the whole house so warm cozy and unique.
  • Other options - spruce, fir, cedar, birch - good in some one of its qualities (texture, color, and even smell).But they have a number of drawbacks, such as low strength or too uniform color, which makes the room boring.Therefore, they are best used separately, as additional elements of the interior - stairs, cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, etc.

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Photo interiors of wooden houses tell us how best to use these or other wood species.

correctly select the furniture

Design of wooden houses not tolerate spontaneously selected furniture.It should work for a total of a given subject.For starters, you can get acquainted with the interiors of wooden houses in the photos.

the examples shows that the tasteful furniture make the wooden house more original and warm.It is best to choose a quiet, unobtrusive range.It suits the color of nature itself - green, coffee, blue, muted purple.Even a simple view from the window will help determine how to choose the furniture wood.

It is important to choose a color harmoniously looked not only with wooden walls, but also created a beautiful combination with each other.At any photo interior in a wooden house is made up of many disparate parts that work together to create a relaxed family atmosphere.

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As materials for the furniture is better to use, of course, natural materials - the same wood, bamboo, linen, cotton, silk.Undesirable, but may be acceptable metal and leather.In the latter case will look good variety of forged products.

Choose decorations

If the whole house selected direction of high-tech, even chrome and plastic parts will look at it organically.But under the condition that all of these elements will constitute an integrated system rather than be scattered parts.For this difficult task will help overcome some of the photos of the interior of a wooden house, through which you can create your own idea for a dream home.

nicely fit into the design of things simple form and even slightly rough finish: vases, frames, figurines, cloth, thick rugs, wicker planters.

From what was told about the design of the house in the photo, it is clear that out of place in this eco-house is a fireplace.You can use it as a traditional version and gas simulation.Everything will depend on the selected styles.

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Interior wooden house inside should be combined with the outer finish.It is important to create a complete image and unity kompozitsii.Bolshe talk about the beauty and uniqueness of the interior well-made wooden house photo.

Wooden house will help to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle in a special, warm and unique world.