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August 12, 2017 18:07

Skirting oak , over which time has no power

Where and how to fix skirting oak?

Oak is one of the hardest wood species, although it can compete and larch, and even birch, also called "iron tree" (it can be found only in a single reserve on the territory of Russia).Durability oak too much higher than most other species, whereby the tree is widely used in the construction industry.

logs, planks, beams - that just does not make of solid wood gray.Great demand and oak moldings that perfectly combines with from the same solid wood, which is laid a floor covering.Contrary to the opinions of many shabashniks, oak plinth mounted to the wall, not the floor, for the simple reason that the thickness of the strips has recently become quite small, which is why they are easily damaged.

as fasteners are usually the nails or screws.The first is best used when the walls of plaster applied quality, with nails must be sufficiently thin.Screws are usually screwed into pre-drilled holes in the wall.Over fasteners for greater aesthetics paste special caps, selecting them in color to the oak.Actually, he and plinth using the liquid nails can be pasted on the wall, if it is carefully leveled, and the bar is oriented vertically.

What we know about the plinth made of oak?

As you know, there are different kinds of moldings, in particular - from solid, veneered and bended designed for edging columns.The most noble, though not belonging to the euro class is considered to be an oak plinth - an array of gray, even with a small thickness is impressive.However, such a material has a significant disadvantage - the high price.

There is a more economical option, which, however, certainly not satisfied with the true aesthetes - a veneer plinth whose base is made of cheap wood, such, for example, fir, and the front part is covered with oak veneer.

should also mention bent plinth, which is produced by special technology and can have a different radius, a column of almost any thickness.Restrictions, of course, is, minimum radius, which can be bent wooden rail - 20 centimeters, then begins the critical stress of wood, and at some point it breaks.With marble columns very nicely combined plinth bleached oak, but for completeness of the design space is necessary that the flooring corresponds to the color.

bent to make it easier to mount the plinth to the circular cross-section columns, it has already sold in folded condition, which use special hard plastic packaging.

Secrets wooden plinth

To finish the room looked respectable, you must try to select an array of sexual and plinth so that they were from a single timber, or even of belonging to the same family tree species.For example, oak belongs to the family of beech, which means that the plinth of this tree is not bad combined with beech floors.

Compared with the most durable plastic oak has advantages - it is stronger, it is an environmentally friendly material and, most importantly, the wood be repaired, while the plastic moldings in the presence of defects can be safely disposed of .

only disadvantage of wooden skirting boards - no channel for the wires, but this shortcoming has been successfully eliminated by using prefabricated elements, which, however, are all in the same array.Initially, the wall mounted special fittings, which then special shaped parts on the rear of the plane put on the bar floor.

Just below it is enough space to lay a cable there, both electric and network.However, electricity is not to be missed under baseboards, for this purpose, are made grooves in the walls, which are then hidden under a layer of plaster.