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August 12, 2017 18:07

The main characteristic parameters of the inverter operation

Why you need to convert energy?

exchanger has a small reservoir design parameters as using asynchronous type transformer, or rather its mechanical rotor circulation occurs without mechanized operations on the shaft.For the installation of transformer, which has in its structure an asynchronous electric motor, and enough of the heat exchanger 60 microfarads.You can identify these negative aspects:

  1. must be remembered that the 380 volts - a very high voltage and must be very careful with him, that there were no emergencies.Therefore it is recommended to work with the 220 volt voltage
  2. been observed decrease in efficiency at a time when idling

3 -phase transformer installation scheme

was included almost always trigger coil is off the property, and the inverter turns on the contrary.In principle, the capacitor can not be turned off because the impact on the process it has a minimum.In this work on the scheme gets the job done in the form of stars, some people call this process kvazitrehfaznym.

The energy released in the form of installation of transformer vector diagram

Options for converter installation

occurred to the best of transformer output, you can set it to automatic transformer unit, power is selected depending on the power of your transducer.To change the phase, it is possible to make a certain number of taps, respectively, such adjustment becomes easier to install and with less electricity.

The converter with the establishment of automatic transformer unit

Also, if the transformer is installed, correctly, properly and efficiently, something from it can do its job and three phase connection:

  1. electric sawmill, which has a voltage of about 3 kW
  2. Krupoderka 1.5 kW
  3. Electric sharpener with a capacity of 400 W
  4. Boer, which consumes 1 kilowatt
  5. Concrete mixer small size, with the need to 400-500 watts
  6. Electric jointer with the need for 1 kW

most basic thing you should always remember the order in which a transformer.The first converter is included, then all consumers of the three-phase voltage.To perform a proper shutdown, you must do the same only in reverse order.It is also not advisable to use electronic capacitors.In order to choose the right obbem, you need to know by the very transformer installation.

Setting the voltage converter