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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to glue the plinth to a bath - plastic , tape , mounting methods

No one wall in the building, including the walls in the bathroom are not perfectly smooth - I'm not talking about modern buildings.Moreover, when the construction can not achieve absolute parallel opposite walls.Therefore, when you install the bath there is always some gap, the gap between the bath rim and walls of the room, and as a result, the water stains on the floor and even higher humidity in the room.

to seal these gaps, there are many ways.Each owner of the apartment that comes up on the basis of the circumstances.It is possible to close up the gap, for example, cement or some other suitable construction material.However, the durability of this "design" remains in doubt.The best solution - stick to the bath a special plinth.

This product is called differently: baseboard, border, corner bath.There are three main types of baseboards: tape, plastic and ceramic.There is also a VIP (marble and TL), but they are a different story, as they are not widely used.

Ceramic skirting boards do not recommend that you install yourself.The technology of their installation is quite complicated, and without professional services to manage unlikely.Unless, of course, take care of the quality of work.

Therefore, for self-installation is best to use tape or plastic moldings.However, their installation, there are some differences, so briefly explain each form moldings.

installation of a plinth

Belt skirting

They are made on the basis of polyethylene, and they are self-adhesive.They do not have high strength, but it is increased by using a sealant bath.Mounted bonding method.

Plastic moldings

considered the most cost-effective and easy to install curbs views.The sale is not only the direct baseboards that are easy to cut, but also a variety of areas.Therefore, using such moldings can be reliably "isolate" bath of any size and configuration.For fixing of plastic are used liquid nails, silicone adhesive.The entire installation is reduced to the correct markup elements common border bath and gluing.One side - to the bath, the other - to the wall.And you can glue both on the tile, and "under" it (on the wall).This work is under the power of any, even an inexperienced, man.The main thing - well then be sealed joints skirting strips, corners.However, we must bear in mind that over time, the plastic edges can be "lifted", and it will begin to skip moisture.Therefore it is better to lay on top of the wall tile floor.

General measures for both types of baseboards:

  1. prepare the surface;
  2. previously repaired the crack sealant;
  3. after drying, apply liquid nails;
  4. press tightly against the baseboard (tape);
  5. seal the joints;
  6. quality dry bonding site.