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August 12, 2017 18:07

The main characteristics of the cable KG

Today we will talk about where applicable KG copper cable, which had come in cross-section and, in fact, how to decipher the letter marking.Looking ahead, it should be noted that this type of power conductors is very popular among electricians and most often used to connect high-power electrical appliances, in particular - the welding machine.So, first things first, starting with the technical specifications of the cable KG and ending its field of application.

  • Explanation marking
  • Design features
  • Description of basic parameters
  • Scope
  • Hersteller

Explanation marking

Abbreviation KG stands quite simple - cable flexible.If the labeling is present the prefix "n", ie,CTG, this suggests that the conductor is additionally protected by rubber-coated oil-resistant, which makes it non-flammable.The flexible electrical cable photo

also happen tropicalised version (indicated in the documentation as a CG-T), in which the conductor may be used in a -10 ° C to + 55 ° C and cold-resistant performance of KG-HL (60C to +50 C).

With deciphering labeling electric cable KG sorted out, we hope that everything is clear.We also recommend you to get acquainted with the standard marking of wires and cables!Visually see the appearance of a conductor you can on video review below:

What is a flexible electrical cable?

YouTube Preview

Design features

design power cable CG is as follows:

  1. busbar conductor copper, stranded and, of course, flexible.The brand KG-T core tinned and correspond to the class 5 GOST 22483.
  2. number of copper conductors can vary from 1 to 5, and the cross section of 1 to 240 mm2.
  3. insulating layer of strands of rubber (rubber RTI-type 1 or RTI-2-CL).The outer shell is represented by rubber insulation RSHT-2 or 2-RSHTM.If the conductor is solid, its protective layer is a rubber type RTISH.Spacer layer may be present in the form of a synthetic film.
  4. color coding lived fully in line with international standards.

construct power cable KG You know, now let's talk about the main operational and technical characteristics of the conductor.

Description of basic parameters

Among the most important characteristics can be distinguished:

  • rated voltage of 660 V (AC) and 1000 (continued);
  • AC frequency of 400 Hz;
  • operating temperature from -40C to + 50C (Brand KG, about the temperature of the other forms mentioned above);
  • maximum heating lived no more than 75 ° C;
  • minimum bend radius of 8 outside diameters;
  • maximum construction length at the cross section of conductors up to 35 mm2 is not less than 150 meters and with more than 50 mm2 cross-section of at least 125 meters;
  • warranty period of 6 months;
  • life of 4 years;
  • tensile strength of 1 mm2 not more than 19.6 N;
  • electric insulation resistance of at least 50 Mohm * km.

Of the remaining specifications CG cable can be identified calculated mass and the outer diameter of the conductor.So as you can see clearly the parameters for each product size, give account of this table:

Table of sections and calculated mass

By the way, the price per kilometer cable KG starts from 10 000 rubles (the average cost of KG-HL 2 * 0.75 in the Internetstores) and ends with a mark of 1.975 million rubles (four-core KG-HL 3 + 1 * 185 * 95).


Well, the most interesting for the reader himself Electrical issue - which applies power flexible cable KG?This guide is designed to connect to mobile machinery.It can be used for installation, both indoors and outdoors.Application of electric cable for connecting the stationary units are not allowed, including its laying underground.This is due to the fact that the insulation of the conductor is not able to withstand mechanical loads and may be damaged even at pressure of hard soils.

allowed to mount a cable line outdoors on cables and racks, if all safety precautions are taken.In addition, the cable, as we have said, frost-resistant so it can be used even at temperatures below zero.

Very often KG cable is used to connect the welding machine, submersible pump and even cranes.If you want to make an extension cord with your hands, which is designed for outdoor use, we recommend you to choose this brand of electric cable.

draw your attention to the fact that there are analogues of the electrical conductor.Instead, you can also use cable products with the "KPD" marking "KPGS" or "KRPT".


last thing I would like to tell - what manufacturers KG cables are considered the best by far.According to numerous customer reviews, acceptable quality and price have the same products from the factories of manufacturers of "Kamkabel" and JSC "Rybinskkabel".Pretty good quality cable products has GC "Sevkabel".

That's all that I wanted to tell you about the technical characteristics of the cable KG.We hope that you now know where to use this guide, which he happens species and just as importantly - what manufacturers produce the best quality products!

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