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August 12, 2017 18:07

How do independent heating apartments electricity ?

In recent years, many residents of apartment buildings transferred from the central heating system is autonomous.This is due to the fact that when using heat from the housing and communal services can be a long wait for the onset of the heating season or the temperature in the apartment is not high enough and still have to buy additional heaters.In addition, the central pipe pipes in the old prefabricated homes often fails: pipe break through, constantly changing, with the result that the owners just have to wait again when will the heat.In order not to depend on public services, it is possible to make electric heating in the apartment with his hands, and to regulate the temperature regime of property.For information on how to carry out installation and any heaters that use will be discussed later!

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  • Choosing the right system
  • Tips Installation
  • How to save electricity?


Immediately it should be noted that electric heating in the apartment will cost much more than the city water heating.It is connected with high power heater and high electricity tariffs.Despite this, if properly calculate the power of electric heaters, set the economical operation mode and put the device through the rooms properly, you can save considerably on the account for "light" and use individual heating system without overpayments.Next, we'll have electric heaters are best to choose and where to properly install their work to be effective.

The circuit of the heating system one-bedroom Khrushchev

scheme heating system one-bedroom Khrushchev

It is equally important to immediately identify the pros and cons of electric heating in the apartment.As for the advantages, it is, of course, easy connectivity, high efficiency heaters, durability and small size, which saves space of the room.In addition to the installation of electric heating is not necessary to issue additional permits, which takes a lot of time and nerves.The disadvantages, as you know, is the high material costs for utilities and wiring replacement, if required.

immediately recommend that you review the video, which provided a modern idea for home use:

How to connect radiators without water pipes?
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Choosing the right system

Depending on the area of ​​housing and the quality of insulation of walls is chosen the appropriate option autonomous electric heating apartments.If you are the owner of a one-room or two-room Khrushchev may then manage the system Underfloor heating in combination with the electric convectors or IR panels.Combinations with infrared heaters are more favorable and effective becauseheat radiation is directed downwards and will circulate all the heat in the lower part of the room.Apartments Heating electric convectors better just because of the fact that the device does not dry the air and do not have a negative impact on human health.There are many reviews that infrared heaters with a constant radiation negative impact on health, and that is their fault.Visual comparison of alternatives

On the other advantages and disadvantages of infrared heaters can be found in the corresponding article.Yet, statistics show that even since the beginning of 2016 such devices are actively bought for home use!

With regard to electric underfloor heating, it is indeed a very popular and effective.Implement stacking film warm floor under the laminate can anyone, even a kettle in the electrics.In addition, because the material can be heated only in the flat track, not to lay a film across the floor area.Such heating option displayed on the positive energy savings and at the same time will effectively heat the room.Warm floors termomata

If you live in three-room or four-room home, there's more reasonable to use the connection of the electric hot water heating in the apartment.This is due to the large total area of ​​rooms, which will require a full, powerful heating system.For example, if an area of ​​130 sq. M., With the calculation of 1 kW / 10 sq.m.You will need to install no less than 13 kilowatt bunch of electric heaters.Of course, in winter you will be given a lot of money to operate individual electric heating system.Moreover, to this variant wiring must be strong, able to withstand high current loads.In this case, without changing the wiring can not do in an apartment, which, again, will hit your budget.At the same time, if you use the water radiators, working from the electric boiler, heating is autonomous and less costly, which will "kill two birds with one stone."

recommend immediately read the article on how to properly connect the boiler to network with their hands, lest you made mistakes and the system will last longer!

Tips Installation

To you have correctly carried out the installation of autonomous electric heating in the apartment with his hands, be sure to consider the following tips from the experts:

  • convectors place under the windows (as shown in photos) to eliminate all drafts and to compensate for the heat exchange betweenstreet and through the bathroom window.Proper positioning of convectors
  • When selecting electrical convectors for autonomous heating underfloor apartments give preference option.In this case, the equipment did not take the free volume of the room.Trench heaters photo
  • wiring must be grounding.Connect electric boiler without grounding is strictly prohibited.For information on how to make ground in the apartment with his hands, we were told in the corresponding article.Earth bar
  • Stack floor heating is recommended in the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen.The main thing to pick up the material, depending on the floor material.If this tile - buy a heating cable, parquet - a film coating.The main varieties of electric underfloor heating
  • Install thermostats recommended in the coldest point of the room at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor.thermoregulator
  • infrared panel should be placed at the center of the ceiling to light it is evenly distributed throughout the room.Proper placement of the ceiling panels
  • Not recommended for apartments to choose oil heaters.Such devices are more efficiently used if you want to make electric heating in the country, asoil cooler allows the room to warm up for a short time and for higher pay (energy poor).The use of oil heaters

How to save electricity?

Well, the last thing I would like to tell - how to make electric heating in apartment cheap, but at the same time effective.The first thing you must take into account - without thermostats installation will not be profitable.That temperature controllers, and especially electronic, allow you to set the optimal temperature, not overpaying to excess heat.

Another way to save money - the connection of multi-tariff energy meters.We both looked at the advantages and disadvantages of dual-rate counters.Once again, notice that the benefit may be different for each region.Yet more positive feedback about such devices.The owners recommend dual-rate electricity included heaters at night to day, until all the work, independent heating has been switched off.This way you can save up to half of the electricity consumed, making autonomous electric heating in the apartment is not very expensive and.If you decide to perform the installation of such meters, be sure to analyze the rates for 2016 on the Internet for your city, on the basis of what you'll see - if such devices are beneficial or not.Energy savings

And the last way to reduce costs - high-quality thermal insulation of rooms.There are proven results that the fair housing insulation you can use electric heaters with a capacity of 30-40% less than estimated.For example, the calculation of 1 kW / 10 square meters reduced to 0.6 kW / m., And is a significant difference.

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how beneficial Electroconvector
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That's all that I wanted to tell you about how to make the individual heating apartments electricity in an apartment building!We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you!If you have any questions on this topic, be sure to set them to our experts in the "FAQ categories"!