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August 12, 2017 18:07

The best options of the wooden house heating electricity

We have already discussed with your particular installation of wiring in a wooden house.Once again that security is subject to special requirements, asframe made of wood is highly flammable and in minutes can burn out completely.To this did not happen, it is necessary to conduct electricity with special measures of caution.Next we will talk about how to properly carry out the installation of electric heating in a wooden house with his own hands.

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • system installation features
  • Options heating systems
  • On what can you save?
  • In conclusion

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

Today is gaining more and more popularity use of electric heaters.The house is made of wood, such is the most relevant only if there is no gas in the area (no highway).

advantages of electric heating in the following:

  • With proper arrangement of electric heaters efficiency of the system will be much higher than when the furnace or water version (clearly this advantage you can see in the circuit diagram below).Visual comparison systems
  • absence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere (as opposed to the heating option), also does not need to install the chimney.
  • Easy to install (for example, install electric boiler or infrared heater can easily with your hands).
  • modern approach to the management of (the use of electronic thermostats and other devices that allow you to make the system of electric heating in a wooden house fully automatic).
  • Repairs to the electrical heating system is very rare, especially if all the devices are made with quality manufacturers.
  • No need to store firewood, coal or other fuels.
  • Economical system (we'll talk about it below).
  • absence of radiators and pipes around the room, which has a positive effect on the system speed of installation, as well as the interior of all the rooms.
  • Compact electric heaters.
  • can use electric heating in the wooden house as a primary or backup.

As for the drawbacks, the main one is:

  • supplied to the home grid can often shut down for repairs and maintenance (especially in remote areas of the city).No electricity - no heat.
  • need to purchase a diesel generator, which will allow for some time to get out of the situation described above.The cost of this unit is fairly high.
  • Without the use of multi-tariff meters and other devices, saves energy, the system will cost you much more expensive than the alternatives.
  • Electric, particularly infrared, are flammable devices.These connections and the installation site presented many requirements.

acquainted with the way looks like a variant of electric heating in a wooden house you can on a visual way of example:

Cine heating private home electricity
YouTube Preview

Features mounting

As we have said, at the time of connectionelectric heating in the wooden house must adhere to several important requirements, namely:

  1. When heated, the wood can dry out and crack, so avoid direct exposure to the heat flux on the walls and ceiling.It is best to direct the device to the floor and to the center of the room.
  2. If you choose to use radiators, installing them in a wooden house also features.Over time, the wood shrinkage occurs.If you do not provide in house design special joints in the pipework during shrinkage heating pipe can be broken and damaged.
  3. power cable, which will be powered by an electric boiler (or boiler) with a stock must withstand the current loads.Otherwise, the inflammation can occur by self-ignition wiring.To avoid this, make a cable cross-section calculation power.
  4. When using UFO, place them in such a way as to prevent the direct (or very close) contact of the heating element with other objects.

Options heating systems

We can not say what heaters can be used for central heating in the wooden house with his own hands.Let us consider in detail the most effective and familiar options for all.

  1. use of water heating, where heating is electric boiler.Option is the most popular, but not the best performance.The disadvantage is that still have to be mounted pipe tubes, especially as you have seen in the diagram, the battery heated room is not very effective (warm air rises).Water heaters
  2. use boiler for heating.You'd be surprised, but such a system is also popular and has proven itself very well, judging by the reviews its owners.The main demand - the heating system should be simple, and a small area of ​​the room.Incidentally, in this case, the storage-type boiler, rather than flow.Boiler
  3. Connecting infrared heaters wall and ceiling types.This option is electrical heating of the wooden house more efficient confirmation of this was a picture, which clearly shows that the warm air is directed from the top down, thus warming the entire room completely.In addition, in this case, the installation work is minimized, because all kinds of pipes and radiators will be absent.Using infrared heaters
  4. installation of "warm floor".This system is an innovation in the world of electric heating.Underfloor heating is quite effective, economical, and most importantly - safe in operation.The only drawback - the complexity of the work to install, but still end justifies the means.Warm floor
  5. use oil radiators.It can be used as a fallback or auxiliary.The use of oil radiators as the main heating too hard hit to your wallet, becausefor the whole of the wooden house will require not less than 1 pc. / room, and the price for electricity is quite high today.Oil radiator

addition to equipment options listed above for electric heating in a wooden house, you can also use electric convectors.How to choose an electric convector, we already told you.Our advice - give preference combined version.Garden house made of wood is best to heat the boiler or infrared heaters in conjunction with the system "warm floor", as shown in the photo below!

composite system

On what can you save?

So, you have decided on the option of electric heating of a wooden house, you now need to choose the right equipment and to calculate the project so that all the elements were used as efficiently as possible.

First correctly calculate the capacity of the equipment.It is believed that for 1 m3 insulated premises sufficient heating power of 30 watts (non-heated to 41 W).This calculation is simplified for better calculation is recommended to use special formulas and programs that can be easily found on the Internet.

Next, make sure that all heaters have temperature control.This device allows to set optimum temperature in the room.As a result, electric heating wooden house is not so expensive.

Another important piece of advice - buy a two-tariff electricity meter, its advantages we talked about in the article, which referred to.

And finally, it would be desirable to note - make sure that the house was insulated with high quality.All cracks under windows, and gaps in the doorway should be repaired.The tree itself is the heat capacity of the material, so the quality insulated building will allow at least 2 times to reduce power consumption.

In conclusion

As you can see, the electric heating connection in a wooden house may not be quite the right decision, the main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the right equipment.Once again we draw your attention to the fact that the presence of the gas pipeline, passing next to the house, it is better once overpay and connect the gas.Cheaper than this option to date nothing can offer!

We hope that this material has been useful to you.If you have any questions, our experts will be able to answer them in the "Q & A" category!
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