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August 12, 2017 18:06

Delicate (hand ) wash in the washing machine : mode designation and its features , what it means

Delicate wash in a washing machine
  • Features regime
  • Which badge is a symbol of?
  • to wash any fabric used?
  • Is delicacy guarantee?
  • What if there is no such function?
  • Similar names

Virtually all modern washing machines are equipped with a variety of programs specifically designed for washing of different fabrics.One of these special programs called delicate laundry.By the way, delicate washing in great demand among users of washing machines, and all because, thanks to this program a great opportunity to wash things carefully.

Features regime

  • primarily a wash cycle always takes place with the use of large quantities of water, and it is necessary to reduce the friction of fabric against each other when things are in the drum.It also helps better to rinse detergent and softener.
  • Temperature for washing delicate materials should never exceed 30 degrees, it is very rarely the temperature can reach 40 degrees.This helps extend the life of linen saturated colors.
  • For delicate washing and its features also include slow, and most importantly, a smooth movement of the drum and the laundry spin either completely absent or performed at minimum speed.

With all this careful process of washing clothes are not stretched and does not lose the decorative elements.

Wash silk and lace in a washing machine
Wash delicates in the washing machine

By the way, all of the features listed in the gentle wash of the washing machine instructions.

Delicate wash icon on the display of the washing machine

Which badge is a symbol of?

In today's market, you can now purchase washing machines from different manufacturers, so, using the technique of the individual producer, after difficult to get used to some other brand.This is especially true of the icons that are located on the control panel, talking about choosing a washing mode.

Delicate wash icon on the display of the washing machine

best thing is usually stored icons that are used constantly.Some manufacturers are next to each icon prescribed designation mode, in addition to other special sticker applied to the instructions on which all the icons are shown.Manufacturers necessarily indicate all the information about the technology in instruction.What to do when the instruction is not at hand?

  • For example, in washing machines of the brand Bosch special programs designations little, besides, all models have the same icons. All existing programs are divided into separate sectors.A certain sign allows you to choose various options for the programs, that is, modes with different temperature characteristics.Therefore, there is always the possibility to individually choose the momentum to spin or some additional features laundry.
  • But from the manufacturer Samsung icons on the washing machine became completely unnecessary, and all because the creators decided to create an easy to navigate. small icons that can be found in the stylish Samsung machines, created exclusively to refer to the standard programs.It is better to come up with the names of the programs themselves is still not possible, because in fact, there are no signs do not have to remember specifically.
  • on technology from the manufacturer Zanussi wheel is responsible for selecting the program. scroll down, you can stop at the right time with a specific washing temperature.But with the help of the individual buttons are activated by other equally important additional function for the wash.
delicate washing course in a washing machine Zanussi
delicate washing course in a washing machine Bosch
delicate washing course in a washing machine Samsung

to wash any fabric used?

If you look at the basket, kopivshuyu dirty laundry and sort things, a separate setting of certain conditions required for clothes surround brim -plissirovkoy, sequins, pleats, ruffles and sequins. mode careful washing is necessary for such delicate fabrics like chiffon, lace, lace, organza and satin. Other silk and woolen things also require special attention.Among the delicate tissues also include clothing designs unstable, unstable staining too bright fabrics, underwear, microfiber and membrane material.

Washing delicates

To understand whether the thing in the gentle washing needs, you should pay attention to the label: it is here that usually contains information about how it should be handled with this thing .If those are not available, you can rely on your own instincts, it should be remembered that soft tissues do not survive after washing in the temperature range above 30-40 degrees, using a conventional universal powder and after the maximum spin.

Legend icons on clothing labels

Is guarantee delicacy?

Most of the materials are specially made for the production of clothing, will require careful washing and gentle handling.It is believed that the delicate fabrics should be washed by hand.But modern technology has created an excellent alternative to hand washing - washing machine to a delicate washing course.

to laundry was really careful, you need to know exactly how things wash of delicate fabrics in stiralka:

  • First, you should determine what problems may arise during the washing of a bagatelle.Delicate underwear gentle wash is needed, this will avoid damage to the tissue.
  • Secondly, all soft tissue should be divided by color.
  • Third, before washing, make sure that you have selected is really correct and the desired wash cycle.
  • Fourth, use only good brand softeners, and in small amounts.
  • Fifth, all existing stains on delicate laundry should be removed using a stain remover.
  • Sixth, delicate fabrics can not be washed with other things.
  • Seventh, delicate fabrics can not tumble dry.
  • Finally, any thin and delicate laundry at any moment can burst.
Wash delicates in the washing machine

What if there is no such function?

  • First Before washing items to be divided into white and colored.Next, you need to follow the tenure of things in the water, because too long a stay in the water will result in the loss of the original attractive shape. Basically all delicate clothes can not tolerate temperature indicators wash above 30-40 degrees.
  • If washing delicates use a washing machine, put the shortest washing time.If
  • delicate thing cleared manually, do not overdo it: you can not strongly rub the clothes.Strong friction will damage not only the structure of the tissue, but also spoil the appearance.
  • linen of delicate materials are not afraid of the washing process, and further processes the washing machine and spin dryer.
Wash delicates in the washing machine

Similar names

Gentle laundry washing machines from different manufacturers may have different names, such as modes of "thin cloth", "Hand wash", "delicate wash" or "gentle wash".Specialized mode adapted for washing silk or woolen clothes.That's just whatever called this mode, the general principles for the care of the delicate tissues of things from your wardrobe is still the same.

Wash delicates in the washing machine