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August 12, 2017 18:08

Bark decorative plaster as a replacement for wooden panels

bark plaster and its characteristics

carpenter though small, the activity is very, very destructive, turning any timber, be it a log or solid board, in interweaving the hollow channel-tunnel.On the one hand, such an intrusion into a tree structure to a large extent reduces its strength, but on the other - a panel of tainted wood are valuable.

After all, the cut produced some interesting patterns of cavities of different shapes.Similarly, the looks and bark plaster, applying its technology in the video represented by a number of training videos.Of course, the texture of the plastered surface it turns a kind of, not because of it bothered carpenter.

plaster under the bark beetle, as a whole, does not differ from any other decorative, its only feature - marble chips, thanks to which it turns heterogeneous structured surface.About plastering pitted video tutorials are quite common, and they demonstrate - the sequence of actions is quite standard.

Facade plaster bark - is another way to decorate the house

To decorate the outer wall of the house under the wooden panel, bug eaten, there is no need to somehow prepare the surface before starting work.On the contrary, if the indoor need a primer, then simply clean the outside of the treated area from dust, thoroughly wet, and within an hour, you are ready to spray mixture.

course, facade plaster bark, where consumption is entirely dependent on the brand, should be involved in advance, and just before the finish of the walls it is necessary to mix well, because the marble chips is used to sink to the bottom.Important role played by the very surface on which you want to apply the texture of bark.Today, many house insulated with foam, and then try to implement it directly on plastering the above method.

As a rule, the result is a hard-hitting - the coating cracks.The thing is that before you apply the plaster bark, it is necessary to plaster the wall of conventional composition, and before that in the foam glued serpyanka for better adhesion.At the end of the week, when the base coat grabs, you can start decorating.

Structural plaster bark - machinery application and processing

So the base is prepared, it is good has evaporated, and the shrinkage was over, it's time to start priming.It is best to apply the composition, deep penetration, at the same time it will strengthen the base and finishing coat, and provide a good grip with decorative. Apply primer comfortable cushion, the space between the two layers should be from 6 to 12 hours for different compositions .Before structural plaster bark with their own hands will be applied to the prepared surface, make sure that the primer has dried, just to be sure better to wait 6 hours.

If high absorption liquid surface, the wall and / or ceiling is better primed twice.

How prepared plaster bark, and what is the application of technology, video tutorial will tell you the best way, but in theory it looks like this.The mixture is sold in dry form, but it is already ready, you just add water to the bag in this proportion, some directly in bags and throw it, though it is more convenient in a special container, in any case, use a mixer or a special attachment on a drill.

applied decorative coating uniform smooth layer, whose thickness should not exceed the size of grains of marble chips .It should immediately cover the entire wall or separate treatment area masking tape, so that after the removal of the last to get a clear boundary.When the obtained uniform, even layer, wait for about half an hour and begin to rub the surface of the plastic float to obtain the desired texture.

Movements may be vertical, horizontal and circular, the main thing - to press the tool slightly and move them in a wide arc.Finished plaster bark color becomes neutral, light and dark gray, so as a finishing touch again and prime the paint the wall, and to increase the water repellency with a roller cover special wax.