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August 12, 2017 18:07

Connect the toilet to the drain, how to do it correctly ?

Tools Required

Connection toilet with sewage is carried out with the help of some instruments and tools.But first and foremost, of course, it is important to choose the right toilet itself.Depending on the type of connection to the sewage system, toilets are classified into the following: issue obliquely at an angle of about 30 °, with the horizontal lines, vertical straight lines.

If you have not assumed a new installation and replacement of the toilet bowl with the previous years, while enough to see how the water issue was carried out in it.Also toilets and subdivided by: production of the material, the shape of the bowl, place of mounting (on a wall or on the floor), the placement of the flush tank (wall or toilet).

Connecting the toilet to the sewer is done with the following tools : hose for connection to the water supply;grout;corrugations.In addition, when installing the toilet may also be required: screwdriver, Bulgarian, hammer, hammer, wrenches, rags (wet and dry), sealants based on silicone, adjustable wrench.

How to connect the toilet to the sewer?

before installing the new toilet, you must dismantle the old .First cover the water.If the old toilet was fixed on taffeta (wooden board) and it spoiled (rotted), then it should be removed.In the future, use a new or used plastic tabs.After this, the installation of a new toilet and consists of the following stages:

  • As already mentioned, for the most accurate connection of sewer pipe and the outlet, the toilet is selected by the outlet.If you can not achieve a perfect pairing, then apply corrugation.
  • After last toilet was dismantled, temporarily closed the hole with plastic wrap from the sewage pipes.This is to ensure that during the work there was no foreign odors.
  • If Taffeta (BS board) is in a suitable condition, then its "put" on the cement (make a cement screed).Alternatively, you can make the plastic tab.In any case, the floor is supposed to be flat and smooth.
  • At the moment coincided exhaust pipe and drain, toilet matched screws by which it will be installed.Screws twisted, head covered by special decorative overlays.As a result, the toilet must be stable.

Installing drain the tank and sealing elements

important and the final part is sealing elements (the abutment and sewer) and installation of the drain tank.However, if the corrugation has been used, the sealing is not necessary, since its rubber base fits well the joints.

Next installs a tank of the toilet in accordance with the instructions, which should be included.If you do not mount the true it all the time will flow.The bolts are tightened firmly, but with some caution, as there may be cracks in the faience of excessive force.Water is supplied from the use of reinforced hose.

In the last step is to adjust the discharge mechanism, since it is impossible to admit that the water came up to the top edge.There should be a distance of about 0.5-1 centimeters.Drain the water about three times, and how should all check.Water should not be any leak or flow into the joints.