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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plastering the walls with their hands inside and outside

plaster walls with their hands inside

premises before stucco walls will be beacons need to properly prepare the ground.To do this, remove the old coating (paint, wallpaper).If there are places where it is difficult to remove, it is used in this "Betonokontakt".It is a special tool, which is treated with 2 times the surface for faster elimination of past coverage.Also on the walls should be free of dirt, dust, rust stains and grease.Next

foundation soil typical composition of a primer or glue PVA (diluted with water at a ratio of 1/10).Then put beacons, which are necessary for a more even application of the mixture.Do this as follows: 20-30 cm from the corner and back down vertically nashlepyvayut lumps of plaster, and then attach them to the narrow rail to the approximate distance from the wall of 1-2 cm Such as doing a procedure, and on the other hand..

The next step is to apply a mixture of plaster by spraying.This process requires a certain dexterity and skill.Spatula captured a certain part of the bucket solution and with some effort pounces on the wall.So gradually you need to treat a certain area.Then take usually applied to lighthouses and align that have thrown before.

If there are any gaps or holes, then re-take part of the solution and rub the wall.The surface is also aligned.At the final stage the rack is removed (which were beacons), and places remaining after them, and filled with a solution.After some time, begin to grout.Making it important when part of the wall had time to grab, but not yet completely hardened.

façade plaster the walls with his own hands

If we talk about how the stucco walls, the principle exactly the same.In fact, it can not describe.Just be attentive to the conditions in which the work will be carried out (preferably above zero air temperature).You also need to pay attention to the composition used plaster mixture.If robots will still be carried out at sub-zero temperatures, the use of cement-sand mixture.

Among other compositions also produce: tsementnoizvestkovuyu, lime, gypsum cement, cement plaster. According to some experts, the first best solution because it fits easily to the surface.In addition, it provides a strong and durable coating.Also, for better adhesion to the base is often additionally applied grid on which a composition is applied.Over it is sometimes decorative plaster walls.

Decorative plaster walls

Decorative plaster walls, video lessons on which the application is available on our website will help you create a simulation of certain surfaces (wild, sawn stone).So how is it done?For example, to create «a wild stone" effect taken grout which is added to increase the mobility of 10-20% of the limy test.Implemented this plaster the walls with his own hands, a video of this process is on the site.

That is, do not need any tools, all the work is done fingers.You like vyleplivaete stone structure on the surface.To create texture «sawn stone» apply absolutely any composition.The first stage is applied to identify and smooth out his trowel.In the second stage simulate joints between the stones.Then he folded like a fan of knitting needles and make light notch on the surface (to create a sense that this stone sawing).

Note! All work on the decoration should be done wearing rubber gloves.Remember that the solution corrodes the skin of your hands!