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August 12, 2017 18:07

Self- installation of drainage system

Installation of drainage system begins with the markup

gutters and pipes can be either metal or plastic, the final choice depends on various factors, including on what costs you are ready to go.It is logical that the life of the metallic elements of the system much more waste than plastic, but the latter is much easier and easier to install.However, some aspects of how to install a drainage system, independent of the material.

At the beginning of counting is to be placed under eaves or on the ends of rafters under the gutter brackets, and it does not matter from which they will be.It is only necessary to take into account the shape of the tray, which can be semi-circular, trapezoidal or rectangular cross-section. easiest to install bracket for gutter on the front board, in this case simply make every meter the following note on 2-3 mm above .

fasteners can be installed on rafters if the roof structure allows it.Unlike wind on board brackets which are most often plastic, setting at the ends of the gutter system involves the use of trusses of metal brackets.They have one distinguishing feature - you can adjust the height of the bracket arrangement, bending base which is screwed to the beam rafter.

Installing gutters, workflow

When all brackets are installed, you are ready to assemble the gutters.Technical features of the process depends directly on the material from which made trays.Fixing of plastic gutters no does not cause difficulties for the connection of individual elements commonly used glue or rivets, metal gutters is best suited supine rebate.However, not all can be connected folds, so riveting machine and the assembly need tin trays.

Polymer cells are connected is very simple, using fixing locks that are at the ends of each tray.That is how, for example, worn cap, a kind of trough final transverse wall.On turning around the corner of the building installed a special corner elements (such is in metal and plastic kits).To get a quality installation of drains with their own hands, videoinstruktazh you can not hurt.

noteworthy that metal funnel mounted on special clamps, as well as provided in many plastic systems.However, the attachment of the gutter system of polymers and is often carried out on the adhesive. Some metal sets the mouth of the funnel is not, as such, instead c inside of the tray is inserted into the hole pipe flange at the base of .Planning greased flange silicone sealant, followed by connection to the pan with rivets.

Fastening drainage system - general points

If the brackets are set, and the future while respecting the slope chute, you can begin the installation.Fastening drainage system begins with the trough, to which will be attached a funnel drain pipe.The tray slotted hole whose diameter is sufficient to precipitation will not collect in the groove, but less than the diameter of the funnel.The remaining troughs are placed on, which made opening lap.

Very often, in order to save mounting brackets gutters are installed at long intervals, based on a margin of safety, but this leads to deflection and deformation of the entire gutter system.

Before fasten gutters, make sure that your chosen place nothing will interfere with the installation of clamps and installation of pipes.In particular, the wall may be cornices and other projections, they recommended prodolbit recess.If you have no choice but to install gutters to bypass obstacles, using the knee, although the drain should be as straightforward.Below is a tip side hole or reservoir to the pipe adapter.Can be used with the nozzle and a gutter for rainwater filling drums.