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August 12, 2017 18:08

Plaster cement : what it is, what types there are , what is it for ?

Plaster cement-based - what is it?

Any solution for plaster consists of three main components:

  • materials for cords - it can be gypsum, clay, lime, cement, and so on;
  • filling material - sawdust, shavings, slag, gravel, sand and so on;
  • water.

What type of binder and aggregate to choose depends on the type of surface on which to apply the mixture, as well as the environmental and operating conditions.For interior and exterior areas with humidity less than 60% is commonly used plaster on cement basis.

Slurry prepared from plaster of cement 400, sand was added thereto in a proportion of 1.5 to 5 parts.Proper solution obtained by thorough mixing with water of binders plaster cement composition is paramount here.The ideal type of solution suitable for finishing works, reminiscent of the dough.In the absence or excess of any components of the final result will be poor-quality.So, plastering walls with cement mortar, which is not observed proportions - is absent or insufficient aggregate - during solidification will be to crack.

also a very important point to add to the water is considered to be working in the manufacture of the test, which is also responsible for the plasticity of the solution and affect the ability to harden.Therefore professionals water is added in small quantities spattering method.

Types of cement plaster

Some portions of the outer and inner surface of the walls during operation subjected to varying load, so for them to finish needs a different composition plaster.Type of solution is determined by the main binder kompanenty.

  • Cement-sand plaster is used for both internal and external finishing works in the rooms or climates with low humidity.
  • Plaster of lime-cement - is the most popular part for decoration with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens, interior wood surfaces, the exterior concrete or masonry walls and plinths, cornices and other protruding parts).
  • plaster or cement plaster is also used for finishing gypsum partitions.In this case, gypsum is used to increase the speed of drying the solution.

cement consumption in the plaster, as well as the brand of the material used depends on the composition of the processed layer and the nature of the work.Thus, when the rendering nakryvki and its amount is increased by 20-30%.

etching cement plaster

To ensure a long service life of the protective layer and prevent the development of the fungus produced etching cement plaster neutralizing solution, as well as the treatment of bacterial composition of the solidified surface.In addition, cement-lime mortar for plastering can be made into an original form decorative relief by treatment with hydrochloric acid solution, which is washed with water after a few minutes.

In any case, to make such work must be in compliance with all safety standards, with the use of special means of protection.For more information to understand the nuances of technology plaster walls with cement mortar to help the video that you will find on our site.