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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to clean a pillow with his hands

Pillow - one of the most important items of comfort that meets the highest requirements for purity, both outside and inside.Cleaning of such products becomes a priority for the many dry cleaners, where for a fee pillow completely be restored to perfect condition.But why pay for a service, if the laundry can be done in the home.


  • Washing feather pillows
  • Cleaning feather pillows
  • Machine wash feather pillows
  • Some subtleties of drying products
  • Shoe synthetic pillows
  • Laundry orthopedic products
  • Recommendations finally

Washing feather pillows

thoroughly wash down products is quite simple.In the present case there are no special tricks, but some aspects should be observed to avoid damage the pet bedding.So, Let's consider each action:

  1. Before you clean the pillows stuffed with natural down, should be reserved for the second clean cloth napernika.To this end, the best option will be a tick, you can also use cotton or calico.
  2. Then you need to measure an existing pillow-case and add to the pattern of a new 1.5-2 cm at the seams.
  3. In addition, it is necessary to sew a large pillowcase, which will be washed and spun himself feather filler.This will require to take maximum light mesh fabric, such as cotton or thick gauze.


  1. The next step is to ripping dirty products.To clean down pillows and do not clog the whole house with small feathers are kindly requested to put his hand under vacuum or basin with soapy water.It can be wet hands to fluff stuck to the palms, and do not scatter around the room.


  1. neatly Then reach for small parts feather filler napernika and shifts in capacity for the pre-wash.It is desirable to prepare in a basin or tub of detergent solution, where you need to soak the dirty fuzz 60-80 minutes.Under the action of the detergent will disappear odors and dirt.
  2. After that, drain the water and squeeze the filler.For greater comfort it is recommended to use a standard colander.
  3. repeatedly rinse the contents in clean water and wring it thoroughly.
  4. In the end, to shift into prepared fluff the cotton pillow case, break the clumps hands and transfer to a machine.
  5. Turn gentle spin mode and remove the filler at the expiration of the wash.


10. Now you can start drying down products.To do this, you must get out of the washing drum and gently shake the contents of the pillow-case.

11.Zatem put the bag down on a sunny and dry place, optimally - a balcony or a patio.During drying, periodically shake the vehicle, so that it did not acquire an unpleasant odor rottenness.

12. Once the fluff dry again tamp them clean pillow-case and sew.

13. The pillow is ready for use.


As clean feather pillows

Almost every available penny stuffed with duck or goose feather, which fell from the grandparents on the farm.Comfortable, soft, eco-friendly, they have for many years served faithfully family.And in order to restore the pristine purity of the products, it is necessary to know where and how to clean the pillows on their own.

So washing you will need to prepare the following:

  • cotton or gauze;
  • gel for washing woolen products;
  • fabric softener;
  • water;
  • new naperniki.


Walkthrough is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. thrust dirty old pillow-case, remove all the feathers and divide them into three handfuls.
  2. Each part must be placed in separate bags of gauze or cotton goods, pre-sewn in haste.
  3. Then each bag you need to sew or tie tightly to the feathers do not fall out.
  4. Pour into a bowl or bath of water, add the gel to wash and soak the filler for 2 hours.Decorative sheets should be washed separately from the vehicle.
  5. Then wring bags of feathers and rinse under plenty of running water.
  6. Repeat the rinsing with water, add a cap with fabric softener.
  7. then post bags in a sunny place, or lay on the battery if the laundry is done during the winter season.
  8. After drying, gently Put down and sew the product.
  9. cushion is ready for use.


Machine wash feather pillows

This type of product is acceptable for machine wash mode.To do this, proceed as follows:

  • prepare bags for filling and pour them into a pen;
  • shift in the washing machine and put mode "delicate wash" or "woollens";
  • use powder instead of liquid gel;
  • expose gentle spin cycle - up to 400 rpm;
  • install the program an additional rinse with the cap, pour 1 conditioner for linen;
  • make a normal wash cycle.


Some products drying subtleties

no doubt correctly clean feather pillow - it is a fairly simple and inexpensive, but in addition to washing should pay attention to the drying of the product.In case of neglect to this stage of work, increases the risk of mold and unpleasant odor, which is extremely difficult to correct later.not less than 48 hours to the down or feather has evaporated completely, otherwise, it will be hopelessly spoiled

  • need to keep filling the air;: So, you should observe the following characteristics of the process for proper drying
  • for drying should prepare a large pillow case, more than the size of the pillow-case;
  • this temporary bag must be carefully tie or sew that feathers did not get out of the gaps;
  • mandatory manipulation - shaking the pen every 4-6 hours, in order to not have a single shot down a lump, which may appear rottenness;
  • best option - hanging pillowcases filled in a sunny spot or unfolding bags on the bench;
  • if the smell of damp or mold yet appeared - the pillow should be discarded, because the product can not be returned to the original form.


Shoe synthetic pillows

pillows with synthetic filling are easy to wash, both in manual and machine operation.For this reason, you do not need to know how much it costs to clean the cushion, because the process is very simple, for self-development.Consider the main process of subtlety:

  1. It is important to adhere to the instructions on the label and wash the filler gentle.
  2. Because detergents, it is desirable to apply the liquid gel.
  3. also recommended to put a double rinse.
  4. Unlike feather pillows, such products should be pressing at the maximum.
  5. Drying is done both outdoors and at the heater.


Laundry orthopedic products

These items should be washed by hand, since washing machines too rough affect the structural material cushion.Moreover, it is desirable to use a liquid gel.In general, the correct sequence is as follows:

  1. Remove the cushion or pillow case.In most modern product has a special zip-lock or a dog that will easily and quickly get the vehicle.Covers should be washed separately.
  2. then pour into a container with warm water to such a level that the product was completely covered with liquid.
  3. Add washing gel, about 1 tbsp.l.And carefully stir in water until foamy appearance.
  4. then proceed to wash - coarse movement and the friction material is not recommended, it is better just wrinkle pillow arms to detergent penetrated into the material.
  5. After that the product should be rinsed thoroughly under running water.Note that rinsing may take much more time than the actual washing.
  6. At the end of the product to be dried, put it on the open space.Do not use the dryer as an orthopedic material can be damaged by heat.If possible, dry your pillow in the sun.
  7. Make sure that the pillow is completely dry, because the porous structure of a material similar to a sponge.Due to this, the filler absorbs moisture and can keep for a long time inside.


Recommendations finally

If your pillow is made of ecological materials such as buckwheat hulls, or a variety of cereals, then it can not be washed, otherwise the product will become worthless.However, to clear such products still need, because there is ground husk accumulated dust.To do this, they need to be cut, sift the content again and sew in a pillow-case.Eucalyptus and bamboo cushion is permissible to wash in the machine, setting for this mode is 40 ° C.

When washing pillows of any type, you can add a drop of essential oil of cypress, lavender go orange.This action will eliminate unnecessary filler residents inside and give the product a pleasant aroma.

Recommendations for cleaning pads can be seen in the snippet below: