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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pyrolysis boiler with his hands

Jetstream furnace - one of the most modern and efficient types of heating units.For operation of the boiler suits the most diverse solid fuels - from wood to pellets and pressed peat and household garbage.

Jetstream furnace with their hands

only significant drawback of this equipment is its high cost.But if you want you can cope with the manufacture of the boiler with his hands.To do this, you need to thoroughly understand the assembly diagrams and have the skills to work with welding equipment.

Pyrolysis boiler with his hands

Jetstream furnace with their hands (the characteristics of the boiler are shown in the table)

Table 1. Pyrolysis, gasification boiler.Parameters for different capacities

Options Unit. 15-25 kW 20-30 kW 40-50 kW 80-100 kW
Heat kW 15-25 20-30 40-50 80-100
volume loading chamber (gasification) m3 0,13 0,15 0,22 0,52
Operating coolant pressure (no more than) MPa 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3
Operating temperature of water.Maximum / Minimum 0C 90/65 90/65 90/65 90/65
efficiency in fuel humidity: 20% / 40% % 90/82 90/82 90/82 90/82
Rated vacuum of boiler Pa 25 25 25 25
outgoing gas temperature 0C 140 140 140 150
power consumption W 40 40 90 180
supply voltage In 220 220 220 220
chimney diameter mm 194 200 200 219
Heated area (approximately) m2 Up to 250 Up to 300 Up to 500 To 1000
Maximum length of firewood m 0,45 0,45 0,58 0,92
depth * width * height mm
810/740/ 1130 810/740/1220 950/760/1350 1300/1030/1440
Weight kg 350 400 450 650
Fuel - Firewood, briquettes Firewood, briquettes Firewood, briquettes Firewood, briquettes

How does the Jetstream furnace?

Article Contents

  • 1 How does the Jetstream furnace?
    • 1.1 set for
  • 2 Procedure for manufacturing of pyrolysis boiler
    • 2.1 Helpful hints
    • 2.2 Guide
  • 3 Safety
  • 4 The flushing Jetstream furnace?
    • 4.1 Fuels
  • 5 Tips specialists in boiler furnace
    • 5.1 Video - Jetstream furnace with their hands

At the heart of the boiler is the pyrolysis principle, the essence of which lies in the thermal decompositionsolid fuel at high temperature under conditions of artificially generated oxygen deficiency.As a result, the fuel smolders, decomposing into a solid residue and pyrolysis gas.The resulting gases are also burnt, which increases the thermal efficiency of the equipment and makes fuel consumption more sustainable.

boiler device

device boiler

An additional advantage of the considered boiler is environmental safety.In the process of pyrolysis fuel combustion emit harmful components are mixed with carbon dioxide and recycled.As a result, output smoke atmosphere that does not contain carcinogens and other harmful substances.This feature allows you to stoke the boilers even rubber scraps of chipboard, and other similar materials.

As the air moves in the boiler

As the air moves in the boiler

Important!The volume of the impurities such as rubber and polymers should not exceed 20% of the total amount of fuel.

Work pyrolysis boilers consists of 4 main steps.

  1. At the first stage the fuel is further dried and decomposed in the solid residue, and gases.
  2. In the second step the pyrolysis gases are burned.
  3. The third stage is blown flame and heat returned to the fuel that promotes the release of additional heat.
  4. In the fourth stage the remaining combustion products are derived through the chimney.
Jetstream furnace

Jetstream furnace

understand the features of the boiler, proceed to its manufacture.Let's start with the preparation of the necessary materials and tools.

Viessmann boiler pyrolysis

boiler pyrolysis Viessman

Description of the construction

design description

set for

  1. sheet metal thickness of 0.8 mm.
  2. fireproof bricks.
  3. temperature sensors.
  4. grate grate.
  5. pipes with a diameter of 32 mm, 57 mm and 160 mm.
  6. profiled pipe in the amount of 2 pieces.
  7. ash door.
  8. The door to the fuel chamber.
  9. Fan.
  10. Flexible-burned wire.
  11. Bulgarka.
  12. grinding wheels.
  13. welding machine.

Procedure for manufacturing of pyrolysis boiler

Before production of the boiler, check out some helpful advice.Subject to compliance ready equipment will be most productive, efficient and economical.

Helpful hints

  1. system need to complement the valve for regulating the intensity of the coolant flow.
  2. To increase the heat transfer tube heat medium is better to make a curved, for example in the form of a coil.
  3. opening for fuel loading shall be rectangular.At the same time opening the door should complement the steel plate to seal.
  4. To control the intensity of the incoming air flow system staffed limiter.


Drawing pyrolysis boiler

drawing pyrolysis boiler

first step. of sheet metal cut out the wall of the boiler housing in the amount of 4 pieces.The front wall is cut out holes for the combustion chamber and ash pan.

second step. Cut holes for pipe producers and smoke exhaust.

third step. Putting together all the metal walls, except for the rear.To do this, we use the welding machine.Carefully grind the joints between the parties to the future of the boiler.

boiler walls

walls of the boiler





fourth step. Putting the boiler heat exchanger in accordance with the scheme shown.Welded pipes.



fifth step. Insert the heat exchanger in the boiler body.Convinced of the tightness of connections with a compressor.In the absence of leaks welds the rear wall of the housing.

sixth step. Set the grill grate.She will share the boiler body on the 2 cameras.In one (bottom) will smolder load, the second - combusted gases.We complete duct lower chamber, and after obkladyvayut fireproof bricks on each side.

Housing pyrolysis boiler inside

housing pyrolysis boiler inside

seventh step. Mount Door ash chamber and the firebox.They should fit snugly as possible to the body.

eighth step. Set on a pre-assembled boiler lined with brick bearing pad.

ninth step. Connect the chimney.The pipe for the exhaust smoke is recommended to wrap the mineral wool for insulation.

tenth step. Connect the unit water circuit.

eleventh step.Set blow pump.



Pyrolysis boiler with his hands

Jetstream furnace with their hands

Additionally, you can automate the boiler by setting the system temperature sensors and controllers.They will control the intensity of the air supply.

Hood near the boiler

Hood about boiler

Control box ( connected to the pump and sensors )

automation unit (connected to the pump, extractor hood and sensors)


Installation homemade boiler observe the following important rules:

  • for installation of the heating unit is necessary to allocate a separateboiler room;
  • in the boiler room must be equipped with an efficient ventilation system.The minimum area of ​​the airway openings - 100 cm2;
  • distance should be more than 20 cm between the unit and any other surfaces and objects;
  • front of the boiler furnace should be laid on the floor steel plate at least 3 mm thick;
  • boiler set on pre the equipped brick or concrete base;
  • fume collection tube should be qualitatively insulate.Without insulation condensation processes, soot and other troubles will be more intense.This has a negative impact on the effectiveness of the equipment and its service life.

Finally, a check of the boiler efficiency.It's enough to make a test load of fuel.If the smoke coming out will not have the smell of carbon, with the efficiency of the boiler it means everything is in order and can be used to heat the house without any concerns.

The Jetstream furnace to heat?

Jetstream furnace

Jetstream furnace


can be used for pyrolysis furnace boiler:

  • firewood;
  • peat briquettes;
  • anthracite;
  • wood pellets and briquettes;
  • lignite;
  • coke.

These fuels vary in caloric content.From this index directly depends on the efficiency of assembly work.Applying less caloric fuel can reduce boiler efficiency by 30% or more.

The stoke the boiler

The stoke the boiler

The stoke the boiler

The flushing

boiler Most often pyrolysis furnace boilers using briquettes and pellets.Briquettes can be produced from wood, straw and peat.Ideal - briquettes made by compressing method.Those pellets which are made from sawdust, it is recommended to use only in combination with brown coal or firewood.

To produce pellets also can be used by wood or straw.The material is compressed like briquettes.

Often the wood is used for heating the pyrolysis boilers.Important!To maximize equipment efficiency and reduce fuel consumption needed to use wood humidity not more than 20%.

In general, in the selection of fuel should take into account the terrain, which is your home.If you live in the forests surrounded by the most feasible option is to use firewood.Residents of the steppe zone, as a rule, more favorable to heat with coal.

If any fuel available in your area, choose the most nutritious.This will ensure the highest efficiency with a minimum of equipment.

The boiler pyrolysis

boiler pyrolysis

Tips specialists in boiler furnace

Let's see what they say professionals in the choice of the optimal type of fuel.

Thus, when wood furnace will produce a lot of smoke.To get rid of the associated inconveniences, the edges have to style your download logs of larger size, and in the center put small kindling.

In densely populated areas it is recommended to refrain from the use of peat asin the process of burning a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and there are various large particles, that is unlikely to please the neighbors.

To make effective use of anthracite need a strong center.Power of pyrolysis boiler is usually not enough for complete combustion of the fuel.To reduce costs and keeps out of the ashes of the major surviving fragments and use them again.

Thus, owning skills to work with welding and following these guidelines, you will be able to produce an efficient, reliable, safe and economical Jetstream furnace.

The boiler

The boiler

Successful work!

Video - Jetstream furnace with their hands