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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sanding wooden floor with their hands

Nothing is more natural and beautiful than natural wood floors.Even the most expensive tile or self-leveling floor will not be able to compete on quality and aesthetics with the most common tree.


  • What scraping
  • Preparations
  • How to scrape the floor
  • Features sanding
    • irregular grain board
    • sanding in tight spaces
  • final work

TreeIt provides warmth, durability and comfort, but over time, even the most reliable wood floors are deteriorating, and then comes the time for their overhaul.No, we will not talk about the gender change.Why waste time and money when you can just otsiklevat old wood and gives the floor a fresh and updated look!

What scraping

Scratching With regular use of wooden floors should be carried out every 6-7 years.During this time, the varnish is generally erased on the floor there are small cracks or unsightly scratches that ruin the appearance.And if you live in a wooden house, the walls can easily be sanded and re-varnished, but what to do with sex?For these purposes, a wise mankind has invented a special machine that operates on the principle of the grinding mechanism, only in a more serious scale.

For sanding the floor you will need the following tools and materials:

  • stripping machine;
  • wire bristles to remove the old coating;
  • screwdriver;
  • drum sander;
  • abrasives (sandpaper of various sizes);
  • sander;
  • scraping machine for borders;
  • plastic film;
  • mineral spirits;
  • varnish or paint.



Before you begin sanding, you must meet certain preparatory works:

  1. Take out of the room all the furniture, remove from the walls of paintings and decorative elements, the chandelier is also better to remove, or laterit is necessary to wash the dust.Shelves on the walls to shoot is not necessary - you can just cover them with foil or cloth, fixing the edge of the fabric tape.
  2. Remove the front door to the room, because the floor under it, too, must be repaired.Doorway, cover with plastic wrap so as not to clog the ridiculous room or hallway.Open the windows to ensure proper ventilation.
  3. Inspect the surface of the floor for cracks, deep scratches or chips.They should cover up putty.If some of the floor boards rotted or badly twisted by moisture or old, replace them with new ones.Clog hats nails or screws as far as possible, that they are not stuck under the surface.Otherwise, you may damage the machine Scraping.The gaps between the floorboards, you can cover up putty or plug sawdust.
  4. Remove old paint or varnish with a wire brush.Secure the effect of mineral spirits, or the stripping machine.Grinding machine to effectively cope with the remnants of the old paint.
  5. Thoroughly wash the floor with an alcohol solution or plain water to remove any residual dust and debris.Do not spare the water and let the floor dry for a day or two.
    floor treatment

It is important to ensure good individual protection before starting work.Scraping machine produces an extremely loud sound, so buy quality construction headphones.In order to protect the lungs from dust (and it will be a lot), buy or rent a respirator.Conventional "petals" in this case will not be saved.Also, you need goggles and gloves that can dampen the effect of vibration machines.If you can not buy these gloves, you can use thick gloves.

How to scrape the floor

Scratching the wooden floor with their hands rather simple task, if properly observe all conditions.The hardest thing in this work - "curb" scraping machine, because its power is so strong that the unit will continue to try to escape from the hands.

Helpful Hints:

  • cost of sanding the wooden floor is unreasonably high, and do not be afraid to do it yourself.So you can save not only a challenge to master, but also on the finishing materials;
  • need to start scraping with coarse feeds, subtracting grain with each new layer.Large grain removed remnants of paint and smooth out irregularities, fine - sanded surface to shine;
  • when you start to scrape, put the wire from the machine on your shoulder and make sure that it was always there - so you can avoid getting the cord under the machine;
  • take when scraping machine rental, check out the features and nuances of working specifically on this unit.Ask the owner how to replace the abrasive material.


  1. Insert drum scraping machine sandpaper coarse grain and run the machine.To begin with you need scraping angle, moving in a straight line to the opposite wall.
  2. Reaching the wall, turn the car and move in the opposite direction, shifted slightly to the side and capturing raw sex site.In general, the movement will be of the type "snake".
  3. passes every new track slightly overlapping the previous one.If floor space is quite large, then watch how quickly grinds abrasive - might need to be replaced several times.
  4. also sandpaper should be cleaned from dust during operation.You can simply wipe away with a cloth or a broom.Do not forget about cleaning the dust collector.

Helpful Hint:

Before you start the machine, turn it slightly to one side, turn and slowly put in the normal position.It is necessary that it is not immediately escaped from the hands, and you get used to its capacity gradually.During the work in any case do not let the machine out of the hands!

Features sanding

irregular grain board

Not all boards need to scrape the same.The wood varies according to the degree of softness, so to a certain species needs its own approach.

So, at irregular grain Scratching boards need to move diagonally - from one corner to the opposite.According to one lane of purified must pass two or three times in one and the other direction.This is necessary to achieve the maximum smooth surface.

When you are finished with the initial processing of the boards, replace the large abrasive medium and guide the machine parallel to the floor boards.If the floor is damaged initially not very strong, you can skip to the coarse sandpaper and start sanding with parallel.Also, this method is good to update the tile or parquet covering.

Finally, treat the surface with fine sandpaper the floor to make the floor shine and smoothness.

sanding in tight spaces

scraping at walls can deliver a lot of trouble if you do not know some of the floor treatment techniques.For sanding hard to reach areas need to use a special machine to handle curbs.Start with medium-grained sandpaper, passing to a finer abrasive.Follow each subsequent approach in a direction opposite to the previous.Do not forget that for each step using paper with a smaller grain size!

final work

otsiklevan When the floor, wipe it clean with a dry cloth.Now we can proceed to the application of the topcoat.For this purpose, you can use the usual lacquer for wood surfaces, varnished with tinted to give a noble tree shades or paint.It is important to use high-quality waterproof compositions to the floor served as long as possible.

Choose water-based paints, made from acrylic or polyurethane resins.After solidification they form a solid film that is capable of withstanding severe prolonged stress.In addition, these coatings have no aggressive odor and dries quickly.It is advisable to cover the floor several layers.The first is dry after about an hour, after which the next layer can be applied immediately.But it is not necessary to cover the floor more than three layers, or the durability of the coating will be less long.