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August 12, 2017 18:07

Fence to give : Photo suburban areas fences

Previously, once it was not customary to enclose the cottage fence - people have lived a happy family called communist community, and it was thought that the thieves in it. But now times have changed, people only cares about their welfare, and their property protected in all possible ways.One such method of protection is precisely the fence.Fence to give - the protection, of course, is not the most reliable, but it still represents a particular obstacle for some intruders.It was on such an obstacle from amateurs to appropriate other people's property will be discussed in this article.

fence in the country with their own hands: how and what to build

Modern construction technologies allow to erect fences and railings to give in various ways - or rather, a way of one, except that the material used is different.As a rule, first being made small columns and parapet, and then closes the space between the individual sections made from vending material.For manufacturing

columns usually use either brick or metal pipe.They are installed in the pit and filled with concrete for greater stability.To fence in the country, made by hand, had a pretty sight, is the parapet after curing pillars - with the same success it is possible to build a brick or concrete is cast.The difference is only in the decorative properties of the material used for the parapet - brick, if beautifully put, by itself is a decoration, but the concrete is better than anything oblitsevat (eg tiles with an interesting name "Fagot").looks very interesting sampling base, lined with natural stone, usually rubble largest faction is inexpensive, it is something just and used for these purposes.

Fence to give of mesh netting

Fence to give of mesh netting

With the foundation of the fence seems to be all clear, now it's time to deal with spans honey pillars - they determine the types of fences to testify, or rather, used to overlap spans material.Suitable for buildings of this type of materials is not so little.

Wooden fence to give

Let's start with the classics of the genre, with wooden fences.Wondering how to make the fence at the cottage of the tree, it should be understood its high cost.Although by and large, it does not exceed a figure to which cost metal fence.Close wooden fence spans a variety of ways - some people construct a palisade of rails, the other tightly clog their board, and the third well, trying to distinguish the neighbors, constructing the fence from boards.At this point you choose - in principle, no matter how you decide to seal the wood fence spans, it should be remembered that the shadow at their summer cottage - is not very good assistant in plant breeding.Therefore, from a deaf fence option should be abandoned.

Almost all wooden fences for the cottages are arranged on the same principle - between the posts are fixed two or three horizontal rails, which are sewn across the vertical.

Fences for cottages picket

Fences for cottages picket

the case of a wicker fence made of boards, then in the span between the main uprights installed additional racks having a thin section - around them and obgibayutsya board, forming something like weaving.

If we are talking about a wicker fence, you should talk about it a little more.As a rule, for the creation of such a fence is used fresh cut straight tree branch small thickness.Fresh wood is easy to bend, and braid them around the thick branches, dug into the ground, just enough.As a rule, such a braided fence to give high do - it turns a deaf and creates a lot of shade.

Metal fence to give

But metal fences for the cottages provide a variety of ways.There are three main options for its execution - using sheeting, mesh netting, and forged products.In all three cases they are made almost identical.From the corner of a thin rod or a method of welding done frame size corresponds to the span between the main pillars-columns.Inside this box is placed either profiled or chain-link fencing or forged elements.Subsequently, thus obtained fence sections are installed between the support pillars.

Fences made of mesh to give

Fences for cottages from the grid photo

There are cheaper versions of metal fences.For example, chain-link fencing can simply pull between driven into the ground by metal or concrete columns.The reliability of such a fence to give in doubt - firstly, bollards installed without the use of concrete, fast mowing, and, secondly, the mesh sags and has a fence will have to redo a couple of years.

Concrete fences to the country

Install concrete fence on the country - is the height of confidence to the people, a concrete fence in the minds of our people is associated with the restricted area.It is something like the "Berlin Wall", of course, a joke, but it has some truth.Modern industry produces so-called decorative concrete - often it is called Euro fences.View it has quite a decent (if properly paint), but its strength can argue long.Special additives, designed to ease the weight, make a concrete fence fragile - it can withstand wind, but more severe stress, such as kicking, recognized it immediately in the form of cracks and fractures.

Decorative fence of concrete

Decorative fence of concrete

Concrete decorative fences for garden

Concrete decorative fences for garden

going eurofences concrete is quite simple.Almost as in all other cases, the pit dug at intervals of 2m, in which are installed on a level concrete columns with grooves and concreted.Then, when the concrete hardens, the slots between the bars fall from the top of the fence section.It's simple, but these sections must be securely fastened in the grooves, or in strong winds they will hang out and jarring.First section wedged in these grooves wooden bars, and then all the remaining space filled with cement mortar.When the solution is dry, you can paint the fence.

Fences made of concrete Photo

Fences made of concrete Photo

Photos fences from concrete

Photo fences from concrete

How to decorate a fence on

cottage Many people pay special attention to the decoration of country fences - in principle, this work is creative and design the fence in the country can be done byin different ways.In this respect, your imagination can be turned to the fullest and use all the means at hand.

As a rule, to make a beautiful fence in the country, the majority of people confined to his painting.Moreover, standard paint the fence in the blue or green - these colors tend to accumulate grease and dirt on them virtually invisible.

Fence to the country of the metal mesh

fence on a summer residence of the metal mesh

They look, of course, monotonously, in this respect, better to prefer colored fence - they clearly underline your individuality.Ask how to paint a fence in the country so that he looked nice and not rushed in the eye, attracting enemies?Yes, just - you can use all of the same standard colors, only add to them a little bit of liveliness.For example, to draw any unobtrusive little white patterns.

the case of a concrete fence, its pattern and structure of cast themselves suggest visual style.You just have to use the right color scheme for his painting to obtain a decorative fence in the country.For example, look at the photo below - all the columns in the upper section can be painted in bright (the same white) color, while the bottom two sections and "brick pattern" in the left field upper part - in a dark or bright, you liked shade (picturedfence is not painted).Excellent look light green and purple fences, as well as burgundy and brick color, although there are no restrictions, as long as the fence turned a cold.

Decorative fence of concrete photo

Decorative fence of concrete photo

Well, all the classics of the genre suburban intake is considered a hedge of thorny bushes of grapes or gooseberries, wild rose and tea rose.As they say, cheap and cheerful, and most importantly, none of the attacker does not want to "wade" through thorny thickets.Such a fence to give not only reliably protect your suburban housing, but also benefit in the form of delicious berries, or beautiful flowers.

But what else to do, so it's ugly fences from the old slate, like in the following picture.Here, no amenities, no aesthetics, although many owners of country houses are still using this option, if necessary.

A fence made of corrugated slate

fence of corrugated slate to give

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