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August 12, 2017 18:06

Flushing and pressure testing the heating system

to the heating system for as long as possible preserved its effectiveness and efficiency, it is necessary to periodically wash.It is easy to hold its event eliminates the scale of the elements of the system and all sorts of rubbish.

Flushing and pressure testing the heating system

flushing and pressure testing the heating system

According to the rules, washing of the heating system should be dealt with by specially trained people.But if you want you can do it yourself.Study submitted by the leadership and start.

Flushing and pressure testing the heating system

flushing and pressure testing the heating system

Why wash the heating system?

Article Contents

  • 1 Why wash the heating system?
  • 2 Flushing the heating system Instructions
    • 2.1 Washing method for hydropneumatic
    • 2.2 Chemical washing
  • 3 Can I wash a separate battery?
    • 3.1 Video - Flushing radiator heating
  • 4 Crimping heating system
    • 4.1 Video - Hydro flushing of heating systems
    • 4.2 Video - Chemical cleaning of the heating system

noticed thereyou that some of your friends or neighbors battery is much warmer than at home?The reasons for this may be several, but the most common - the presence of obstructions in the heating pipes.It is to overcome these troubles and to prevent their further occurrence and are rinsed.

Symptoms and signs of slaughtered private home heating system

Symptoms and signs of slaughtered private home heating system

heating Efficiency is reduced due to two main factors, namely:

  • occurrence of mineral deposits in the pipes.Most often, this problem occurs in systems furnished with ungalvanized steel pipes.On the surfaces of tubes start deposited calcium and magnesium salts, which leads to a significant reduction in capacity.In a system built with galvanized pipe, this problem usually does not appear;

    The appearance of mineral deposits in the pipes

    appearance of mineral deposits in pipes

  • siltation radiators.Most often silted areas in which the coolant is moving at a low speed.

    radiator sedimentation

    Sedimentation radiator

In most susceptible to silting-iron batteries and radiators, with a large number of sections.Dependence is simple: the more units and they are bulkier than the slower heat transfer fluid moves through the system, and the higher the probability of siltation.

Guide Flushing the heating system

Driving pnevmoimpulsnoy cleaning

scheme pnevmoimpulsnoy cleaning

There are 2 main methods of flushing the heating system, namely:

  • using a special hydropneumatic equipment;
  • using chemicals.

Washing method for hydropneumatic

Hydro flushing of heating systems - manual

Hydro flushing of heating systems - manual

Hydro flushing of heating systems - manual

Hydro flushing of heating systems - manual

This method is widely used by domestic ZhEKami and is quite effective.We just need to do everything in accordance with the technology.

principle is extremely simple: first, the system resets the water, then it is fed back.For the "adjusting" water flow is used special air pump.As a result, under the influence of a fairly powerful pressure flaking occurs scale and other deposits, while draining the water they are removed from the system.

For the independent conduct of this procedure, you will need a pneumatic pump capable of pumping pressure of 6 kg / cm2.

Procedure is as follows.

Before you begin, you need to cover all cranes

Before you begin, you need to cover all cranes

End Fittings unscrewed using the key

End Fittings unscrewed using

key first step. Overrides latch "the return."

The circuit of the heating system lines

scheme heating system lines

second step. Connect the air pump to the valve, installed after the valve.

third step. Clear the "return flow".

fourth step.Give air pump pump pressure is higher than 6 kg / cm2, and then open the valve to which it is connected.

fifth step.Alternately covers all risers.We make it so that at one point was blocked less than 10 risers.Compliance with this rule will make the washing process as efficient as possible.

sixth step. transfer systems on dropping in the opposite direction.To do this, do the following:

  • close the discharge valve and blocks connected to the pump and turn off the device;
  • close an open valve, and then open similar to "return pipe";
  • reset the heating system.To do this, connect the air pump to the valve on the opposite direction, and then open the valve and turn on the pump.The liquid will move in a different direction.

determine the necessary duration of flushing can "by eye".pure clear liquid began to emerge from the system?You can check out!Return valves and valves to its original position and turn off the pump.

to collect dirty water, prepare a suitable container.You can connect to the battery and ensure the hose retraction dirty coolant down the drain if you wish.

Chemical washing

Driving chemical cleaning pipes

scheme chemical cleaning pipes

By using this method can only be invoked in two cases, namely:

  • if necessary cleaning of the heating system with natural circulation, constructed using steel pipes.Use chemicals advisable in situations where due to any kind of reasons do not want to wash the entire system.Most often clogged deposited in the heat exchangers.Silt same system can around the perimeter.In the second case, the chemical wash much sense not;
  • when you need to restore the old heating system.For dozens of years of service pipes can become clogged and overgrown so that the air pump capacity will be insufficient for effective cleaning.You can, of course, would be to take a more powerful pump, but no one can guarantee that the pipes do not burst beneath such pressure.

Important!If the pipes are very old, with traces of corrosion and deformation damage, by washing can be no positive result.Chemicals simply dissolve rust, whereby the tube will begin to flow.The only effective solution in this situation would be the replacement of end-of highways.

Reagent for washing

Reagent for washing

washing principle is simple: instead of coolant in the system is filled with a special solution containing acid and alkali.Then the mixture is circulated for 2-3 hours (if not cleaned from the natural circulation line, it is necessary to connect the pneumatic pump), then it is drained and filled with a standard coolant pipe.

Reagents for protection of the washing and heating

Reagents for cleaning and protection of heating systems

Important!According to the requirements of SNIP kind reagents prohibited from draining into the sewer system.Best Mode - neutralization mixtures used with a special composition.It you can buy the same place and the washing solution.

In no case do not use such chemical mixture to clean the pipes of aluminum.If the product will remain intact after such washing, they will be much less.

Mandatory private home system flushing is recommended not less than once every 7 - 10 years

Obligatory washing private home system is recommended not less than once every 7 - 10 years

Can I wash a separate battery?

Now you know how to flush the entire heating system.However, sometimes it becomes necessary to clean the individual battery.There is a solution for this situation.

Driving cleaning radiators

battery purification scheme heating

Important!Doing washing separate heating radiator must be strictly prior to the start of the heating season.

Buy store in sanitary tap for washing.Additionally, you need to purchase a rubber hose and a threaded fitting, appropriate diameter acquired flushing valve.Socket set on the hose.

Immediately washing is carried out in the following sequence.

first step. connected to a heating radiator flushing valve.

second step. connected to the rinse faucet with a hose fitting.

third step. second end of the rubber hose direct into the toilet.

fourth step. Open flushing valve and leave for 20-30 minutes.While waiting to adhere to the hose, so that he jumped out of the toilet.

Important!While some batteries and strictly recommended to wash before the start of the heating season, in some situations, the need for flushing occurs when heating is in full swing.If you do this is the case, insert your hose deeper directly into the riser.Otherwise, the hot coolant can destroy the toilet.

Video - Flushing radiator heating

Table selection of reagents for washing, heating system

Table selection of reagents for washing heating

Crimping heating system

Manual Compression Pump

Manual Compression Pump

Electric pressure testing pump

Electric pressure testing pump

before startupit is necessary to perform molding.This procedure allows to detect leaks and other weaknesses.

Crimping is performed using a compressor or pump.The main thing is that the unit can issue a pressure exceeding the working of your system.This figure is updated in the local utilities.

next action sequence.

first step. Visually examine the heating system for any visible defects.Remember the suspicious places.

second step. Connect the pump to the heating system (for connecting the guide provides earlier) and apply pressure exceeding the working pressure of 1-2 bar.Pre disable the pressure relief valve.

Crimping heating system

Crimping heating

Crimping heating system

Crimping heating

third step. Connect the pump gauge.Within 1-2 hours of pressure readings fix.If they do not change, with all normal system.If the pressure drops have leak.To detect leaks is very simple.It is enough to put on the system elements of a soap solution.The imperfections of the bubbles appear.

Lubricates soapy water pipes and connections

lubricate with soapy water pipes and connections

discovered damage eliminated a suitable manner (cold welding, astringent solution, etc.).After sealing the test defects need to be repeated.If the pressure remains at one level, you have coped with everything.You can apply on the coolant circuit and include a heating system.

Flushing the heating system eliminates clogging and scale, thereby increasing the efficiency of highway operation and extending its service life.Now, you own all the necessary information to carry out the necessary self.

Successful work!

Video - Hydro flushing of heating systems

Video - Chemical cleaning of the heating system