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August 12, 2017 18:06

Greenhouses profile for plasterboard

Greenhouses profile for plasterboard

Progress does not stand still and strongly enters today in every industry, for example, in agriculture, not so long ago there were greenhouses profile for drywall, basic material for the creation of which is a polycarbonate.

Moreover, such designs are not only rapidly broke into the modern agricultural life, but also very quickly displace its nearest competitors - the greenhouse glass.Why?

thing is that the greenhouse for the drywall to the main web - polycarbonate, favorably by a vast list of different benefits.

On the basic of them and will be discussed further.


  • advantage of one: a large light transmission
  • second advantage: low heat conductivity
  • advantage of third, hardness

advantage of one: a large light transmission

light transmission of polycarbonate is 90%, which is slightly less thanthe same period in the glass, with the other obvious advantages of this material.

Although there is a very positive thing.

fact that the polycarbonate is characterized by a particular cellular structure, whereby the material passes only useful solar radiation.

But in a glass greenhouse like structure will not, and therefore, your beds will shine the sun and its beneficial and "not useful" rays.

And yet, buy a greenhouse polycarbonate knowledgeable gardeners and gardeners tend also because, again, because of the structural features of the light there is scattered over evenly.


second advantage: low heat conductivity

boast greenhouses profile for drywall, basic material for the creation of which was made by polycarbonate, and low thermal conductivity, making and hot summers and cloudy early autumn there will be maximumcomfortable temperature for the plants.

also include truckers, very popular greenhouse polycarbonate made by the hands, due to the fact that it is very easy to make.

third advantage: the hardness

Boasts a material such as polycarbonate, and therefore, the construction started with its use, and its enviable firmness.For comparison, the polycarbonate according to this criterion, almost two hundred times greater than glass.

For example, greenhouses of polycarbonate from the manufacturer, the walls of which have a thickness of 4 mm, you will not be able to break even using a hammer, not to mention any wrong move, etc.

In conclusion we note that the above we have mentioned only the main advantages, which are made of polycarbonate greenhouses, but in fact they are much, much more.