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August 12, 2017 18:07

aquarium Equipment

Aquarium will help beautify and make cozy any environment.Before buying you need to decide what size you need, the form and the necessary equipment for the aquarium.And then proceed to the choice of its inhabitants.


  • aquarium lighting
  • Heating Aeration of the water tank
  • CO2 equipment
  • filters
  • Other equipment for the aquarium

aquarium lighting

If you are confusedwhat equipment you will need for the aquarium, ask the help of specialist consultants in specialized stores.And the first thing they offer - it lights.They need to aquarium fish and plants feel good.These are not simple, because the fish is not desirable bright light, as in nature, many of them are found in shaded ponds, but for proper photosynthesis plants need good light.To solve this problem, there are several possibilities:

  1. Choose fish that originally lived in shallow waters and bright, then you can adjust the lighting for the plants.
  2. Pick plants that can grow in a darkened environment, so necessary for the life of the fish.
  3. Choose for aquarium plants that have broad leaves or who travel along the water, the fish will be able to hide in the shade of the leaves of seaweed.Therefore, first plant a plant, wait until they take root and begin to grow, and then run the fish.It may take a couple of months, and since in this period, only the plants will live in the aquarium for their food will need fertilizing.
  4. Divide aquarium conditional sectors in one plant plant leaves which float on the surface of the water, and in another - low plants with open space, so that you give the choice of fish, where to live.But for this we need a large aquarium in small - space is limited.
  5. Light only part of the aquarium, where the largest number of plants.This is to ensure that the fish chose for himself a suitable habitat.This can be done only in large aquariums.In the dark areas can be placed bog oak, it will remind intertwining roots in the natural pond.

Aguarium - ICE - Lighting - 1

light in the aquarium should be at least 10 hours a day, about the same as last, and daylight in natural conditions.Saving electricity in this case it is not necessary, as well as to prolong artificially the day to the plants grow faster.Depending on what kinds of plants and fish living in the aquarium, you need to adjust the intensity of lighting.It is also worth paying attention to the vessel bottom.If the aquarium water depth of half a meter, it comes down to the bottom is only 15% rays, which emit light.If the glass container deeper, lamp light will not reach the bottom, and put the plant there is pointless.

When choosing lighting pay attention to the fluorescent lamp.Price they are not high in service is not demanding.If properly installed, they will uniformly cover the surface of the water.The lamps are in watertight bottles, which are mounted on the tank cover.Experts recommend to install two such lamp if the aquarium height up to 40 cm, and add on the lamp for each 10 cm in height.According to the length of the artificial body of water is necessary to select the size of the lamp, so that the lighting was uniform.



aquarium fish live and reproduce only at a certain temperature water, since cold-blooded inhabitants of the water, all the biochemical processes in the body depend on the environment.

If the fish living in a temperate climate, it can survive at high temperature differences.If it is cold, they may fall into a deep sleep, would not eat, buried in the mud.Dramatically change the temperature of the fish you can not, then they will fall into a state of shock and lose landmark die.

If the fish live in tropical climates, the need for them to maintain a high water temperature.They will lack the temperature in the room where there is an aquarium at 22 degrees because the water is always lower by two degrees than the air.Therefore it is necessary to use electric heaters.For the hot water you need to buy:

  1. heater.
  2. regulator.
  3. thermostat - combines two of the first device.

It is important that the heat is dissipated through the water evenly.For stolitrovogo tank capacity is needed in the device 30 W, is the condition that the room is not colder than 20 degrees.No need to buy a heater with high power, he always will then be included on and off, and it will reduce the service life.

thermostat must be attached somewhere in the corner.When the light is lighting, power adjustable.Modern devices are relatively compact and inexpensive, and most importantly, they maintain the temperature of both the surface and at the bottom of the container.Because the difference between the temperatures of the different layers of water should not exceed two degrees.It is better to give preference to the heater with automatic temperature control.


Aeration water

big role in oxygenated water play aquatic plants, but even in large aquariums with vegetation is the lack of oxygen.There are several factors that influence the oxygen content in water:

  1. temperature - warmer than the water, the less oxygen in it, and vice versa.A high temperature also increases fish all metabolic processes as a result, they consume more oxygen.To solve this problem, we need intensive aeration.
  2. Plants - the main value of plants lies in their ability to produce oxygen, but at night they consume it themselves, so at this time of the day in the water may not have enough oxygen.
  3. snails and other inhabitants of the aquarium - too many snails and bacteria can reduce the oxygen content in the water.Acceptable oxygen consumption by aerobic bacteria, because in return they will benefit, but the large amount of organic waste, which are formed due to the overfeeding the fish will absorb this valuable element.So what fish should be fed according to standard.

Aeration of the water going through the compressor that blows air from the nozzles.Furthermore, the air that fills aeration with oxygen, it also mixes the air bubbles all the layers of water, and thus the temperature equalized throughout the aquarium.

In addition, the flow of water will mimic the natural flow, which is also very important for fish.Owing to the aeration becomes solid ground, which helps vital soil bacteria does not rot organic residues do not form harmful gases.

Agua filter

CO2 equipment

addition of oxygen the fish need and also in carbon dioxide.It has a positive effect on the growth and activity of plants and is a kind of food source for fish.

CO2 equipment has appeared recently.It increases the acidity in the tank and thus has an antiseptic effect.Fish in a aquarium rarely get sick.As this equipment may be a cylinder with carbon dioxide, it is connected via a valve to the container.But to use it is not very advisable for several reasons:

  • equipment is large;
  • dangerous to use in the home;
  • high price;
  • constant monitoring of the gas level in the tank, replacing or filling.

Given all these reasons, scientists have come up specially for small aquarium tanks.In addition to ease of use, they also look stylish and fit into the design of any aquarium.



Any aquarium water filtration needs from dirt, residues of plants, food, mucus.And vital this system where there is overcrowding living beings.

cleaning water with the help of filters, they release air bubbles that pass through a thin tube, take the water with them.The water passes through the filler, which is a filter element and back into the aquarium already cleaned.As a filler used foam, nylon thread and other porous materials.

Filtering consists of two phases:

  1. Mechanical - filtration material retains dirt particles.
  2. biological - mud feed saprophytes bacteria, they degrade it to the minerals.

If both phases are working, then the water is always clean.But this is not on new filters are already populated by bacteria.And if the filter is new, or thoroughly washed, then the second phase will not work, the water becomes turbid.

In a first embodiment, simply wait until the bacteria colonize the "novelty" in the second - to wash the filler only as needed, when it is already clogged with mud or algae and will not be able to perform its functions.And then, to wash sterile purity is not necessary, it is sufficient for the pores to release a free flow of water.

Sell and special bacterial preparations.Disable the filter is impossible, because the beneficial bacteria will die and settle hazardous, which will lead to the death of all living things.

Filters are:

  1. Bottom, which are located on the bottom or in the soil.They create water movement, thereby helping to develop the microflora in the soil.The disadvantage is the inconvenience of service.
  2. Interior, who are on the wall of the aquarium.The dirt collected inside the water reservoir.Very easy to use, it can disguise the snag.
  3. external, that are on the outside of the tank side.Most convenient in operation.Waste is processed mainly aerobic bacteria.

Pag├Ęs - HT5int0PSB - 3222

Other equipment for the aquarium

  1. feeder - to prevent the spreading of the feed throughout the surface of the water, install a plastic frame.Feeders are automated and that the fish themselves fed once a day or at any designated time.
  2. Siphon with fanfare - removes dirt in the aquarium looks like a hose with bulb.Its length depends on the aquarium size and the amount of soil.
  3. Magnetic scraper - they cleaned the glass.He successfully replace the snails.

in specialized stores can offer you a wide variety of equipment for the aquarium.Buy only need what you really need, because it is too oversaturated aquarium does not look very natural with new technologies.