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August 12, 2017 18:07

Removing liquid wallpaper

Although liquid wallpaper and a very high quality, beautiful, modern material, provide infinitely they can not.Therefore, the question arises, how to remove them.This article will help solve the problem.



If you have liquid wallpaper, the question of how to remove them, and not to spoil hopelessly floor, sockets, switches, is very important for you.Therefore, you should think about protecting:

  • masking tape to seal the plinth.Subsequently, he retracts, leaving no trace;
  • to water and dust do not fall into the outlet, they also seal the same tape;
  • act in the same way with the switches.


completing preventive protection of the room, gather the necessary tools and materials.Important to know:

  • if your liquid wallpaper are composed of pieces of viscose, they are reusable.Soak them, you can use these wallpapers again;
  • harder to remove wet wallpaper, decorative plaster-like, can not do without a special tool.


Tools, materials

If necessary, remove wallpaper in a large area, it is necessary to mechanize work and you need to have:

  • industrial dryer.Using this tool, the work will not move very fast, but power consumption palpable;
  • as an alternative hair dryer - sander.Productivity is here above, but dust more.

If necessary, remove the liquid wallpaper in a small area, unless they have been painted, do it manually possible.We need to do the following:

  • water, and the best is good warm;
  • sharp spatula;
  • scraper;
  • brush.

To quickly remove the liquid wallpaper, use:

  1. To add to the water means that you wash the dishes.Enough two tablespoons per 1 liter of water.Suitable all, even liquid soap, but having a similar experience, prefer Fairy (Fairy).
  2. special tools.They are bought at the supermarket building.For example, a tool such as methyl (Henkel Metylan), produced in Hungary, used for any wallpaper.Its advantages that:
  • there are no solvents;
  • he does not smell;
  • apply simple;
  • acts quickly;
  • harmless to humans.

addition of methyl good recommendations from such media as Zinsser, shipped from the US.Of course, the value in it, the same as adhesives and the pack but if the instructions follow, the flow rate will be economical.

3. The mixture is cooked personally, say it is not worse than purchased.It consists of:

  • water - 5 liters;
  • vinegar - about 50 ml;
  • conditioner or laundry detergent as much and vinegar.

And here's another recipe:

  • take glue for wallpaper;
  • add it to a special tool such as Zinsser or methyl;
  • stir until the mass resembles jelly.The mixture is extremely effective.


Removing liquid wallpaper.Technology

consider the manual method:

  • Paint-brush dipped in a hot water or the prepared solution and damp part of the wall.It is recognized that if moisten the wall with plenty of water, it may come running to the neighbors below, but if small, the wallpaper just do not get wet.Choose a middle ground;
  • wait until coated well absorb the applied mixture or water;
  • liquid wallpaper scrape with a spatula and a scraper;
  • if trim marks still remain on the surface, then repeat the process.

Mechanize process

When applying liquid wallpaper has been used very high quality glue, or they are painted or coated on their painted walls without pretreatment, then manually remove them hard.In such cases, they are usually removed by:

  • industrial dryer.The hot air from the dryer is supplied to the wallpaper base and softens it, and then use a scraper to remove the final finish.Of course, if the paint was under the wallpaper, it will act with them, so re-wallpaper already do not use.Get ready for what will work for a long time;


  • grinder.Presses to wallpaper it is necessary to stress, therefore, require considerable physical strength.Performance is not higher than in the case of a hair dryer, but the method is effective;


  • grinder with a special nozzle and rugged.With this tool, the process of removing liquid wallpaper will go faster, but it is necessary to work carefully, becauseBulgarian is more dangerous than direct sander.

not removed, and mask the

process of removing liquid wallpaper, photos of which you see, is more camouflage.


It happens, remove them so hard that you just do not know how they do it.But there is a solution: make sure that they could apply a new finish.Getting Started:

  • grind the entire surface using sandpaper or electric tools - grinders with a nozzle, direct sander.Speakers elements flatten;
  • apply a primer, then putty;
  • vysohnuvshaya surface is ready for any further finishing;
  • if the surface of liquid wallpaper is smooth, and you plan to inflict on them the other are the same, then go over them with roller needles or a knife.Introduced roughness improve grip and new wallpaper will be held firmly.

How to manually remove the liquid wallpaper, video vividly conveys all the details.After viewing it can be concluded that the technology, in general, is the same for all types of coating material.