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August 12, 2017 18:07

Installation of split systems with their own hands

Air Conditioning - air conditioning equipment, which can alter the room temperature and keep it at a certain level.These include a temperature, humidity and air cleanliness, speed and direction of the air.


Feasibility of installation of split systems

The easiest way to doweather in the house is to purchase a beautiful split-systems.Buying air conditioner has many advantages.

  • Most models are equipped with a function to clean the air in the room from dust and harmful bacteria, as well as the ionization function.It is very important for people who are prone to allergies and asthma, as well as for children.


  • winter, strong cold air conditioning quickly warms the room during the day and at night.This will save you from hypothermia.In the summer of Split-System will quickly create cool even in the hottest room.Such a purchase is very important for those who have high blood pressure, heart problems and cardiovascular system.
  • Thanks to its compact size and the fact that the equipment is installed on a wall, split system does not take up much space.Therefore, air conditioning can be freely installed even in small spaces.
  • comfortable indoor climate, where you spend most of the time, good mood and improves performance.
  • good split-system is able to moisturize, or, conversely, dry air and thus create a more favorable atmosphere in the room.For the health of important additional humidification during the heating season, when the apartment is reduced humidity.This threatens that the skin becomes over-dry and further increases overall fatigue organism.

What to look for when choosing a split system

There are nuances that you need to consider when choosing a conditioner:

  • Split - quite an expensive buy.When ordering via the Internet, the equipment may be deformed or even broken due to incorrect delivery.And check it will only be possible after installation.However, if the bill has already been signed - the money for the purchase will not be returned.


  • Acquire air conditioning in the summer season is not recommended unless this is not absolutely necessary.In the summer usually the demand for HVAC equipment, so sellers inflate prices.The best season - winter.Allows easy, no queues, no hurry to choose the equipment and get a full consultation Seller on all issues.
  • conditioners come in different types and functionality.From the most unpretentious low-cost models for 600-700 dollars to very expensive and modern, with a modern design and lots of features.Each is decides for himself.However, to expensive equipment does not become a useless toy - it is recommended to call an expert home.Most of the major companies selling air-conditioned, have a professional person in the state.

Such consultant visits the house to a potential customer.After issue a report, which states, inter alia, heat gain or vice versa, the heat leak in the bathroom from the people, pets, appliances, windows or even doorways.Also taken into account room area and ceiling height.As a result of these measurements will be easier to choose the air conditioner, which is ideally suited to you both functionally and in terms of efficiency.

Types of air conditioners

All split system is conventionally divided into two main types.This professional units, which are used for cooling large spaces.They acquired large shops, warehouses or trading companies.The second kind - it conditioners for home use, ie residential flats and houses.Here we will focus on domestic climate engineering.


There are several types of equipment for climate control in relatively small spaces, such as apartments:

1. The most popular and most purchased type - is wall split systems.They are also called household and room, because for most apartments are easy to install and operate.The minimum capacity of this technique - 2 kW, maximum - 7 kW.This is enough for comfortable operation of HVAC equipment in the rooms from 7 to 75 m2.Wall mounted split system air conditioners are split-type compressor because they are separate from the main module.It is very convenient, because the technique works almost silently, if the compressor is located outside the building.Wherein the outdoor unit is installed below the window, and the inside of the apartment in the vicinity of the outer.Very big disadvantage of such climate unit is that it can not be delivered to the premises fresh air from outside.Dust, harmful bacteria and carbon dioxide moves through the room air flows.This fixes the installation in an apartment separate ventilation system.

2. ducted split systems also apply to the separate type air-conditioners.Their big advantage is that they are able to condition multiple rooms.Another of the advantages of such a purchase - the system is mounted on the wall is hidden, so is suitable for any interior.Also, split-channel systems have the important function mix with fresh air, which is pre-cleaned.This technique is most suitable for those who live in large private homes and where each room has a large area.

3. Floor air conditioners, which are also called mobile.It - internal split system.The undoubted advantage of such a purchase is that the technique requires no installation and runs directly from the network.In addition, mobile air conditioning moves and is optional in the room, which is necessary to heat or cool in a presently.If you can not place the air conditioner on the wall, such a purchase - the best option.Among the shortcomings - the fact that the pipe for the hot air will have to withdraw in all areas where you plan to operate machinery.Furthermore they are quite noisy due to the fact that the entire construction work indoors.Therefore, do not buy them for office or bedroom.


4. Window air conditioners are installed directly into the window opening.Their advantage over other types is that they are the cheapest.However, the demand for them has been steadily falling.This is due to the presence of such a technology of significant drawbacks:

  • they obscure part of the window, thereby obscuring the room;
  • them inconvenient to install in modern double-glazed windows;
  • because of the bulkiness can spoil the overall impression of the interior;
  • reduce the functionality of the window;
  • are the noisiest of all types of HVAC equipment.

Yield: window air conditioner is mounted directly to the wall, having done it in a hole specifically for him.Of course, it will have to go the extra costs.

Setting split system

When the long-awaited purchase was accomplished, and delivery workers brought a box - the buyer gets a very important question.To carry out installation of the air conditioner with your hands or to entrust the installation wizard.We tell you how to perform this process themselves.

installation of split systems include the following milestones:

1. Preparatory work:

  • the very first thing you need to do to those who decided to do the installation yourself - is to open the box, which is split system.Guide with detailed recommendations for the installation and operation of the product must be attached to any air conditioner.Next, you should read carefully the instructions.
  • on the floor near the wall that will be located where the air conditioner, it is necessary to lay cardboard or cellophane to work after the end of the dirt can be removed quickly.Moreover, it will save floor from possible scratches.


2. Preparation of materials.To get started, you need to prepare special tools.It is necessary to prepare:

  • sufficient power screwdriver.Well-proven Hilti TE 76-ATC;
  • drill with a working length of 800 mm and a diameter of 40-45 mm;
  • punch;
  • set of drills, with diameters from 6 mm to 12 mm;
  • construction line level;
  • pencil;
  • masking tape;
  • plastic bags;
  • vinyl insulation;
  • brackets;
  • screws with a length of at least 120 mm dowel drill bit under 12;
  • bolts with nuts and washers.Diameter of not less than 8 mm;
  • metal scissors;
  • Example;
  • cable;
  • electrical tape;
  • wrench;
  • vacuum manifold.


3. Directly setting:

  • installation mounting of the indoor unit - is the first thing you need to start.To begin installation of air conditioning with their hands should be noted and drill holes in the wall;
  • prepare screws to press the puck, a minimum length of 32 mm and a dowel drill bit with a diameter of 8 mm.Then gently, using schurupoverta, fasten strap fastening the indoor unit;
  • level to check that the bracket is level;
  • set the internal mounting.To do this, you need to know a simple rule: the minimum distance from the air conditioner to the ceiling should not be less than 7 cm;
  • with a ruler with the level of mark holes through which will pass freonomagistral.It is necessary to build it so that was a slight slope toward the street.This is necessary to ensure that the condensate can freely displayed and does not stagnate;
  • to the hole was neat, it is necessary before drilling knife cut around the edges of the future building openings, cutting wallpaper.Otherwise, it may remain ragged edges;
  • using masking tape glue one edge of the plastic bag directly under the hole the future so that all the dust and dirt during drilling to fall;
  • using a drill with a diameter of 45 mm, making a hole in the wall.At the same time we do not forget that you need to drill with a slope toward the street;


  • mark and drill a hole on the outside of the building.Then tighten the brackets.To do this it is best to buy or rent a special safety equipment.It is, in any large hardware store;
  • install the outdoor unit on the brackets.Then tighten it with the bolt with nut and washer;
  • then need to measure the length and leave freonomagistrali margin of 10 cm;
  • the next stage - a piece of pipe, processing it and rolling reamer;
  • now need to open the air conditioning cover and unscrew the plug, which connects the inner and outer block.Then connect the cable and twists the cap;
  • connect the drain hose to the plastic pipe by means of insulating tape;
  • using the wrench must be connected to the tube with the indoor unit;
  • copper pipe must be drown tape to the inside from getting dirty.After that, the tube dresses special insulation made of rubber;
  • vinyl-insulated winding main pipe.Pushes it into the hole and gently put the air conditioner on the place, do not forget to re-check the level.Split-system must be sitting very firmly;
  • special boxes to hide the cable and pipe;
  • pipe and the cable connected to the outdoor unit air conditioner;
  • next stage - vakuumatsiya highway.Thereafter, the vinyl tape domatyvaem pipe portion which is external to the home;
  • run Freon in the trunk;
  • install and securely tighten the cover of the outdoor unit of a split system;
  • drain pipe special plastic clamps attached to the air conditioner.

Split with his hands ready.You can now turn technique using the remote, do not forget to pre-close all the windows and enjoy the coolness and freshness.