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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mirror - wardrobe bathroom : with light, hanging , floor , with shelf

Mirror - wardrobe bathroom
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Materials
  • Types
    • Backlit
    • Suspension option
    • Floor
    • Penal
    • mezzanine
  • Tips for Choosing
  • Installation
  • Care

mirror-cabinet - interior elements, loved by many.It is no coincidence.It combines multiple functions simultaneously, and at the same time takes not much room.


  • capacity and ease of storage.Mirror-wardrobe provides an efficient distribution on its shelves all those little things that are so necessary in the bathroom: shampoo, shower gels, cosmetics, detergents and more.If desired, even the water heater can be placed in it.
  • boxes and hooks are the perfect complement, which saves space bath.
  • Easy to assemble.All necessary parts are included, and detailed instructions make it easier.
  • versatility.Hanging a mirror cabinet, for example, can easily perform the role of bedside tables.
  • Economy.If the LED backlight to use tape or point lamp, at the expense of the reflective properties of the mirror in the bathroom will be much lighter.I do not need other lighting fixtures.
  • functionality.Various versions of the cabinet door (hinged, folding, blinds, etc.) allow you to choose what is really optimal for your particular bathroom.
  • The perfect combination with any interior style.
mirror - cabinet for bathroom
mirror - cabinet for bathroom
mirror - cabinet for bathroom


  • Care.The mirror surface must always be in perfect condition otherwise the closet will look messy.In this regard, the cabinet must wipe more frequently than normal.
  • size.Too large mirror-cabinet will not bring positive emotions.He will take up a lot of space.
  • Fragility mirror surface, requiring accurate and careful operation.
  • cost.High-quality mirror-wardrobe - something quite expensive and not everyone can afford it on.
Disadvantages of the cabinet with mirror to the bathroom


To produce a mirror-cabinet used chipboard, plastic, glass, artificial stone, wood with a combination of iron.

materials used for the manufacture of the mirror-cabinet should be completely safe, have the ability to repel liquids.

Note that the cabinet of chipboard may eventually accumulate odors stored household items.

highest quality are considered to be of glass wall cabinets.The strength of the glass, which is used to make, is comparable to stone.Only the weight of the product will be much less.

Materials - cabinet mirror bathroom
Materials cabinet with a mirror in the bathroom
Materials for the mirror - cabinet in the bathroom



Such mirror-cabinet equipped with lighting, including lighting fixtures, switches and sockets.Illumination incorporated both internally and on the external part of the design.

combination of gloss and specular lighting elements creates a stunning effect.That - and a visual extension of the space, and an auxiliary light source, and finally the beauty.

Mirror - wardrobe with lighting for bathrooms
Mirror - wardrobe with lighting for bathrooms
Mirror - wardrobe with lighting for bathrooms

Suspension option

This may be normal or corner option.

hinged model.Dimensions of this design in height 57-90 cm, width - 50 cm depth -. Not more than 25 cm Mirror can be either built into the door, and completely replaces its part.Shelves are located inside the cabinet.The variant with extra shelves on the right and on the left, or a model with an asymmetrical arrangement of them.

Hinged corner model.Located at the junction of two walls, that is in the corner.A wonderful option for small-sized bathroom, very compact.Places takes a little, and holds a lot.

Hanging a mirror in the bathroom , wardrobe
Corner hanging mirror - cabinet for bathroom


may be on legs, rollers or skids.Easy to clean.Wash the floor under it easily.

Base cabinet with mirror bathroom


Pencil is a long, narrow closet.Its advantage in size.For it should be a small place, but it holds a lot of things.

Pencil case with mirror for the bathroom
Pencil case with a mirror in the bathroom


characterized by a good capacity, but, despite this, a wardrobe is not very popular.

Mezzanine with a mirror in the bathroom

Tips for Choosing

Before buying the mirror-cabinet, consider how this piece of furniture will fit in your bathroom.Would it be too cumbersome?

mounted and angled mirror cabinets are considered to be ideal in terms of ergonomics and compactness.

sliding and lifting doors - the most convenient option.

Accessories metal higher quality than plastic.


  • shall be subjected to the corrosive effects of;
  • be sealed (moisture penetration is unacceptable);
  • not react to temperature changes;
  • not covered with mold;
  • be subjected to delamination over time.
Tips on choosing a mirror cabinet for bathroom


  • measurement space, which will be placed a mirror-wardrobe. minimum distance between the cabinet and the sink is 40 cm. If the model is equipped with a swing door, you should remove all the excess, which prevents its operation.Nearby stood a shelf or furniture can easily damage the mirror when you open your locker.
  • Buying cabinet and tools that are needed for the installation. To install the mirror cabinet, you need to arm themselves with anchor bolts and dowels (as a rule, they are already included), rubber hammer, tape measure, pencil, hammer and protective goggles, a pair of pliers.It will take a drill.All measurements were done using a spirit level.
  • installation process. Pencil marks the place where will be located hanging loop.Drill holes for mounting (necessarily controlled by a level).Further, a rubber hammer trying to drive dowel.can not be made of metal, becauseHe broke the dowel.Screwing the anchor bolts.Note that their hooks must point upwards.Between them and the wall should be a distance of 1 cm Wardrobe easier to hang together:. One holds, the second directs.
Installation of the cabinet with a mirror in the bathroom


For cleaning glass surfaces, the cabinet used ordinary soap and water solution to which is added a little ammonia.

Never use tools with abrasive particles.They will scratch the surface.Hard wipes and sponges are also unacceptable.Ideal gels.

To prevent fogging mirror, sometimes it is recommended to handle it with vegetable oil.Then rinse and wipe to a shine.

important point!After taking a bath or shower, mirror misted.Wipe it does not need, it is sufficient to ventilate the bathroom.

In any specialty store there is always a special tool for the care of this piece of furniture.

Caring for the mirror - cabinet in the bathroom