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August 12, 2017 18:07

Terrace own hands

called Terrace area adjacent to the house.It is usually slightly elevated above the ground.It is used, for example, as a place for lunch in the warm season or a gazebo for socializing with guests.Sunroom can be called a full veranda.In any case, this place is perfect for sports and leisure.


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  1. Many people confuse concepts such as terrace and porch.Therefore it is necessary to clarify what is the difference between them.First of all, these buildings have different goals and structure.Terrace mostly intended for relaxation.In the classic form, it is an open platform, which in some cases is covered by a roof.
  2. Veranda is a cold room, which does not allow outside air to get inside the house.At the same time it serves as protection for the front door.In contrast to the veranda, terrace does not have to be adjacent to the house.
  3. Veranda - it is always enclosed space, ie,it has a roof and walls.As for the terrace, then it has no walls.
  4. By area, too, there are differences.Thus, terrace, usually large, so there is enough space to relax.Porch, on the other hand, may be small in size.Most importantly, she protected the entrance.
  5. sometimes confused terrace and gazebo.Gazebos characterized in that always have a fence along the perimeter, which can be either wood or brick walls.In classical terrace of these fences there.Roofs also initially did not exist, but later it became an optional element, as well as railings, stuffed between the pillars that hold the roof.

Selecting location terraces


  1. When choosing a site for the construction of such a site is taken into account the climate and the wishes of the home owner.It need not always be adjacent to a building.Each determines its location, depending on your own preferences.It is advisable to plan, which will be posted terrace, at the stage of construction of the building plan.That is, it is best to have a single-storey house with a terrace was a common foundation.
  2. Sometimes this area is not on the first but on the second and even the third floor.Then, a balcony and a terrace can be combined.In any case it is necessary to ensure that the terrace and surrounding areas have been decorated in the same style.Generally, all that is set around the house, should harmoniously fit into his image.
  3. Choosing a place for the construction should be based on the location of homes relative to the cardinal.So, if the entrance to the building is located on the north side, the terraces suitable option, which goes around the whole building.Then hot summers necessarily will be found a place to relax in the shade.If you exit to the street located to the south, you will approach the classic version of an attached terrace.At this point you will be able to rest not only in summer, but even in winter.
  4. If the site has a swimming pool, waterfall, pond shore or other beautiful elements of the landscape, then to be able to admire them, you can build a terrace next to them, ie,separate from the house.
  5. There are several possible options for the site location on your site.Depending on this terrace is:
  • envelope of the house on all sides;
  • an attached directly to the building;
  • standing separate from the house.

Definition terrace area


In determining the size terraces should consider the following factors:

  1. Her appointment.
  2. House area.
  3. plan infield.

If this is taken into account, the area is very harmoniously fit into your site.


  1. If terrace cottage is only needed as a place for rest, it is enough to select the site for it with the size of the parties to 3-4 meters.
  2. If you need it for the reception, its size should be, of course, more.At the same time taken to choose the area so that one person had 3 square meters.

Terrace is often a full part of the architecture.For this area is decorated with flowers, greenery and other decorative accessories.Today, the area of ​​some flats initially include a terrace.


terrace terrace Traditionally, of course, make a square or rectangular shape.But no one makes adhere to these traditions.Terrace to the house can be semicircular and trapezoidal.You can use any decorative techniques that can make a geometric shape of this area smoother and original.For example, you can make a multilevel floor.

allowed to combine different materials, use different decorative elements and plants.Creative imagination and create your own unique design for your garden.To visually see the look of some types of terraces, the photo below is a few options.

Types terraces

  1. outdoor terrace - old building in the form of a canopy mounted on a special platform.However, she fenced ornamental Perestenko or polustenami.Summer terrace is perfect for relaxing in the warm season.
  2. Covered terrace.This structure is similar to the terrace, but it is equipped for use all year round.During the summer, it will require conditioning and ventilation system, and in winter will be relevant heaters.

terraces project


  1. Quality construction is not possible, unless it is started with the design.This is a serious and crucial stage of any construction work.If the project will be drawn up correctly, then most likely you'll have a good result.In the design documentation is required to make size, to hold the site layout and to assess how the future structure will fit into the landscape.
  2. In addition, at this stage, you need to choose the appropriate material, calculate the necessary amount.
  3. Pick the right tools for the work.
  4. The project is necessary to include materials for exterior and interior trim, as well as for the protection of buildings.Most importantly, take the time to completion, and all carefully considered.Let drafting the plan will take a few days, but he is very much facilitate the work itself.You will know what and how much you need, what will be the costs of labor and construction time.

technology of erection of terraces

To erect the terrace, you can use materials that are left over from the construction of the main house.It will save your money.For the base, combined boards, bricks and blocks.During the construction, choose the most reliable material that can withstand the vagaries of nature, temperature changes and ultraviolet rays.

How to build a terrace with their own hands?Any building consists of the following elements:

  1. foundation.
  2. Flooring.
  3. auxiliary structures.

And if the first two elements are required, then the third - not.


Enclosed terrace.for the construction of foundation Proceed as follows:

  1. driven into the ground around the perimeter of wooden stakes or rebar and pull them twine.This is the markup for future construction.
  2. the corners put a temporary support.On it are stacked logs.The height of the foundation above ground would have be about 300-400 millimeters.
  3. Take the level and use it to align the horizontal.Thus, under the tiles should be temporarily put a support.It may even have a different construction waste.No one wants to on the terrace after a rain puddle remained.Therefore, you need to provide in advance a small slope.To do this, set the angle to the joists approximately 2 degrees.
  4. Align twine strung along the top edge of the joists and well fix it for a peg driven into the ground.
  5. Now you can remove the logs and begin to build the foundation itself directly.For this purpose, the corners need to put the columns of cement, the height of which must be the same as the temporary support.
  6. Dig a trench between the posts, then pour the cement and pavement curbs put in it.With about half their height in the ground should be.After that, it should be aligned on the horizontal plane.Now we have to wait until the concrete hardens.
  7. The same framework needs to be done and with the other hand.
  8. Void, who stayed about borders, it is necessary to fill with sand or gravel.It is desirable to provide for water drainage system.


When the foundation is ready, you can begin to install the flooring.The procedure works with the following:

  1. Put on bollards and curbs lags.Secure them with screws.
  2. Mark the place of fastening bars.
  3. Put the boards and connect them to the joists using the corners.
  4. now ready to nastilke boards.The best material for this purpose is considered larch.It is recommended to take a board width of 100-150 mm and a thickness of 20 to 35 millimeters.In order to preserve the possibility of ventilation and thus prevent decay, between the boards make small gaps.
  5. Align jigsaw edge.
  6. Finally, you need to paint the floor and varnished.
  7. If instead of decking boards will be used, you should indent 10 millimeters away from the building.

In order to make the terrace more comfortable, it is recommended to build some auxiliary constructions.For example, you can put the poles and place them on the roof.In such columns are usually fixed railing.Here you can arrange a swing and pergolas for flowers.These elements help to make your unique terrace.Most often, the construction of the roof is raised, which is a must to protect from unexpected precipitation.Roofing material can be used the same as in the home, especially when the ground immediately adjacent to the building.As the polycarbonate material is perfect for the roof.Only in this case we need a very strong support.

external finish terraces

Terrace depending on its type, may have a different finish.For example, the construction may be lined with natural or artificial stone, wood paneling, block-house, by distillation or other materials.Quite popular are wooden terraces.Most importantly, the main construction material reliably protect the interior from the cold air, insects, fungi and moisture.For this purpose, for example, use a variety of antiseptics.Finishing needed for the following purposes:

  1. Make exterior terrace more attractive.
  2. protective functions.To this end are sealed seams and joints.

Glazing terraces and insulation


  1. To terrace could glaze, pre-openings are provided for the installation of double glazing windows and doors.All of these structures must be secured by a universal fixture, allowing at any time remove the installed windows and doors.Thus, in the structure should not be used any screws and bolts.Only the bolts, nuts and special fittings.
  2. If the glazed terrace, then it should also be warm, otherwise it makes no sense to do the first without the second.For insulation inside buildings suitable mineral wool.After that should be put vapor barrier.In addition, you will need to make a decorative finish that is most advantageous to carry timber.

Construction of terraces

After glazing and insulation can proceed to the arrangement of terraces.This is no less time-consuming and costly step.First of all, you need to make interior trim.You can use any material you selected.Depending on the area, type and purpose built undeveloped it may be different.The most popular piece of furniture is wicker furniture, a small table, a rocking chair.