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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions - How to dry the cellar

Dampness indoor garage is almost always indicative of construction errors.Most likely, during the construction of the construction builders simply did not bother to provide adequate ventilation or drainage of moisture.Of course, it does happen that the moisture enters the garage, despite the presence of ventilation: all options ingress of water, unfortunately, can only be provided during the operation of the premises.

For example, it is difficult to predict the level of groundwater, or the likelihood of water draining from the neighbor's roof.The reasons for the appearance of the water can be a lot, but the result is the same - the water in the cellar.As it dried, and how to avoid getting wet in the future - this article will tell.

As dry cellar

How dry cellar

garage Project: look for reasons

humidity to prevent dampness in the garage, even during construction should think about how to avoid the ingress of moisture into the room.Do not use porous materials such as foam or keramzitoblokov.It is not necessary to apply and brick, as its water resistance is questionable.The best way to prevent the water - it is a concrete wall.Moreover, the cellar is also better to concrete.

Next task - to select the type of construction: monolith or assembly?Durability and reliability in operation - a monolith.But, in principle, and concrete blocks are good.Building better to plan for the summer, to avoid the accumulation of water in the pit under the garage.

dry the cellar: where to start

If the water still came in your cellar, it can be dried and then waterproofed.For best drying summer.Before the drying of cellar and garage must be freed from the things and objects.Racks, shelves, boxes for vegetables, send a short while on the street, so that they too dry.

next step - cleaning the floors and walls of debris.This is followed to give the room a natural airflow - at least for a couple of days.And only then proceed to further drying.

Drying cellars using makeshift brazier

cellars Drying using homemade braziers

Drying the brazier

Accelerate helps dry old metal bucket.Put it in the middle and spread it in the fire, which is necessary to support the walls to dry.The hot air from the fire quickly replace mustiness and smoke - cleans the room, killing mold and bacteria.Disappear from the smoke and insects.

Driving dry cellar

Driving dry cellar

candle as a method of drying

There is another way: having increased ventilation pipe to the floor, put it under a burning candle on a non-combustible base.That there was a thrust, enough to burn in a small piece of paper work.A few days candle warms and dry room.Instead of using candles and dry fuel tablet.

cellar waterproofing in the garage and external drainage

To protect against water, even during the construction of the concrete waterproofing additive is added.In addition, the appearance is very good drainage, which is possible to plan the construction of a garage on the stage.

Lay groundwater can be in storm sewers or just to the side.But this method is effective only when a separate structure.And in the car park, making removal in the garage co-op or in high-rise building - is ineffective.Drainage

- a trench along the perimeter of the garage, the basement level below 40 cm, which are buried in the vertical plastic tubes.The tubes will take the excess water.And that they are not clogged, their cover of galvanized grating.Trench are covered with geotextile to avoid silting and covered with a layer of gravel.It is necessary to pay attention to the soil does not fall runoff.Otherwise, all efforts will be in vain drying.

Cellar with a drainage system - construction scheme

cellar drainage - construction scheme

How to arrange internal drainage

Large cellar logical to equip the internal drainage system, so it does not get wet.In the basement, install pipes that channel water away.Wide range of corrugated, perforated, pipe ribs allows you to choose an option.Drain indoors, of course, it is best to create the floor before construction.Otherwise, it is necessary to embed the tube, breaking the finished floor.Internal drainage device: a trench on the perimeter of the basement, on the deeper level of the floor 40cm, which travel along geoseptichesky material.Top poured gravel and laid with slope drains 3mm per meter.Then the tube is filled with gravel and covered with geotextile.Backfilled with sand and tamped.

can deliver a well to collect water.It can be prepared (PVC) or homemade (brick or concrete).In a well set automatic pump for pumping water.From the pump hose it is carried out, in which the water is discharged.If used instead of the normal capacity of the well, you will need to regularly ventilate the room.

protection from damp basement ... with the help of injections and gidropokryty

This is an expensive method, however, is highly effective even for cinder block, brick and foam blocks. technology injection method waterproofing is as follows: in the holes with a diameter of one and a half to 4 mm, at a distance of half a meter up to 80cm apart entered Expansion packers with insulating materials.Injected them under high pressure using a special pump.This method does not require waterproofing the floor opening, removal of the lining.Input polymers are durable and environmentally friendly, can fill even the smallest cracks.

penetrating surface waterproofing blocks the pores, covering not only the surface of the basement, but the walls of the bases of their pre-drying.Waterproofing mixture was diluted with plain water, and the solution is applied to the wet surface.The mixture reacts to surface moisture, it forms crystals, concrete or brick insulation from moisture.

can be brought back only after disinfection, which will prevent the appearance of pests and mold in indoor garage After processing things.