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Ventilation Systems

August 12, 2017 18:06

Ventilation cellar in the garage with his hands

If you need simple and effective natural ventilation underground in the garage, you can perform a couple of ways.Both cases involve the use of a pair of through chimneys, walking in the garage, the upper end of which is expelled.This type is called ventilation supply and exhaust.Independently, you can create a system for two days.

Ventilation cellar via two pipes

cellar ventilation via two pipes

Now more.The edges of a ventilation make the different levels, placing the top one pipe near the ceiling, ventilated space, and the bottom part is lowered to the floor.In connection with the change of pressure, temperature difference nA input and output of the tube, the circulation of air masses between the two begins.

A word of advice: it is more convenient to use pipes asbestobetona, a section of about fifteen mm.It's safe, because the material is not scared nothing but physical damage.To improve the air circulation pipes both inputs are equipped with baffles - any air movement, including side wind, to create a vacuum, and attraction grows.

Check basement ventilation starts with an experiment: it is necessary to cause air to circulate, to create conditions of different temperature in the basement and on the surface.For example, you can do so: a bucket full of hot coals in the cellar to install or use duct heaters.Then you need to bring a piece of duct and see if it sways.If the temperature difference is sufficient, the air current is constant and strong.

ventilating the basement: one

pipe even one tube is enough to make your cellar was always dry and ventilated.Existing cracks can also play a positive role in this regard, however, for normal air only the airway tube should be more than 15 cm diameter.

When naturally adjust ventilation does not work, you can organize the process with mechanical drive.It will not be spent nA factory air handling units.The chimney fan just set that will "pull" the air out of the cellar, changing it to a fresh, from the surface.This scheme will help to remove the dependence on the weather.

One of the components of a good subfloor climate - relative humidity, this characteristic is partly regulated by the ventilation systems.It should be noted with increasing moisture venting quality falls.

Ventilation cellar in the garage

cellar ventilation in the garage

This is often seen when the groundwater occurring high penetrate straight to the cellar.Most noticeable in the spring season.When the snow melts.Basement garage becomes moist and ventilation system, of course, can not withstand such loads.There are difficulties in the summer, when cellar air due to poor circulation quickly

becomes stale.Here you can use the cans, which is more than a half-millimeter opening of the airway tube.Marginalia be drilled at the bottom, then cut a hole, securing it below the long screw and nut thread, it remains outside.This will be a self-made balansirovochnaya system that will provide vetroulovitelyu level position.The marginalia banks opposite the opening set trapezoidal "tail."It will work on the basis of a weather vane, turning the device into the wind and catching air.

you will attach to the pipe system vetpoulavlivayuschuyu.Doing it this way: put os, with threaded end.Fasten it to the pipe at a simple small bracket.Drill the bottom in the middle, inserted inside a hole drilled in the bolt to be screwed on the threaded shaft.It is necessary to choose the length of the axis of the pipe were covered slightly worn it can.Installation completes balancing.With the advent of this simple ventilation device will be noticeably better.

Sample wind safety device

Sample vetroulavlivayuschego device

working principle is quite simple - turning vane system so that the hole in its side surface is directed against the flow of air, fresh air enters the tube and goes into the garage.One tip - in the winter period the device is made to close on their own, and ventilation have to drown.

also encourage you to read as a dry cellar and basement ventilation about their own hands.