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August 12, 2017 18:07

We remove scratches from glass

glass processing before removing scratches

Before starting an operation to remove scratches from the glass surface, the surface must be cleaned from this contamination.To do this, use a special detergent, but do not forget that after the use of such means of the glass should be thoroughly rinsed with running water.It will also help identify any scratches.By the time of polishing the glass must be wet.The water in this case has several functions:

  • Prevents heating of the surface;
  • Makes grinding process more efficient.

One of the most common errors is to use distilled water.Remember that this liquid will never give the desired effect!

Next, you need to carefully examine and evaluate the depth of damage on the glass surface.If the scratch is very deep (0.02 mm), it is possible that you are just wasting your time and should think about the treatment to a professional glazier.

After cleaning, check the area and polishing scratches on the back side of the glass.Now you are ready to remove the scratches.

Step by step guide remove scratches from glass

After the necessary procedures for the preparation of the glass surface can begin to eliminate the scratches using the polishing of glass.

To do this, you must have the following tools:

  • fine sandpaper;
  • Jewelry paste or paste GOI polishing (it can be purchased at a hardware store);
  • Drill with sanding disc, which must be packaged to the device;
  • with ammonia water solution (two liters ammonia 50-60 mm);
  • Sponge.

GOI polishing paste
Jewelry polishing paste

Step 1. Treat the glass surface with sandpaper.Spray from a spray water on the glass.Apply to scratch special polishing paste.
Soft sandpaper

Step 2. dulled faces sanding disc with a central circle.Install sanding circle on the drill.

Grinding wheel

Step 3. Wet sanding circle.Also, apply the paste on the sanding disc.Turn the drill operation speed and drive to the rotational speed of 1200 revolutions per minute.
Drill with sanding disc

Step 4: Treat a scratch sanding disc translational movements until its complete disappearance.

Removing scratches drill with sanding disc
Step 5. Moisten a sponge in a solution of ammonia and remove the remnants of polishing paste with a windshield.Thoroughly rinse with running water.
Glass before and after removing scratches

Removing subtle scratches from the glass surface

There are some simple folk remedies to remove virtually imperceptible and superficial scratches from glass.Such scratch is almost all glass surfaces, and not only on your car, but also furniture, aquarium, bowl, etc.

First of all, try using clear nail polish.Thin layers of lacquer treat a scratch, give a little varnish to dry and remove the remnants of the special nail polish remover or acetone.

use whitening toothpaste.Apply a small amount on a felt cloth and rub the scratch.Clean the paste with a damp sponge and evaluate the results.If necessary, the procedure can be repeated.

So we told you about the basic methods of removing scratches from glass at home.Select the desired method is up to you!