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August 12, 2017 18:06

Hoisting-and- over door to the garage with his hands - the mechanisms

Lifting over door with his own hands

elevating rotary gate with their hands

Currently very popular among garage owners began to use the gate with tilt-up mechanism.This mechanism is a whole leaf, which is a very ergonomic solution for small garages and very reliable in use.Moreover, such a mechanism does not require additional maintenance or service.The principle of lifting the gate mechanism is very simple.The flap gate is raised at boxing ceiling on the roller mechanism along the guide profiles, occupying the position parallel to the ceiling without creating inconvenience and saving space.Make yourself such a mechanism is not difficult, it is enough to have the tools that are sure to have in any garage, affordable materials and components for the mechanism of the device.

Design and operation mechanism of tilt-up work

The mechanism of up-and- over doors

mechanism up-and-over doors

main element of the gate is built of wood-metal frame, which is installed in place of the future gate.Inside the door duct mounted steel profiles, which will move the guide rollers, lifting up the door leaf.Often used option when the mechanism comprises two types of guides: vertical (to lift) and horizontal (for moving along the ceiling), but it is not required for this.

For door leaf often used galvanized sheet iron with a special double-sided protective coating that protects the surface from the effects of climatic factors.In addition, it is a good protection from any external influences (shocks, chips and other things).Sometimes the finished door leaf top cover decorative panels made of thin plastic or wood.This gives the aesthetic appearance of the gate, while not affecting the weight or characteristics.It is not excluded as an option, and insulation gate finished using foam or other readily available materials for thermal insulation of buildings.

An example of the gate for the garage

gate Example garage

installation works

Installation works

installation works

Before installation of gates, necessary to carry out the preparatory work on the walls and in the doorway.Work can be carried out with a floor at the end, after the installation and calibration of the gate mechanism.

To begin skeleton frame of the future mechanism put to a doorway, to identify and verify the required dimensions.For the manufacture of wood frame take three bars.Two disposes longitudinal and one cross, sticks bonded steel plates or angles.At this stage, the level necessary to check the correct assembly of the box in the vertical and horizontal planes.After that, a box mounted on the wall anchors.

Then mark out the installation location of elements responsible for the compound wall and runners at the marked points make holes.Upper kronshtey recommended to move slightly forward with respect to the rest of the structure to avoid complications when opening the gate (jam, friction elements, etc.).By reinforcing and aligned gate frame, you must fill in all the gaps formed with foam.

The next phase - installation of the guide profiles.Rama fabric made from parts of the required length, covering them from the top of the metal sheets or wood.The assembled blade guides are inserted into and connected with levers and springs, which will result in movement of the web.All

edge gating web is coated metal strip for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage, as well as the ingestion of foreign objects and rain.Joints on walls in those places where the wall in contact with the frame, it is recommended to close the steel plates.

few tips for you to install:

  • Install guide profiles in a horizontal position without deviation, or the web can stall at any place and not go further.
  • · To lock in a certain position, a special leaf spring tension of which is regulated by a tension nut.Also, you may need to change the point of fixing of the spring.
  • · To make use of security gates, special limiters installed on the box.They are nominated by the handle and the gates are fixed in position.
Forms control gate

There are three ways to control the gates: manual, mechanical, remote.

for manual operation, you open and close the gates themselves, shifting the fabric by hand or with the help of special rukoyatok- "leashes".

The mechanical control system for the movement of your gate control electric motors.Suffice it to press a button mounted inside or outside the garage to bring the mechanism into motion.

Remote is most convenient, but its price is several times higher.In this case, you have the ability to control the gate, without leaving the car.Such a system comprises a signal receiver, a microcomputer and a garage door position sensors.

Video - Making Materials rotary gate with their hands