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August 12, 2017 18:06

Coniferous bath : indications, contraindications , extract, salt , recipes

Pine bath
  • Benefits
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Recipe
  • How to make pine baths
  • Coniferous-salt bath
  • Baths for children

Bath with the addition of pine needles is not only enjoyableflavor, but also a curative effect.Its effect is associated with essential oils released during the procedures of pine substrate.Moreover, in such a bath is the mass of vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, and tannins.

Coniferous extract bath


Bath with pine needles, if it is cooked properly, useful for cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as the nervous system.

effect in a lot of baths:

  • it perfectly calms the nerves;
  • helps to cope with the cold;
  • contributes to faster elimination of toxins;
  • stabilizes metabolism;
  • useful for general health;
  • to acquire slim figure;
  • activates the function of many of the internal organs;
  • eliminates fatigue;
  • improves sleep;
  • a positive effect on the skin, for example, its treatments soften, smooth, leading to tone;
  • due to the positive effects on blood vessels baths data can be carried out at a thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, and hypertension;
  • useful for pathologies of the joints;
  • for faster healing.

If doing a bath on the basis of a coniferous concentrate, then because of the high content in the pine oil, in such a bath will be particularly pronounced effect on the nervous system and lungs.

Pine bath


Among the indications for baths with the addition of pine needles on the first place are the diseases of the nervous system. These baths are appointed with neurasthenia, neurosis, insomnia, sciatica, fatigue, IRR, depression, irritability, fatigue.

In addition, pine bath benefit when excess weight, rheumatism, arthritis, asthma, gout, diseases of the respiratory system, inflammation of the bladder or kidneys, skin lesions, ulcers, frostbite, chronic gynecological diseases, eczema, the initial stage of hypertension.It will help to relieve spasms in the digestive tract, as well as for children for the prevention of malnutrition and rickets.Useful rate coniferous baths to people who have recently suffered a severe illness, and go through the stage of rehabilitation.

Pine bath

Contraindications Contraindications for such baths are mean cancer, atherosclerosis. Even if these contraindications have not, prior to the bath with the addition of pine needles should consult a doctor.


To make this option therapeutic bath, you can use different kinds of raw materials.This can be a coniferous balm, extract or concentrate, tablets or briquettes specific.It is also used for baths Coniferous fees, which are shredded twigs, pine cones and needles.

If you do softwood bath with pills or with briquette, first type about two hundred liters of water with a temperature of 35 to 37 degrees Celsius.Then add water two tablets containing the extract of pine needles or pine preform (60-80 grams).Mix well water, you can take the procedure.If you choose the basis for liquid treatments balm, then add it to the water should be in an amount of about 100 ml.

coniferous concentrate

bath preparation based on natural collection requires a little more effort, but it is more natural gas, therefore has the best effect.To concentrate workpiece 1 to be about 7-8 kg needles pour liters of water, and then boiled for thirty minutes and left to infuse for 10 hours.Prepare a decoction can be in the morning and take a bath with him - in the evening.For this needles decanted, and the resulting infusion is poured into a bath filled with water.

Bath with natural pine needles

How to make pine baths

immersed in the bath so that the chest and heart area remains covered with water.

before bath to purify the body, taking a shower.The procedure itself should last up to 15 minutes, but you should always consider your health.The water temperature should not be higher than 37 degrees.At the end of such a bath it is desirable to take a cool shower and go to sleep, so it is usually water treatments with needles recommended for the night.

If you spend pine baths course, it often includes 10-15 sessions, performed every other day or every day.This course may be repeated every 6 months.Oseltamivir bath with the addition of pine needles can be taken 1 time per week.

should pass 1-2 hours after a meal before the procedure.

Pine bath

Coniferous-salt bath

For this type of bath use natural pine needles, to which sea salt is added.These baths differ a great benefit, because they have just two beneficial for the body components.Salt bath with needles are recommended for diseases of the skin, joints and nervous system.For adults, they may be using at the nerve overload and childhood - a good prevention of rickets.They are also recommended for overweight.

To prepare a bath need sea salt (300-500 grams) and natural needles (about 500-700 grams) or balsam fir (about 100 ml). This is the number of components designed for two hundred liters of water.

bath temperature was set to 37 degrees.Take it before bedtime (40-60 minutes), so that in the end of the bath quickly rinse, wipe the body and go to bed.

Duration of procedure - 10-15 minutes. Children and concentration of the substances, and the water temperature, and the reception time are reduced.

Conifer- salt bath - balls

Baths for children

Bath with pine needles can be carried out, and the children, but it must be assigned a specialist.With this type of prevention can be carried baths or help cure certain diseases.Coniferous bath would be beneficial for the functioning of the nervous system of the child, reduce the increased excitability, eliminate insomnia, will have a calming effect, strengthen the baby's health.It is also useful for the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Coniferous bath for children

Kids pine baths are conducted according to these rules:

  • Assign procedure must be a doctor.
  • procedure take sitting, preferably using a special chair, placed in the bath.
  • perform the procedure you need after a meal (at least 1 hour), but not in a fasted state.
  • The child must be calm mood.If, during the procedure, the child begins to worry bath immediately need to stop.
  • Bath with needles for children held in the evening (optimally - before going to bed one hour).
  • water should be no more than 100 liters, the child was immersed in water up to his waist.
  • water temperature must be set up to + 34 + 35 degrees (up to 37 degrees).
  • procedure should last no more than 10 minutes.
  • Total spend 12-15 coniferous baths a day.
  • softwood bath Preparation child provides a lower concentration.We need to get 400 g of natural coniferous collecting 2 ml of extract (based on 10 liters of water) to 2/3 or tablets.
  • Through the bathroom baby, you can not change your own doctor's appointment (water temperature, duration of the procedure), and allow the child to actively play in the water.
  • for newborn children bath with needles often are not recommended as they are held for children older than 1 year, but there may be exceptions, so you should consult with your doctor.
  • At the end of the child's body procedures need to rinse with water.