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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making the bathroom tile Rooms : options , zoning

Making the bathroom tiles room
  • Things to consider when choosing
  • Choosing tiles
  • Factors worth considering
  • Selection tile colors and zoning premises
  • Varieties tiles
  • Methods of processing
  • 3D tiles and itsinstallation Tips

to reliably protect the walls in the bathroom from moisture, should be imposed on them a protective coating that is high quality and aesthetic.Very popular and marketable option - a ceramic tile.

Large range of tiles from a tile is simply amazing, so it is difficult to make your choice.

Things to consider when choosing

When choosing tiles necessarily consider the following items:

  1. Think about the size of a tile, depending on the area of ​​the bathroom.
  2. Stay choosing tile collection, which will be present floor and wall tiles.
  3. Buy the required amount of material or order it if the option selected is not available.We recommend ordering the tiles of one issue, because even a series of tiles can sometimes be slightly different shade from each other.
  4. Select plumbing for the bathroom, with its color must be different from the color of the tiles and it is beneficial to stress.

Since all bathrooms and a variety of size and form, and ceramic tile also has a wide range of variations.

Choosing tile size depends entirely on the area of ​​the bathroom. For example, a large space allows to combine different tiles with columns of marble, and can also be used in the interior of mosaic tiles with some pattern, or create a unique pattern.

Ceramic tile is made in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right tile to ensure harmony in the bathroom.

It should take into account the dimensions of the space, it's not suitable for a large tile small room.

also plays an important role the width of the wall, tiles to shut it all, and did not have to cut the edge, because it violates the aesthetic composition.Very nice look neat rows of tiles, if they include about 6 tiles horizontally and vertically.That's why the choice of the size of the tiles - this is a very crucial moment.

patterned tiles
The white and green tiles in the bathroom with a horizontal ornament
small tiles
Often bathroom has standard dimensions, where the tile is placed within 1,5h1,3 meter if space is still less than that,to select suitable only small tile sizes.The best option is a tile 15x15 cm, 20x20 cm, 30x20 cm or 30h15 cm.

bathrooms in the new modern houses are usually quite large.The bath can also be combined with a bathroom that will significantly increase its size.Therefore, in such cases it will be more appropriate to use a large tile.

is also worth to note a very important indicator of the tiles - this porosity.If this parameter is high, the product quality will be worse.

Always read labeling tile and its type before its acquisition.

small bright tiles in the bathroom

The tile you will be able to make the holes and hang a mirror or a shelf without difficulty.

Read more in our article on how to drill the tile.

The main requirement for the tile in the bathroom - its water resistance and durability.

large tiles in the bathroom

Choosing tiles

After evaluating the tiles depending on the basic characteristics you can proceed to the choice of its colors and texture, relying on your taste.

Bathroom should be harmonious. best option would be to use the bathroom tiles from the same manufacturer and the same collection.Also for the production of ceramic tile companies offer a wide range of colors, which are connected into a single composition.

patterned tiles

Therefore, the color choice does not make much effort.To the interior look more organic, more is to consider the color and plumbing.Everything should be done in the same style and combined with each other.After all range of sanitary ware is also very large, so you rely on your taste.

Factors worth considering

Buy tiles are available in any hardware store, where you will be told about all of its basic characteristics.

There are several factors that affect the price of ceramic tiles:

  • producing country tiles;
  • popularity of the brand;
  • material and size of the tiles;
  • inlays, mosaics.

should also take note of a few things:

  • tile in the bathroom will please your eyes for many years.
  • decide the design of the room;no harm will consult a specialist to better equip the bathroom and make it comfortable and functional.
  • count the number of tiles for the bathroom, to avoid having to re-buy it.
designed in the bathroom
variant design bathroom tiles
Green tiles for bathroom

Ceramic tile has a high rigidity in all respects.Thus, the wall tiles are very durable and even outperforms cement.

tile perfect for the bathroom room, which is characterized by a high level of moisture, because under the influence of water does not change either the color or texture.She also does not lend itself to chemical agents.A direct sunlight has no impact.

tile manufacturer takes into account the conditions in which it will be used.For example, in the bathroom floor should be scrubbed, so as not to fall.Tiles for walls and floors have good protection from exposure to chemicals that are present in detergents.

floor tile characterized by a greater thickness.After load on the floor more than the walls.Tiles for walls, by contrast, uses smaller, so that it is better secured and served for years.And for strength for the floor tile is large tile area.

Tile -like porcelain, bath
quality tiles in the bathroom
wall tiles

When buying tiles special attention should be paid to the material.The most popular is a special blend that resembles porcelain.This material makes the wear-resistant tiles, as well as making it protected from humidity.

Also do not forget about the slip.To prevent it, the tile surface is further processed.Textured tile floor gives relief and can decorate picture, if available.

Textured tiles on the floor bath

In appearance can determine the quality of the tiles. It should be clear the same size, correct angles and smooth front surface.An additional advantage is considered to be ribbed on the back side.After all, it ensures that the tile is connected with the floor better and faster.

Ceramic tiles will always be in fashion.Unique design using mosaics will always be in the trend.

Tile stylish design
Beautiful tiles for bathroom
beautiful tiles

Selection tile colors and zoning premises

Usually buyers opt for plumbing white, because it is perfectly fit into any color scheme tile. Although it is possible to show more imagination and create a unique combination of different colors:

  • blue with pink,
  • green with red,
  • blue with orange.

most advantageous are pastel colors. With bright saturated colors to behave very carefully, because they can only be used for emphasis, for a supplement to the primary colors of light.If you do all the room bathroom in full color, you will feel uncomfortable.

Designers often use a combination of tiles for the bathroom, which allows you to split the whole space into several zones.

There are several ways of zoning:

  • Tiles acts as the main background, and inserts help in decorating the floors and walls.You can use different colors and sizes of the tiles.
  • Mosaic allows you to place the main emphasis in the interior.It can be made from different materials: ceramic, glass or natural stone.
Inserts in the tile in the bathroom
tile unusual combination of colors
Mosaic in the bathroom
  • combined method of laying tile that combines different directions.For example, horizontal and vertical stacking, diamonds and brickwork.
Zoning walls - different colors in the bathroom
zoning tiles
Zoning bathroom

Zoning space in the bathroom has a lot of advantages.We name some of them:

  • opportunity to embellish the interior with the help of visual effects;
  • opportunity to design more interesting and functional;
  • significant savings of funds for repairs (in the case of combining the bathroom and toilet).

Varieties tiles

entire ceramic tile is divided into floor and wall. difference lies in the fact that the floor tile has more additional properties that guarantee long term of its operation.It is particularly durable, more resistant to wear and can withstand enormous loads.

Therefore only floor tiles, because this is the purpose of it should be used for floors.It is possible to use it for the walls, but it will cost you significantly more.So for walls purchase only wall tiles.

floor and wall tiles

In turn, the wall tile is characterized by lower density and hardness in comparison with the floor. This allows for quick trim tiles during her placement, if there is such a need.This greatly simplifies the process of laying tile.

Bright wall tiles in the bathroom

Methods of processing

Making the bathroom tile has a variety of ways:

  • original placement of colored inserts;
  • borders and decors in the same color scheme;
  • diversity in the methods of applying the tiles of ceramic.

Therefore it is very difficult to find identical bathrooms: even a small detail, but it will be different.

laying tiles

Among the classical methods that are used for laying tiles in the bathroom should be made:

  • base - this is the easiest and most popular way.Its essence lies in the fact that the tiles fit one under one simple parallel rows.This method is very economical, because a minimum of moves made;
The basic way of bathroom design tiles
  • diagonal - this is the most sophisticated way of styling.Use it to expand space visually hide the flaws of uneven walls, to create a unique image.On the downside is the fact that the styling should be done a lot of moves, and each plitochki should have a size not allowed errors;
diagonal laying
  • in staggered - a two-color combination that fits the basic method or diagonal.Colour shades can be varied, rely entirely on your taste;
Chess design bathroom tiles
  • vrazbezhku - is simple and fast installation.Excellent choice for the tile with the errors in the amounts as completely hide this shortcoming.Location resembles a brick tile laying: Each subsequent row is shifted by half of the previous one.
Making the bathroom tile in the Extension

A wide variety of tiles and has the effect that there are several ways of its styling.

considered classics styling with sutures.

to create continuity effect used seamless styling, which is characterized by fast and economical.If you are interested in a geometric pattern, it helps tiles of different sizes.

patterned brickwork

3D tiles and its installation

Today, customers are increasingly opting for design and surround the interior of the paint ceramic tiles in 3D. This type of tile to create a very dynamic picture. on the ceiling, you can create your cloudy sky, on the floor to use the tiles imitating natural stone or wood, and the walls, you can create colorful custom sun.All this has become a reality with 3D tiles.

More and more people want to create in your bathroom a unique interior with modern technology, as traditional ceramic tile can not fully meet their demands.

3D tiles in the bathroom

tile in 3D has the same beautiful settings, like glazed, but aesthetically it moves into the background.

Tile effect of 3D graphics combines except tile, and more carboxylic film.It was this film has the effect of three-dimensional image.

3D tile

3D Tile has many advantages:

  • durability, because the service life of about 30 years;
  • hygienic - it does not form a fungus, and microbes do not stay;
  • good resistance to high loads: can withstand the weight of 200 kg per 1 sq.m .;
  • high resistance to chemical agents;
  • its surface is anti-that plays a huge role for the floor tiles;
  • perfectly performs waterproofing.

But in addition to all the above advantages, tiles in 3D has minor flaws:

  • use is possible only in rooms on the open spaces of its use is strictly prohibited;
  • not cut the tile, because it is not designed for manual intervention.
3D tiles in the bathroom

When selecting 3D tiles, keep in mind that it must fulfill all of the functions of ceramic tiles:

  • serve as decoration for bathroom decor;
  • interior emphasize the advantages and hide errors in it.

looks very interesting combination of 3D and 3D tile floors.

3d floor in bathroom

In small bathrooms try not to use bright colors, because they are even more visually reduce the room .

not use many accessories, it's too bad for a small bathroom space.In large rooms, you can safely experiment with color, and decorative accessories.

volumetric tiles

3D Tile Installation

you need tiles, smooth and clean walls with silicone adhesive or double sided tape.

Before installation should finish all the work on the establishment of the highlights that do not forget to buy the guide.Then mount the tiles will be carried out on the rails themselves.Between the tiles must be a gap that figure was flat.

If you will not use additional lighting while laying tiles is made directly on the wall, the gaps should also be performed.Then they should wipe the transparent sealant.meter.