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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sliding curtains for bath : plastic , glass .Pros , cons , how to choose

Sliding curtain for the bathroom
  • manufacturing materials
    • Plastic
    • Glass
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Types
  • tips
  • choice Overall interior concept
  • Installation
  • sliding curtains with his hands

Modern sanitary ware market is regularly updated with new products.One of them - a sliding curtain for the bathroom.They are used to protect the room from the spray and interior additions.In a short span of time they have become very popular.

Consumers are attracted their appearance, aesthetics, environmental friendliness, durability, practicality, the possibility of one-hand turn in the bathroom shower and they fit perfectly into any bathroom interior.

Two-piece sliding curtain for the bath

manufacturing materials

For the production of sliding shutters used different materials: polystyrene (plastic), glass (glass), plexiglass.



  • look beautiful and stylish;
  • inexpensive;
  • safe;
  • original colors;
  • easy maintenance.

By cons include small lifetime: no more than 3-4 years.

Shower curtain



  • functional;
  • beautiful;
  • durable;
  • made of tempered glass, so safe.

By cons include except that a higher cost compared with plastic.

Experts advise to choose curtains of glass that can be tinted or frosted.By its strength tempered glass is similar to automotive glass.Even if you somehow manage to break it, it will be smashed to pieces quite smooth, which can not hurt you.

Glass curtain for the bathroom

In addition, this material is easy to care. suffices to use a rubber sponge and a small amount of money intended for cleaning glass surfaces.In the production of the surface of the glass is applied to the antibacterial coating, so after taking a shower no divorce will not.At the request of the customer on the glass can be applied to any pattern or ornament.Therefore, such a screen for a bath can be an excellent option for the room decor.

Glass curtain with gold ornament
Plastic curtains for the bathroom
Curtain for corner baths

There are also low cost options for bathroom curtains, which are made of plastic. However, they have drawbacks.So over time, the plastic can become cloudy and will form streaks on its surface.In addition, it is not as durable as tempered glass and the resulting impact may crack.

quality curtains should be waterproof.To check this, immediately after installation, open the tap and pour water on all seams and joints of the water.Qualitative curtains will not pass water.


What relates to the merits of sliding curtains?First of all, this:

  • attractive, modern look;
  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • material strength, long life and reliable protection against ingress of water room and spray;
  • compactness;
  • ease of installation;
  • opportunity to effortlessly turn an ordinary bathroom into a shower, and they are much cheaper than a fixed shower.
Shower bath


However, there is such an arrangement and disadvantages:

  • during regular operation on the seal mounts and may form the mold;
  • when poor-quality roller mechanism service life may be reduced.Therefore it is very important to pay attention when purchasing them.
  • when choosing curtains of opaque material will need to make additional lighting.
Curtains of opaque corrugated glass


Depending on the device curtains, they can be divided into several types:

  • stationary;
  • folding, made on the basis of an accordion;
  • swing - take the form of conventional doors;
  • sliding, operate on the principle wardrobe.
Single leaf curtain for the bathroom

Based on the number of segments, the shutter can be divided into consisting of:

  • one section;
  • two or three sections.This option is ideal rectangular bath;
  • four sections.For angular bath;
  • five and six sections - suitable to any bath.
Sliding shutters for corner baths

In turn, the two sections curtains can be divided into:

  • Folding shutters - when both parts are added, and then move to the side walls.This kind of recognized as the most compact and convenient to operate.
  • Poluskladnoy flap - when one part permanently attached to the wall and is fixed, and the second - the mobile and if necessary, it is simply removed.Such a model can be left-handed or right-handed, depending on the location of the bath.
  • Swing doors - are used in the spacious bathrooms.Such an embodiment is convenient in operation and are the simplest in terms of assembly.
Curtains for bath with hinged doors

Three-section model curtains come in several forms:

  • sliding in which alternating movable and stationary components.Because of a slider system, the bathroom is convenient approach from any direction.
  • collapsible accordion - quite compact version, which can be completely folded when needed.
Folding blind for the bathroom

Curtains Quad readily converted in the bathroom shower. Mainly they are used for corner baths.In this case, it turns out completely fenced off.From the viewpoint of design characteristics, they can be completely or have a frameless aluminum frame.For their manufacture can be used a light, cheap, but short-lived plastic or tempered glass, which has a protective coating.

Curtains of glass bath

Tips for Choosing

Before you go shopping, you need to determine the order, how many sections will be curtains.

most common are three-section model, which will be moving one or two elements.Parameters such as the configuration and number of sections is determined based on the shape and dimensions of the bath.

first thing we pay attention - is the appearance of the product.In this case, it all depends on the style bath room and your personal preferences.In this case the material from which made curtains, can be self-colored, patterned, frosted or transparent.

Deciding to buy curtains, made of plastic, it is recommended to choose the model, decorated with colored patterns.They will make a recovery in the most common and concise interior.

Plastic curtains for the bathroom

To move items curtains used in exactly the same principle that works in wardrobe. therefore very important to making a selection, pay attention to the hardware, which should ensure a long service life and silent movement of all the elements.Particular attention to the commercials - this detail often fails.

Rollers for sliding structures

general concept of the interior

If you have a bathroom has a modest size, the bath curtains will be a real boon. Especially if you like to take a shower, and a separate room for the shower installed there.This problem is simply solved by installing curtains alone.In addition, it will protect the floor or carpet from unnecessary sprays.And if in your apartment bathroom and toilet, the installation of curtains is doubly justified.In such a case will not have to wait their turn, and the interior will acquire an additional stylish element.

Curtain for asymmetric baths

If you need to emphasize the unity of style, sufficient to establish Tautliner as over the bath, and under it.This will give the room personality and open access to communications.This performance is the best combination of attractiveness and practicality.

Curtains and bath under the bath


Assemble will not even trained person. No matter what material it is made, it will be the basis of the supporting framework, which is a four-pillar.Vertical needs to be fixed on the wall.

perpendicular to them is attached a carrier rack on top, and the bottom is attached to the bathroom.To do this, you need a level drill and fixing materials (screws, dowels).

First gather together the elements of partitions, and then determines the upper point of the wall, which will be attached to the curtains.It should be noted that the lower portion of the resulting design should fit snugly to the bath rim.

The wall makes a hole using a drill in which the dowels are inserted.Using screws, screwed mounting frame.Before inserting plastic or glass fabric, ensure the reliability of the design.After checking the strength of the design can be made insert curtains.After installation does not leak through the joints of the water, they must be processed in any sealant.

Installed glass enclosure for baths

sliding curtains with his hands

wishes to have an opportunity to make a sliding curtain. easiest to use plastic, but experienced professionals and can easily cope with the glass.

aluminum suitable for the manufacture of the frame.This product is easy to work with and it feels great in rooms with high humidity.

most lightweight design - tricuspid system in which the two doors will be fixed, while the third is mobile and replace the door.You will need two uprights for wall mounting and guides that are fastened at the top and bottom of the structure.You also need to prepare three leaflets.The lower rail should be mounted on a side bathroom, and the top at a distance of 120-140 cm upwards.

Plastic curtains with his hands