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August 12, 2017 18:07

Decorative painting metal

metal painting bronze

Imitation of precious metals is very common, because not everyone can afford their actual use.Paints "bronze", "silver-plated" and "under the gold" invented long ago, but until recently, they were prepared on the basis of organic solvents.This greatly narrowed the scope of their possible use for a persistent odor and intolerance to temperature extremes.

Artificially aged metal

Today in any hardware store you can find metallic paint, water-based acrylate.It is safe, easy to use, is not afraid of high temperatures and even protects the base metal from corrosion design.

There are two ways how to implement painting "in bronze."Consider their steps.

method โ„–1 monophonic coloration:

  1. purify metal surface from dirt and corrosion, degreasing.
  2. Apply the primer metal to improve adhesion and to create an additional polymeric layer for protection against corrosion.
  3. After drying primer evenly we put a metallic paint with a bronze tinge to 2-3 layers, each time waiting for its complete drying.

Method โ„–2 Ancient bronze

  1. Prepare metal similar to the previous method, just apply a primer and a uniform layer of bronze paint.
  2. All deepening processed darker composition (patina) often - translucent, so you can adjust the degree of dimming.
  3. After complete drying of the previous layer is carried out almost dry brush glaze - you need to go light paint over all angles and protruding elements of metal as if it were simply Easterly times.
  4. waited drying the next layer, anchoring the result of a transparent varnish.

Painting " under the old bronze "

Following these instructions, you will be able to "dignify" any metal, and even other materials can be issued "in bronze."

metal Painting "antique" with their hands

There are lots of interior styles that it is desirable to draw objects with traces of time: from classical to steam-punk.The actual items that were in use for several decades, or even centuries ago, are very expensive, require special care, restoration and in everyday life often create discomfort.The most successful option in this case - an imitation of the old metal.

Consider the steps how to do it:

  1. Prepare the surface for painting metal structure: cleanse from dirt, rust, grease traces, grind.
  2. on a dry and clean surface is applied a layer of metallic paint.

    Note!To simulate an old metal paint is best applied with a brush - a little uneven coating will play into the hands of us.

  3. After drying the paint is applied, uniform layer of primer krakelyurnoy.It can also be found in most hardware stores.This composition after drying forms a transparent polymer film on the product.
  4. last stage - krakelyurnoe top cover.It's the color of the material gives the old, untouched by metal corrosion.cracelures - After drying, the layer on the surface of small cracks formed.

Imitation of old metal

old metal Imitation is possible both on the metal products, and any other material.You should only choose the right primer for good adhesion.

new word in the simulation - blacksmith paint

a long time has been taken to use a paint for forged products.It was believed that the painting negates handmade charm, concealing metal texture.

With the advent of forging paint finish forged elements has become not only possible, but also opened many horizons for the implementation of bold ideas.They allow you to achieve the desired effect, simulate other material to create a sense of antiquity, the appearance of patina.Thanks to modern blacksmith paints can realize any artistic idea.

In addition, as with any paints, metal, blacksmith protect the structure from the harmful effects of the environment, to prevent corrosion.

Blacksmithing paint

The only disadvantage of this type of finish - how much are those dyes.Looking at the list price of manufacturers is easy to understand that the finish forged products, as well as forging itself - not a cheap pleasure.

Can I paint the metal sub-zero temperatures?

painting is traditionally made for positive values โ€‹โ€‹of mercury and border experts call allowable temperature 5 degrees.But in life there are all sorts of situations, explaining the urgency of finishing here and now.If you follow the guidelines, then the probability of a successful coloring metal will be quite high.There are two main differences between the painting in sub-zero temperatures of similar work in the heat:

  1. Clean the surface of the ice, condensation, dust and dirt.One mechanical cleaning can not do - will remain a thin layer of condensate, which is essentially would nullify any further action.Use a heat gun, a gas or gasoline burner to dry the prepared surface.
  2. drying time may increase by 2-3 times, therefore it is necessary to separate the painted design from the film of the external factors and set the heat gun.

And the most important aspect in the cold metal paint - the choice of a suitable paint material.It is best suited for this purpose jelly alkyd enamel with high adhesion.