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August 12, 2017 18:06

Countertop in the bathroom : photos, installation instructions

Bathroom is now used not only for taking a shower, but also for relaxation, recreation, self-care.Therefore, in the building materials market has seen new devices that improve the functionality of the space.Among them - the worktop.Here you can place various care products, as well as other necessary stuff.On the nuances of the selection of the interior of the subject bathroom explain further.


Types and features of the application


When selecting countertops for the bathroom, it accounted for almost the same factors as in the selection of furniture in other rooms.In particular, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of operating in the interior room.The bathroom is usually high humidity and temperature changeable.If you make a short list of demands to the table top for this room, it will be as follows:

  1. Moisture resistance.
  2. resistance to corrosion.
  3. to the effects of various chemical stability.agents, including detergents.
  4. Good appearance.
  5. functionality (must have drawers, shelves and possibility of installation of household appliances).

From design type and method of its installation depends on how it will be convenient to use it.Today, there are several criteria on which classify countertops.For example, they can be divided into two types according to the method of placing:

The first group includes all the whole structure.They sink and countertop in the bathroom are one.They may be made of glass and stone (natural or artificial).The strengths of these countertops can be attributed their hygiene, iedesign there are no places where dirt could accumulate.They look good in large bathrooms are decorated with luxury and sophistication.The main disadvantage is that these little functional elements of the interior.Furthermore, they tend to have larger dimensions.

The second group includes the construction under the invoice or mortise sink, for example, overhead countertops in the bath.They are best suited for the interior vannogo premises in an apartment building.Their main advantage is the fold structure, ie,design has a compartment for cleaning products and bathroom accessories.This provided another section of the worktop for a washing machine.And they are good in that they just install and maintain.

Selection of materials

Besides design and the type of countertops should be to choose the right and the material from which it is made.Do not forget that this depends on its price.Below, we consider the most popular materials used for this purpose, as well as present them to your attention the main pros and cons.

  • Stone.Countertops made of stone in the bathroom looked quite respectable and refined.Because natural stone is often used marble.This material can be given a matt or glossy look.Marble can be very rich with a special finish.In addition, it has a good level of sound absorption, strong and durable.Marble bathroom countertops are usually quite expensive.The disadvantage of such structures is worth noting their great weight, massiveness, complexity of installation.Regarding
  • artificial stone, it is a composite material, consisting of pieces of natural polymers and minerals.Today learned to produce artificial stone, which in appearance and texture virtually indistinguishable from natural.Its benefits include reliability, durability and longevity.In addition, these worktops easy to clean, hygienic and well absorb sound.Today there is a wide selection of interior items made of artificial stone, both in color and in design features.Through the use of this material can be made of almost any configuration countertop.Among the shortcomings must first be noted that, compared with other materials, artificial stone is quite expensive, though less than the natural.In addition, if necessary to make a table top 4 m length, the connecting seams are visible.It should also be noted that such construction is often deformed by heat.If the worktop made of quartz agglomerate, such a product can not be repaired if it breaks.

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  • Glass.These countertops are always made as a unit-cast construction.The fact that the glass can not adjust his hands under the required dimensions without specialized equipment.Such design is quite elegant look, they are well tolerated exposure to mold and detergents.Moreover, they are resistant to mechanical damage.At the same time they can be called very affordable.As for the disadvantages, it is, primarily, brittleness and need careful handling and special operation detergents.Without proper care will spoil their appearance.
  • tree.Wooden countertops for the bathroom can make a bathroom more cozy and comfortable.Such designs often are made of coniferous wood and solid oak.Of the merits it should be noted, first of all, their unique appearance, but it often persists for long.On average, such a table top under conditions that are in the bathroom, can last more than 8 years.Moreover, because of the high cost of natural wood and the need for additional costs, installation of wood countertop in a bathroom becomes unprofitable exercise.


  • laminated chipboard and MDF.For structures made of this material are quite skeptical, but thanks to modern technology, such as protective coatings, it is possible to make this piece of furniture that will last for a long time in high humidity conditions.Of the advantages of this material is possible to allocate an affordable price, ease of installation and the ability to install the sink in the countertop for a bath almost any design.The main drawback of such designs is that they are short-lived.Even with a small injury, you may need to replace them.
  • Plasterboard.If moisture-proof sheets are used in the bathroom.However, this material can be considered only as a supporting structure.When the table top of it will be ready and mounted, its surface still required cladding.This can be done, for example, using glass, mirror, ceramic tiles, artificial stone, mosaic and other materials.Such a large variety of decorative finishes is the main advantage of such structures.The advantages include the fact that the material is relatively inexpensive.In addition, it is easily transported, processed and finished products are easy to install.

How to make the countertop in the bathroom under the sink

First, consider what materials and tools you may need in the work:

  1. So, carcass building metal profile is required.What it should be, it depends on the complexity of the structure itself.
  2. In addition, you will need brackets and drywall sheets (preferably water-resistant).
  3. More needs to be water-resistant putty, a few sheets of plywood and epoxy adhesive.
  4. for cutting out parts and holes under the sink handy jigsaw.Furthermore
  5. need a protective epoxy-based composition.
  6. can take mosaic or ceramic tiles For the tiling.

With a small amount of a bathroom countertop is best done built.At the same time it must contain a plurality of functional compartments.Next, consider more technique countertop installation in the bath with his hands.

It is said that such a structure is installed on the frame.It is usually mounted on the adjacent wall.For example, consider a table top made of MDF panels.This material provides structural strength and water resistance.Before starting the installation, you want to calculate the height of countertops future.This is done based on two parameters:

  • requirements for usability sink,
  • kind of the cladding material.

For example, if the planned stoning tile, the height should be chosen so that in the process of finishing is not needed to cut the tiles, or at least do so to a minimum.

approximately at the level of 250 mm below the countertop is possible to equip first leg.Others are placed below.Worktop often equipped with doors.In this case, you can put different things inside that may be needed in the bathroom.In the last step you need to do the installation shell.For our example, it is best to choose a sink.You can still make a built-in table-top bath.

How to prepare the countertop

made - your - hands - countertop

Phased works:

  1. The first thing to do is to cut a hole under the sink.It must match the embedded sink.In this case, it is recommended to set the center of the first sink countertop upside down, then cut around the outlines of a simple pencil.To properly cut a hole, you need to pull back a couple of centimeters to the hardware.
  2. Then, the outer surface must be protected from moisture by laminating patterned strips.The cage should be on waterproof glue.Otherwise, under the influence of moisture structure will gradually collapse.
  3. When the glue is dry, you need to take the sandpaper and polish her side of the table top.
  4. Then they carefully cover special primer.It is able to penetrate deeply into the pores of the wood.
  5. Next countertop should be installed on the side corners.Sami corners are attached to the walls of the bathroom on the screws or dowels.After that, there is a wall mounted crate.

Installation and finishing


The walls and doors are installed tables MDF panels.The walls are mounted in the same place where it was previously installed countertop.Furthermore, it is necessary with dowels secure them to the floor and walls of a bathroom.The doors are fixed by canopies.Then you can begin to trim future countertops.For example, consider the process of finishing mosaic tiles:

  1. The first thing to do is to treat the outer surface of the table top moisture-resistant glue.
  2. Next glued mosaic tiles.
  3. Then it is pressed against the surface.
  4. If there is a protective tile glued to the paper, it is necessary to moisten and after some time to remove.
  5. seams between the tiles you want to hide using a special tool called a squeegee.Furthermore, this would require moisture resistant grout, which will not allow moisture to get into the structure of the table top design.
  6. At this point must be secured to the frame structure.
  7. Then sink into a hole in the countertop.It is secured by means of a sealant.The mixture is poured into the existing gap between itself and the shell structure.When the sealant becomes solid, the shell will be securely locked in place.

By the way, today in the store you can buy ready-made artificial acrylic countertops for the bathroom, but remember that they have a bad drawback - the price of your project greatly increased.Countertops can be oblitsevat not only mosaics and ceramic tiles.For example, if an external bathroom decoration is made mostly of PVC panels, lining the cabinets and countertops need to perform the same material.

important that the worktop turned waterproof and practical.When the work is finished, you can pick up some useful and beautiful accessories that will fit into your bathroom and complement the overall design of the premises.

countertop in the bathroom: photo


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