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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to insulate a window on the Swedish technology - the order of the work and materials

additional What if the money is not to replace the windows, or the old windows still in quite good condition, and only in some places there were gaps?There is a solution - Insulate windows on the Swedish technology.Funds you spend a minimum (just 5-7 less than a new window), and in return will forget about the drafts, frozen panes, and the noise from the street.Even more, you can reduce costs by making their own insulation.


The name of this method of warming comes from the fact that the original tubular seal - the main component of the technology - was produced in Sweden.Now on the market a lot of analogues not inferior quality, but much cheaper price.The name is firmly stuck.

¬ęBreakfast" insulation - highly elastic hollow tube of rubber tires, the most common type of EuroStrip company Trelleborg.It is very flexible and can withstand large temperature changes, resistant to UV light.It fills in the gaps or thin layer shrinks depending on the particular window and blocks the penetration of wind from outside.Self seal washable paint.Even with enough active use it will last for 10-15 years.


In addition to installing the seal fitting is carried out leaflets, their alignment if necessary - Reversible (for details see here).Secure the glass itself in the frame, sealed gap under a window sill.If double bindings purified space between them and sealed there slit.

Ideally, we must also remove the old paint, sanding frame and cover and paint again, as long-term lamination ink prevent burying tight windows.Unfortunately, the company offering insulation windows on Swedish technology, often ignore this step, which deteriorates the quality of work and long-term results.


are insulated by the Swedish technology can be almost any window, except those that are absolutely rotted by time.Insulate warped windows, with sagging doors and broken furniture, problematic.Simply put plastic.

insulation works better to spend the summer or early autumn, because the window will remain open for a few hours, and in the case of painting, and more.

material and tool

003 brothers for an independent seal is, if you have experience in joinery and appropriate tool.The windows should be bound prodelyvat channels, so you will need cutters.Do not do without screwdrivers, chisels, planes and sandpaper (or a grinder).If you plan to paint, you need a hair dryer building, primer, paint on wood, roller and brush.Because supplies are needed:

  • mezhramny seal,
  • tape EuroStrip (or equivalent),
  • transparent silicone sealant,
  • putty or wood putty.

right amount of seals can be calculated by measuring the perimeter of the flaps.



First of all, you need to remove the sash loops.Inspect loop ties, nuts and bolts, to clarify whether they need to be replaced.If the paint on the window old waste sites or unevenly applied in many layers, it is better to remove it.The easiest way to do this, warming up section by section construction hairdryer and removing paint with a chisel.Purified frame and sash podstrugivayutsya a plane, if used badly closed, sanded.Scratches or indentations on the wood can zashpatlevat.


Winterizing windows

If the sash were cleaned from paint, then paint them again, and when they dry, collect.Between frames inserted mezhramny seal.It protects the space between the leaves of dust and is used for additional insulation.

leaf curl then, and their perimeter cutter is cut thin groove into which is laid EuroStrip tape.Can groove not prodelyvat and sticking tape on the wood, but in this case it will wear out faster, and will not fit so tightly.

glass at the junction to the frame, the junction with the glazing bead frame glued with silicone sealant.This is done to prevent the ingress of moisture into and improve noise insulation.Also, the sealant is laid in the gap between the window frame and the wall.Large gap faster and easier to seal and mastic putty.Voids and cracks under the windowsill zapenivayutsya mounting foam.

sash hung on the loop, adjusts the hardware.If done correctly, the window closes easily and the handle turns effortlessly.Check the seal quality can be, carrying a lighted candle on the perimeter of the window and all the valves.If the light is not rejected, then the winter wind blow through the cracks will not.

windows, insulated on Swedish technology, have become almost completely airtight.To fresh air fed in sufficient quantities, it is better to set a window valve ventilation.