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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to decorate the walls of plasterboard

Before starting work on the decoration of the walls with plasterboard

To start to finish drywall wooden or concrete wall you need to prepare a number of tools and materials, namely:

  • Plasterboard;
  • Fasteners;
  • Reiki from a tree;
  • Drill;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Saw;
  • putty and a putty knife.

step instructions for finishing wooden walls plasterboard

beginning will be given step by step instructions for fixing plasterboard to wooden wall:

  • Purchase consumables
  • Bypass irregularities via the rack frame
  • Installing securing rails, depending onavailability insulation
  • Fastening rails, depending on their destination
  • process of cutting drywall before plating
  • Fastening drywall on the prepared rack frame

Proceedings.Step 1: Purchase of consumables

Before proceeding to mount to the wall building material, should buy all the necessary supplies.These are fasteners and putty.

Step 2. Bypass irregularities via the rack frame

Gypsum plasterboard can be mounted directly on the wooden wall only if its surface is perfectly flat.In the case of irregularities used rack frame.The thickness of the frame depends on the size of the irregularities.The more massive and thicker frame, the smaller the volume of the room.

Rack mounting frame

Step 3: Install securing rails depending on the availability of insulation

Reiki 20-25 mm thick are mounted on the wall.The distance between each of them shall not exceed one meter.The thickness of the strips used depends on whether to use or sound-insulating material Insulating layer between the drywall and wooden wall.The above-mentioned thickness of the strips is used if the insulation layer is not planned to be used.In the case of a heater, the thickness varies depending on the thickness teplovolokna.

Installation of plasterboard on the rack

Step 4. Attaching the rails depending on their destination

First horizontally screwed support bars: one near the floor, the other near the ceiling.Then you can begin the installation of the vertical frame brackets.The ideal distance between the vertical slats must be 50 centimeters.This distance will provide the necessary density of fixed material and the stability of the construction.

Step 5. The process of cutting the drywall before plating

are marked on the material details required shape and size.After the marking process has been made, you can proceed to the division of a single sheet of drywall on the necessary parts.Cutting plasterboard can be produced in two ways.Directly sheet can be sawn with a hacksaw or cut to produce two parallel and on the edges of the sheet by a small effort to break it in the right place.

Step 6. Fastening drywall on the prepared rack frame

Fixing material to Slatted frame is made with self-tapping screws.Distribute screws is at a distance of 25 centimeters from each other.After the completion of mounting work necessary to process the place screwing joints and a special putty.

Processing putty seams and joints

Also, when finishing work inside the home is widely used method of wall decoration frameless plasterboard.This method has a number of distinguishing features of the above: in this case, the sheets are mounted directly on the wall without any supporting structures.

Before starting work on the decoration of the walls with plasterboard frameless method

For effective implementation of the work of this type is necessary to use a number of tools and materials:

  • Plasterboard
  • Hacksaw
  • Adhesive mixture
  • fasteners and a screwdriver
  • Puttyand paint

step instructions for finishing the walls plasterboard frameless method

stages of the process are:

  • Getting Started
  • Fixing plasterboard to the wall using adhesives
  • Fastening in the case of a large difference of irregularities
  • Finishing work

Proceedings.Step 1. Getting Started

Decorating the walls with plasterboard frameless method poses a number of preparatory tasks.Work of this type is carried out only after all the wet work, namely screed or plaster.Once the room is dry, the surface should be cleaned and primed.It should be borne in mind that the frameless method of plating the maximum height of the room should be no more than three meters.

Step 2. Attaching to plasterboard walls using adhesives

In this way, plating drywall is glued directly to the wall using special glue or plaster.In the market there are a large number of adhesive materials of this type.Among them are the trademarks "Fugenfyuller" and "Perfliks".

Fixing plasterboard to glue

Step 3. Mount the case with a large drop irregularities

There are situations when too much surface roughness processed walls of the house prevents finish.In such cases, you must use the frameless installation of plasterboard lining.They are a strip of material, which are mounted on the wall and create a beacon, thereby forming a flat surface for plating.

Application -adhesive on drywall

Step 4. Finishing work

After completion of the materials necessary to give an adhesive dry.Then you can make processing of plaster and paint fixed sheets.
The final stage of work - removal of irregularities and putty joints

Note!Frameless method is different from the frame of its cheapness, but significantly increases the time for repairs, because the plating method involves a large time cost cutting and drying of materials during assembly.

Thus, in the article are two ways to furnish plasterboard walls have been described and characterized: finishing wooden walls and concrete way the carcass - beskarkasnym.Takzhe were given the distinctive features that will help you select the desired method during repair works at home.