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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sledgehammer - all about the eternal building tools

Sledgehammer details

three main types of percussion instrument can distinguish Among the variety of modern market, which correspond to GOST 11402-75 and GOST 11401-75

  • Sledgehammer blunt, weight from 2 to 16 kg.
  • Pointed transverse sledge hammer in weight from 3 to 8 kg.
  • Pointed longitudinal sledgehammer from 3 to 8 kg.

When manufacturing uses solid steel striker, namely grade 40, 45, 50 and U7.This unalloyed steels, intended for the manufacture of tools.A distinctive feature of the hammer of such steel is its manufacturing process.The striker is not manufactured by the tide, and with the help of forged blacksmith's hammer.This makes it possible to achieve a high strength of the metal.

place for attaching the handle is made in the form of two conical holes, the diameter of which tapers towards the center of the sledgehammer.In this section resembles an hourglass.This hole manufacturing method ensures secure attachment to the handle of the hammer.

1 Sledgehammer

to manufacture a pen or stick, the most commonly used wood.This makes it possible to soften the recoil force upon impact.Less handle is made of metal, plastic or hard rubber alloy.The greatest burden falls on impact attaching handles, metal or plastic so it is difficult to cope with the load.

Today, for the manufacture of the handle sledgehammer often use high-tech plastic or fiberglass, which is based on polyester resin.To mitigate the impact force, the handle of such materials coated with rubber.

Species sledgehammer

choice is made on the basis of what kind of work to be done with this tool.It features this tool is not only the weight of the hammer, but its form.There are several forms:

  • cross peen;
  • sharp-nosed longitudinal sledgehammer;
  • sledgehammer, hammer;
  • blunt sledgehammer.

cross peen, sledgehammer, hammer and sharp-nosed kuvaldapo external features reminiscent of an ordinary hammer, but slightly heavier than his younger brother.Pointed sledgehammer sledgehammer and cross-striker will weigh 3-8 kg.Sledgehammer hammer weighs 1-2 kg.Tuponosaya sledgehammer - most weighty and powerful representative of all listed.Weight striker 5-16 kg.

Working with a sledgehammer

work with such tools requires not only skill, but also extreme caution.Before you begin, you need to check the reliability of mounting of the striker with a pen.It was a bad hardware can cause damage and injury.

2 sledgehammer in profile

basic rules for dealing with a sledgehammer:

  • In order to strike a small force, it is necessary to place a hand on the handle close to the firing pin.If you want to strike hard, then taken a sledgehammer over the edge of the handle or toward the middle.
  • Strike hammer should be applied rapidly and powerfully with maximum acceleration.
  • To work with tool use work gloves, even if the handle is made of wood.The recoil force is great and can damage the skin of the hands.

Note.You can not enter the tool evenly over your head!It is necessary to take a sledgehammer to the side a little, over the shoulder.

Repair broken handle

handle sledgehammer breaks frequently.But to replace it is not as difficult as it may seem.This only applies to wooden handles, the process of replacing the rubber and metal is more complicated.

Step 1. To release the hammer from the wreckage of the handle.

Step 2. Insert a new pen into the hole, which can be pre-grease soap.

Step 3. Using hemp to fill the hole from the bottom of the striker.Dissolve the epoxy resin (strictly according to instructions) and fill with a mixture of a hole in the striker with a handle.Filling must be on top, but make sure that there was no excess resin.

3 Pointed sledgehammer

Step 4. For better fixation in the upper part of the handle can drive a metallic wedges.

Note.For complete drying and reliable coupling must be allowed to dry maul at least three days.

Three important points when choosing a stick:

  • handle must be of circular cross section, which with a little more edge.The edge of the handle, which is fixed to the striker, shall be thicker than 1.5 times than the free edge.
  • Stick length - 80 centimeters.
  • material.Wooden handles sledge hammers are made of hardwood, humidity of not less than 12%.Maple, birch, hornbeam, dogwood, beech, rowan.Coniferous trees are not suitable for products such as heavy loads and exfoliate quickly break down.
  • surface sledgehammer handle should be smooth, without burrs or sticking of chips.As a rule, always preceded by thorough cleaning with sandpaper.