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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wardrobe showcase for the living room : the choice of the subtleties of

Choose decent furniture for the living room or dining room - not an easy task, because it is the most presentable place in any home.There are hosting and conduct in dealing with them most of the time.Tastefully furnished modern living room not possible without sophisticated upholstered furniture, and the most successful will be the addition of display cases for the living room and well-chosen accessories.


  • Purpose showcases cabinet
  • Placing windows in the living room, dining room and other rooms
  • Types showcases for living
  • Features selection showcases

Purpose showcases cabinet

Fashion for cabinet furniture periodically offers various modifications of cabinets.Furniture notorious "wall" has long been outdated and no longer relevant.In those days, when the cupboards were no longer in fashion, the domestic furniture factories produced popular wall.However, despite its versatility, the walls were popular, but very bulky items.At the same time of the Italian directories continue to offer potential customers other kinds of furniture, including cabinets, glass showcases.


Any cabinet - a convenient and multifunctional furniture, which stores all sorts of things that I would like to hide away from prying eyes.On the other hand, any furniture should be a worthy ornament of the dwelling, including the living room, for example, cabinet with beautiful dishes on the type of windows.

Today, this type of furniture is called "display cases" or "cabinet with a showcase," or simply "glass case".However, many glass cabinet reminiscent of medical equipment in a hospital procedural separation, and the word "window" most people associate with the placement of the goods from the store.

In fact - all the way around, it showcases trade and medicine come from living and aristocratic salons, where the guests were offered works of art, masterpieces of the collection of knives, Overseas strange gizmos or antiques.A couple of centuries ago, these items were neatly placed on shelves behind the glass door, and guests with delight and tenderness they admired the sound of music, of course, in a live performance.

Wardrobe showcase, photo examples:

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Today, the craze for antique furniture back to life the forgotten items such bygone era as a small double bed-settee for meetings.Equally original looks elegant couch, which was taken after a meal, based on a high pillow to take a nap.Desks pushed fashion earlier Bureau and secretaries, which were signed accounts and important documents, and the furniture had hidden niches and a kind of modern safes.

But showcase called the glass cabinet, despite the fact that they were of different types: a corner and wall cabinet, showcase, small glass case the size of a coffee table, as well as a massive three-door or a corner cabinet showcase.They were placed mainly in the living room, and the combined cases by type buffet - in the dining room.By the way, glass tables - is a simple modification of the display cases, where the upper part is provided with glass doors, the lower - more closed with wooden shutters for various kitchen utensils.

In the old days this furniture was rather expensive and status, it is not produced in series, it was made by the order taking into account the dimensions specified by the client.Display cases hinged could be placed between the windows of the living room or dining room, and corner model standing somewhere in a small pocket or in a free corner.Italian master back to life all the new designs for the lost antique models of furniture with glass doors, a little osovremenivaya them.What is the difference between a modern glass display cases for a living, and where to find it the most worthy place for interior design?

entire cabinet furniture is functional enough, whether it is a dress or a bookcase, sideboard or display cases, wall unit or cupboard for the living room, a container for a bathroom or kitchen.Some of them are quite popular at all times, to other fashion periodically passes and returns, but not all of them can become a worthy ornament for the living room.Therefore, they have not only a utilitarian role, but also aesthetic.This is the best place for beautiful glassware, antiques, silverware, collection of watches or other notable things that are nice to organize and put on public display.Sometimes it makes sense to add a diode lighting inside, to draw attention to the beauty of the content.


Many glass sliding windows to the living room on the rear wall are mirrored backdrop, in which the space is reflected favorably room visually it looks more spacious.Glass doors pass enough light so that it shimmered at the edges of cut glass or colored glass, but a showcase should not be overloaded with dishes, otherwise it will look really "on the store."It is better to put only the most beautiful, but so that every graceful thing was clearly visible from all sides.The same applies to the collection of antiques - a pile of hastily looks like a modern museum exhibition.It is equally important that all things look good in the interior, as well as consistent with the general style, but the color of textiles, for example, can be chosen so that harmony with the main subjects of the collection.

fans overseas travel and long-distance travel can buy display cases for the living room to put it in the souvenirs brought from different corners of the earth.Well, when the entire interior design corresponds to the plan, for example, the room is decorated in colonial style, Mediterranean and English.On top of the display case does not give, but the globe can emphasize the "round the world" idea.The most expensive things still not worth it to put on public display, they can be stored in a personal vault, or in the bedroom, and this is well suited a small wall cabinet showcase.The same applies to family heirlooms, which may not be of interest to visitors, but to remind the glorious history of the family in a personal space.

In addition, the elegant new corner cabinet showcase of precious wood and sparkling glass quality - much better than the outdated sideboard, which stores collected by several generations of dishes.It is much better to put the most beautiful wine glasses and wine glasses, dishes and pots that they do not settle the dust, and used only for a special occasion, else good can easily migrate to the kitchen.

Tip: Remember, the smaller the wood in the closet, and more showcase glass, the easier and more elegant look there will be exhibited items.Even if there are provided wooden shelves, they can be replaced by glass.Choose a model with a mirror on the back wall and a soft inner light.


Placing windows in the living room, dining room and other rooms

order to determine where best to put the display cases, you need to consider all the options, depending on the overall planning of the house or apartment.No less important is the fact that it is planned to place: for storage or public display.

  • Showcase teenager in the room is appropriate, if the child is old enough and carefully drawn glass.It houses a collection of shells brought from the sea, or a collection of scale models of vehicles collected for many years.No less interesting is the exposure of large-scale copies of aircraft from different times, made with his own hands in a circle model airplane, a teenager who pupil can store there his sculptures or other children's "masterpieces".
  • The nursery display cases for storing collections of girls dolls handmade acquired her mother and grandmother.There can be stored handmade products, such as those associated with your hands or cloths woven beaded jewelry, silk flowers or other "hand-made".
  • Wardrobe showcase can decorate the dining room, which is convenient to store the beautiful dishes, silverware, painted plates and a collection of Chinese porcelain.
  • The spacious hall can also be a showcase, which stores elaborate women's hats and collection bags, as well as umbrellas, gloves and scarves, beautifully arranged on the shelves.
  • Classic English study also decorate the massive three-door window, where you can combine a collection of old tomes, bronze candlesticks, antique clock, portraits of grandparents in the frame on supports, and other useful and beautiful things.


  • Main cabinet showcases purpose - it is still storage tableware and collectible items in the living room.Location of the cabinet in the room depends on its size and shape, and if a small room, and then choose the best window of a compact and transparent as possible.
  • Worthy office decoration also can be expensive Italian showcase for the different gifts, corporate photo albums, catalogs antiques, rare books and other useful things.She specifically highlight the status of its owner and will tell not only about the tastes and preferences of the boss, but also on the level of life and position in society.

Types showcases for living

Wardrobe showcase - price, configuration, height, number of doors, the presence of a mirrored backdrop can vary significantly.In addition, this furniture is often related features.



  • Showcases Library (for books);
  • showcase-rack (for papers);
  • sideboard showcase (dishwashing);
  • buffet showcase (for kitchen utensils with a closed bottom);
  • showcase-cabinet (with a rounded top, or in the form of a polyhedron);
  • Showcase pedestal (low glass cabinet under the statue).

Showcase pedestal height can be no more than two feet and have a glass shelf inside.It is possible to place a collection of small items, such as watches, vases or statues, and set on top of the main copy.This may produce a small storefront and the order, for example, a triangular or a 6- or 8-sided shape.

should know that the glass cabinets can have a different number of doors:

  • single leaf;
  • double-leaf;
  • triple-;
  • combined - glass top, bottom, wooden shutters, like buffets.


Features selection showcases

Glass cabinet showcase - the same interesting subject for the realization of design ideas, as well as any other furniture.For their manufacturing masters use expensive high-quality wood and tempered glass - without the slightest hint of distortion or irregularities.The most recognizable features of certain models of style - Art Nouveau, Renaissance, Baroque, Empire, classics, so there is a very spectacular model, decorated with carvings.When choosing a cabinet-showcase is important to consider certain points:

  • in a small living room the more glass at the window, the less space it occupies visually;


  • on the north side of the house or near the far wall of the room is better to put the extended cabinet-showcase of light wood with glass shelves;
  • quality fittings should be at the proper level, it's not worth saving;
  • windows in models where provided for interior lighting, consider the location of the socket - it is better to stand close to it, so that was not noticeable wire;
  • style windows must comply with the overall design of the room and the overall color scheme;
  • showcase for storing expensive dishes should be more graceful than for other purposes;
  • elite alcohol stored in special display cases;
  • modern windows made in any style, from high-tech to the Gothic;
  • display cases in the interiors of different styles.


Attractive appearance showcases able to radically transform any living room, especially when it is consistent with the overall style.

  • For the interior in the style of avant-garde well go all-glass cabinet, which adds transparency and a sense of weightlessness.They put in a well lit area and not filled completely.
  • plastic - a relatively inexpensive material, and windows also make out of it.This furniture is ideal for the dining room in the style of expressionism or techno.
  • The most expensive option - a showcase of natural wood, which is suitable for classical interior and cabinet in the English style.
  • Some models are very fit harmoniously into the modern interior, for example, in a fusion style.


  • Dear display cases with carved curls very organic rococo or renaissance.

Tip: Glass Showcases to be safe, so use special tempered glass of sufficient thickness to withstand the considerable strain on its facade and shelves.However, it should monitor the behavior of children, who may try to test the strength of the cabinet.It is best not to put it where young children are often frolic.