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August 12, 2017 18:07

Advantages and disadvantages of suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilings, in view of their performance, are becoming increasingly popular among the vast range of the population.However, if you choose this method of decoration, very few people take into account the pros and cons of suspended ceilings, as well as problems for one reason or another.


Differences suspended ceilings from other types of finishes

in most cases, perfectly flat ceiling in the apartment, a private house and other buildings created using:

  • applying putty with subsequent staining;

Plastered ceiling 500x450

  • manufacture of plasterboard suspended structure;

Finishing drywall 500x450

  • installation hinged rack, the modular ceiling;

Rack ceiling 500x450

  • stretch ceiling.

By means of a stretch ceiling 500x450

Of all the ways to make the ceiling flatness and aesthetics, the greatest preference is given to the stretch ceilings, as compared to other ways to finish they have the following features:

  • lower cost;
  • design easily;
  • small sto- len height of the room.When installing the ceiling minimum distance from the draft to the tension of the web is 2 cm distance, however, it may well be increased by the need to install certain types of lamps or security alarm installation as well as for other reasons beyond the control of the buyer.;


  • installation speed.Preparatory work prior to installation of suspended ceilings are reduced to the mounting profile and remove flaking from the ceiling plaster.The process of preparation and installation takes about 3-12 hours, based on the complexity of work;
  • lack of strain shrinkage newly built houses;

Fast installation 500x450

  • security.Stretch ceilings are made of environmentally friendly materials.In addition, processed antistatic additives that prevent the accumulation of dust on the canvas;
  • practicality, because the ceilings are able to maintain the original appearance without any major changes for 15-20 years, without finishing work throughout the entire service life.

Prolonged operation 500x450

However, tension ceilings and inherent disadvantages:

  • install ceilings without special skills is problematic;
  • presence of an unpleasant smell in the room for a few days after the installation of ceilings, but it will help get rid of a thorough airing of the room.


course, this is only the general and the most significant differences, because different types of suspended ceilings are endowed different from each other strengths and weaknesses.

Varieties of suspended ceilings, their characteristics

To date, the ceilings are made of two materials: films and fabrics.

Film stretch ceiling

Film ceiling is a thin but rigid polyvinyl chloride film, is made by a pre-produced measurements.In this case the standard width of PVC bands varies between 1,3-5,5 m. If the width exceeds the width of the ceiling PVC strip then during the manufacture of the ceiling film using welding undergoes HDTV machine to the desired width.

PVC film 500x450

film ceiling installation is carried out using a heat gun to warm up hanging fabric up to 70 ° C, with the result that it becomes elastic and easily fixed in the pre-established profile.Upon completion of installation work, gradually cools blade gains strength, range of colors, the texture of which depend on the type of film.

Currently, stretch film ceilings issued the following invoices:

  • glossy - characterized by increasing the visual space due to the effect of specular reflection interior;

Glossy stretch ceiling 500x450

  • matte - visually similar to the ceilings painted with latex paint, therefore relate to the classic version of finishes;

Matt suspended ceiling 500x450

  • transparent - stand high light transmission capacity.As a rule, transparent ceilings are installed in combination with various types of lamps, thus easily re-created the illusion of a starry sky, a glass roof, etc .;

Transparent PVC ceilings 500x450

  • satin - visually velvety surface appears, in fact smooth, thereby increasing the reflective quality satin ceiling.

Stretch ceilings satin 500x450

Regardless of invoices, colors film ceiling is quite varied, so the PVC film is available in monochrome, as well as in multi-colored shades.In addition, in the production process of PVC film can be applied to printing, or upon termination of installation works ceiling can be decorated with artistic painting.

Printing or painting 500x450

Thus, the benefits of suspended ceilings film are as follows:

  • the variety of textures and tint scales allow you to pick the ceiling, blends harmoniously with the interior of any premises;

The variety of colors and textures of 500x450

  • excellent water resistant fabric protects against flooding of living on top of neighbors.When this situation occurs, you must call the professionals who will remove the water from the cloth and remove the ceiling to dry, and a few days to replace it.In this case the canvas will not rust and other traces of the accident;

Withstand a lot of water 500x450

  • high sound and thermal insulation properties muffle loud noises coming from the outside and prevent the penetration of drafts to the attic;


  • elasticity fabric allows you to create a heated ceiling structures of any degree of complexity;

Accepts any shape 500x450

  • ease of care.Darkened with time the ceiling is enough to wipe with a damp cloth with a little neutral detergent.

By choice, despite the many advantages, it is necessary to take into account and disadvantages of suspended ceilings:

  • in the process of mounting the air in a room heated to 50 ° C, which adversely affects the heat-sensitive interior items;
  • film after the tension becomes easily vulnerable to damage by sharp objects;

Damage stretch ceiling 500x450

  • chandeliers, is not provided with shades and hanging at a distance of at least 40 cm away from the web, as well as spotlights with a power greater than 40 W contribute to the gradual darkening of the melt and the ceiling;

Location 500x450 fixtures

  • at lower air temperatures below 0 ° C tensioning the canvas becomes brittle and begins to crack, so the film ceiling can not be installed in unheated rooms in winter;

The fragility of PVC film and cracking 500x450

  • mounting web to plasterboard walls without first strengthening, it is likely tear sheets from the walls;

Installation of drywall to 500x450

  • sagging cloth possible when installing the ceiling of the film over a large area, especially in the presence of the weld;

Sagging ceiling 500x450

  • «invisible» welds are very visible on glossy ceilings, especially when close to each of them spotlights.

The seam on the glossy ceiling 500x450

Of course, all these shortcomings rather relative that helps prevent their appearance even in the production and assembly stages, avoiding escalating lack of a global problem.

Fabric suspended ceiling

For the manufacture of tissue stretch ceiling textile web is used, the resulting knitted woven polyester yarns, which is thoroughly impregnated with a mixture of polyurethane and then pressed, dried and calendered.

Stretch fabric ceilings 500x450

Cloth web width of 5 m are produced. However, unlike film, tissue ceiling production does not require the preliminary measurement because the roll is released from Mouldings necessary.In the process of installation of fabric cut off the excess.In addition, assembling the ceiling tissue fixation is performed in a special profile without heating web.

Based on the above, the following benefits are derived tissue stretch ceiling film before:

  • constant temperature in the room when installing the ceiling, because the web lacks elasticity and dressed in a baguette without heating;

Fabric ceiling unheated canvas 500x450

  • higher resistance to damage;

Resistance to damage 500x450

  • properties of tissue webs remain unchanged even in sub-zero temperatures.

Resistance to temperature changes 500x450

turns out that the disadvantages of film ceilings are the benefits of fabric ceiling.At the same disadvantages of fabric suspended ceilings are manifested in:

  • limitations colors pastel colors and matte texture;

The small number of shades 500x450

  • inability to use a damp cloth to remove any stains, as stains remain on the canvas;
  • inability to withstand large amounts of water in case of flooding neighbors, and the subsequent recovery is impossible paintings;
  • higher cost.

Thus, PVC ceilings, shortcomings, problems of which are quite significant part, it would seem, must yield tissue.However, fabric ceilings are holders of significant drawbacks.Therefore, tend to favor a particular type of ceiling is based on the planned operating conditions.