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December 13, 2017 00:01

Sanding a wooden floor with their hands

Everyone is well aware that the floor surface should always be smooth, because otherwise the material will gradually deteriorate and become useless.An excellent solution to this problem is polishing the wooden floor.Thanks to the incredible ease of action, they can make almost any.It is clear that nothing good will come without some advice, because at the heart of the grinding process are simple but important rules.


  • Features grinding floor
  • main tools for grinding
  • Surface preparation for polishing
  • Pretreatment
  • surface of the main grinding work
  • Other aspects of the grinding

Features floor-polishing

to prepare the floor to the necessary activities related to grinding, it is necessary to make some important actions:

  • align the surface, and then remove the protective cover for the removal of various pollutants;
  • further there scraping and polishing itself, which includes the removal of defects, as well as some unevenness in the floor.

The purpose of pre-treatment - the removal of a variety of scratches, bubbles and other negative phenomena.

sanding and grinding - this is a very important operation, without which get a beautiful floor is almost impossible.Prices for sanding wooden floor high enough so it makes sense to spend the full amount of work.Some actions can be difficult to charge and specialists.


main tools for grinding

Despite the relative simplicity of the process for its implementation you will need a lot of tools, which will help ensure a great result.

  1. scraping device.Unfortunately, few people owned such equipment, and it is not cheap.It makes sense to take it in rent or borrow from friends.
  2. For grinding angular surfaces are best suited cycle.There are other devices that do not differ too much among themselves.
  3. Caulking is needed in the case when it comes to possible cracks.Get rid of them, you can only replace the material, or by filling the void filler.
  4. Sandpaper also needed.Moreover, it is desirable to acquire the material with different indices of graininess.
  5. After sanding, varnishing for you will need brushes and rollers a certain size.
  6. Vacuums in this process will help you easily remove any dirt that is uniquely present in the room.Clean the surface from dust before polishing - a very important action.

cycle is a small device that you want to move across the floor during processing.If you decide to buy such a serious, at first glance, the equipment, should understand that to make caring for it should be regularly - after each use.In this case, the need to properly sharpen the cutting elements of the cycle.It is best to buy a small sharpening block length.Also on offer can be found, and diamond stones.They cost a bit more expensive classic, but the sharpening will be much faster and better.


Surface preparation for polishing

to process polishing the wooden floor with his hands proved to be an extremely easy and fast, you must move all the stuff in the other room.If you remove certain items from the premises can not be positioned in one part of the room and move to the other side as required.

often located on the surface of the coating screws and nails, which are, moreover, can be a little peek out (even for a couple of millimeters).Such floor elements are not only able to reduce the quality of the works, but also damage the equipment.

Sanding the wooden floor in the country - a separate issue.Quite often, garden plots have electricity supply, especially during the construction of the house.It is clear that without this fully carry out the process will not work.



Processing floor surface begins with use of a grinder.To do this, you must install the 40-th grit and walk along the walls of the room unit.drum width must be on the order of 200 mm.Further, in order to achieve optimal results, along the walls of the device are at an angle of 45 °.

Definitely worth monitor the effectiveness of the machine, because for some reason, you can lose a lot of precious time.Audio Change in surface treatment can mean the drum overload.sufficient to loosen the drum to solve the problem and continue to work.When the surface boundaries can begin and the rest area.

abrasive tool and wear, and quite quickly.Large abrasive grains are erased particularly intense.

Main grinding work

  1. Using the tool for polishing the wooden floor held milestone.Depending on the power needed, moving quite slowly scraping machine, remove all irregularities.It is advisable to go through the floor space a couple of times, to avoid precisely the floor projections.The first stage of the passage is best done using large abrasive.This option does not provide maximum surface smoothness, so during subsequent visits should prefer a finer grain.
  2. before the final stage of grinding work is necessary to plaster all cracks and chips.Maximum important to immediately remove all remnants of putty, so that later there were no difficulties.
  3. The most serious aspect of the majority of grinding work - it is carrying out all the necessary actions in remote places.These include areas under the batteries and angles.Given that classic machine has impressive dimensions and is not able to cope with the above objectives, it is better to use a miniature plant.Sometimes they are called "Sapozhok" and can easily cope with all the difficulties.Obviously, such a device does not work very high speed.It is also important to understand that such tools can damage the plinth, so that they should be used with extreme care.
  4. final stage of the surface treatment is carried out using high-grade grinder, abrasive but in this case it is better to use the maximum fine.It will avoid even the tiniest flaws surface.To check the quality of the surface treatment, hold his hand on the floor enough.If the quality of grinding is not at the required level, you can spend more time processing the surface with fine abrasive.


Other aspects of the grinding

is important to understand that the cost of polishing the wooden floor depends on the tools used in the process.As mentioned earlier, the equipment itself will cost the owner dearly.However, it should be said that many chalet rooms have huge area, so sometimes it makes sense to acquire its own equipment.The main action that must be performed during the grinding process - is a thorough treatment of the floor, so the need to bring this matter expert arises only when there is simply no free time.