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August 12, 2017 18:05

Suspended ceilings of plasterboard with their hands

plan to repair? Suspended ceilings of plasterboard if you wish you can set your own hands.All that is required of you - a little experience and knowledge of the nuances of the implementation of this process.We offer you a simple step by step guide mounting ceiling structure using plasterboard. Benefits to use such material are obvious:


  1. Quick guide
  2. Main stages
  3. installation Photo suspended ceilings made of plasterboard
  4. Video installation of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard
  • gainsound insulation;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • ability to hide the various communications - electrical cables, computer networks, transformers, pipes.

Suspended ceilings of plasterboard with their hands backlit create a special atmosphere in the room look neat and beautiful as photo .

Initially, plasterboard attached to a wooden frame.But experience has shown that the tree has the ability to deform - shrink or swell, which subsequently led to the deformation and the ceiling structure itself.Today, metal profiles are used during installation.

Quick guide

  • installation guide profile;
  • installing U-shaped ceiling hangers;
  • extreme connection and support section;
  • installation of the connection mounts;
  • installation cross sections;
  • height adjustment of the carrier profile;
  • mounting drywall sheets on the resulting structure

Main stages

installation consider the main stages of installation of gypsum ceiling structures:

  • Want to qualitatively carry out the work - paint the frame diagram.Such traced guide will help you to do all the calculations and ensure maximum durability and reliability design.Then you need to set the desired height of the new ceiling.Using a builder's level, make special marks-marks on the walls.On this layout in the future secured extreme profiles.
  • the ceiling Draw a place where they will be mounted supporting profiles.Additional fixing should fall into the middle of a sheet of drywall.
  • Using markup, fix on the ceiling of the loop.Directly on them and they will be attached to carrying ceiling profiles.
  • To prevent future sagging ceiling, center, attach additional accessories.
  • Now fasten extreme and bearing profiles.They are cut to the correct length, carrying the insert in the extreme and fix the connection.
  • Using special mounting, connect the main load-bearing profiles and additional cross.
  • Around the perimeter of the frame bend down the edges of suspensions and, using screws, attach the frame to the future of the suspended ceiling.Now itself may be attached directly to the drywall resulting construct.

want to make suspended ceilings made of plasterboard with their hands - video instruction visually acquaint you with all the subtleties and nuances of this uncomplicated process.If you want to move away from standard solutions in the design of houses, flats, cottages, can do, for example, two-level ceilings or ceiling design combined with the use of drywall and stretch ceiling structures.This combination will make your interior more extravagant, interesting and unusual.

Photo suspended ceilings made of plasterboard

Video installation of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard