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August 12, 2017 18:07

Choose a sealant bath for guests .

How to choose the best sealant on the market?

constant humidity, warm air, condensation on the pipes - an excellent breeding ground for mold, which not only spoil the view of the walls, plumbing, giving them a sloppy appearance, but also greatly harms our health, causing allergies, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system.Particularly difficult in this atmosphere of asthmatics who have severe mold provoke coughing.To make repairs in the bathroom, do not have to wait for the first signs of blackheads.It is necessary in advance to make a seal around the perimeter of the bath.Otherwise, in the future the fungus may appear not only in the cracks, and under the bathroom on the walls, which flows into the water while swimming through the cracks between the wall and the bathroom.

All seams and cracks must be carefully pour the sealant, but how to choose the best of all commercially available.On sale you can find acrylic and silicone sealants for bathroom.Which one is better, try to analyze.

Sink Sealant

Sealant toilet

Types of sealants for bathroom

Silicone sealant is reliable and durable and perfect for wet rooms.Although silicon can be different colors, but the most popular are transparent and white.Silicone sealants are acidic and neutral.First used for wood, plastic, ceramics.Neutral sealed seams in the bath or used to repair plumbing.

sealant for bathroom

best silicone sealant is the one that contains the least amount of impurities.Such compositions have low shrinkage of about 3% and securely fasten all the errors in the finishing.Silicon with a lot of impurities silicone loses its characteristics, and will be bad to fulfill its role.10% of impurities is permitted by total composition weight.Approximate allowable composition may be as follows:

  • extenders;
  • organic solvents;
  • fillers;
  • fungicide - anti-fungal agent.

is also necessary to look at the company-manufacturer.Reliable large companies will not hit the face in the dirt and spoil their reputation of poor quality products.Among the most well-known and can be identified Ceresit CIKI FIX.

acrylic sealant is not worse and is also applicable for the seams in the bathroom.You should choose a waterproof sealant, can withstand high humidity and temperature changes.You can use both types of sealant immediately.Moreover, the acrylic is more suitable for large cracks and small cracks close up the well with silicone.But in comparison with silicone acrylic plays in longevity, so after a while it will be necessary to remove the old and the new overlay.

sealant for bathroom

However, if the bathroom is broken ventilation system, even superstoyky silicone does not save you from the appearance of the fungus.If such a disaster was repeated, it is necessary to replace silicon and gap fill already antifungal sanitary silicone.

sealant in the bathroom

Doing this is not difficult.Here are the main stages of work:

  1. Stock up with acetone or alcohol, cloth, masking tape, a spatula and a special gun.
  2. Then prepare the surface for processing - we clean and degreased, for which we will need acetone or alcohol.
  3. masking tape to seal the surface adjacent to the gap, so that later turned flat sealant line.
  4. After drying the surface extrude from the tube sealant smooth touch.Moreover, the tip of the tube is necessary to make an incision on the bias, because the silicone will be easier to get out.Do not let the long tube is uncapped, so it does not dry.
  5. If the sealant is not released uniformly, then the excess must be removed with a spatula.
  6. At the final stage, all traces of silicone or acrylic on bathroom walls or remove solvent.