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August 12, 2017 18:07

Autonomous sewerage private house , it is better than the traditional cesspool ?

autonomous sewerage country house, what are its advantages?

In many homes, sewage is still collected in the sump.And this has a number of disadvantages.First effluent goes into the ground and over the first rspolagayutsya aquifer.Then they flow to the second layer.In that case, if the cottage situated near the well, there is a risk of penetration into pure water effluent, which can not be further used.Plus, it brings significant harm to the environment.

alternative replacement of the old way of removing steel waste autonomous sewer system.They provide ecological safety and a high degree of purification of waste water (up to 98%).As a result, obtained after processing industrial water and mud, which are used for domestic purposes in the area (for washing machines, garden watering).

In addition, stand-alone sewer systems are also very durable because they are made of high quality material (GRP).Their lifespan is on average 50 years.Depending on the size can serve as a small house, and private restaurants and even a car wash.The only difference is that the drainage for car wash and cafe is mounted slightly different way.

Autonomous sewerage house,

technology work Autonomous sewerage works in a private house on the basis of gravitational sedimentation and biological decomposition of waste (or aeration).Moreover, this method works due to microorganisms and their livelihoods, which process organic matter is digested them.

The installation itself (septic tank) has the form of a cone, divided in several chambers. In the first chamber passes aeration (or biological purification), in the second chamber - profound sedimentation, and the third - the collection of clean process water. Purified water can flow by gravity method in a body of water, soil, or used for domestic purposes.

Unlike cesspools, where there is only a mechanical cleaning of drains, septic tank provides a deep and thorough treatment.As a result, process water has not smell.If you do plan to drop it into the ground, you will need to make sand and crushed stone filter.The peculiarity of the drain system depends on the type and properties of the soil.

Autonomous sewerage for the cottage: installation and maintenance

If you decide that you need for an autonomous sewer cottages, it is important to first choose its relevant parameters, then do the design and installation of the system.But in subsequent years will only need to carry out maintenance.So, first things first.

  • picks septic tank size depends on the amount of waste to be recycled.Also, the depth of the supply manifold bookmarks.For example, if the house is home to 2 to 5 people, is suitable plant with a capacity of 0.8-1.0 m3 and 800 mm deep.Next
  • performed design , which requires coordination with multiple instances.Best of all, if it will make a firm carrying out the installation of equipment, as often required health certificates and the conclusion.
  • Installation can be done by professional personnel, as well as their own.Dig a special pit, which is immersed septic tank.Once installed on the ground surface is visible only hatch system diameter of 800 mm.
  • Maintenance takes place once a year.During pumped sediment which accumulates in the course of purification.Do pumping using pumping equipment or sewage truck, which arrives at the installation.