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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction bath from logs - turn-based technology

Russian bathhouse with fragrant steam or a broom - a great way to relax, to drive away the problems and concerns.And if the room is built with his own hands, its healing power increases.

Construction bath from logs with their own hands

Construction bath from logs with your hands

Building a bath - it is certainly not easy, but quite feasible.The material for the traditional Russian banya is a wood: pine, spruce, aspen.Modern technologies allow to build a log cabin for a few days, and full bath built during the season.Consider Ways to Build a log bathhouse from conventional and proven for centuries to modern.

Building materials for the construction of baths

use or peeled round logs for the construction of log bath.Peeled - the log with the top layer removed, and the timber structure is not disturbed, which increases its durability.Round - lined the entire length of a single size.

Round logs

Round logs

Training logs for the construction of log involves several steps.For the construction of baths used pine, spruce or aspen.For the lower rims can be used as an oak - it is not afraid of water, and the bottom of the log will not rot.Felled logs in the winter, chop branches and bark hewing with an ax or a plow.At the same time pay attention to the quality of the timber, its color, culling:

  • curves or having sharp thickening logs.Changing the thickness should be less than 1 cm per meter of length;
  • knotty logs with branches near the cavities - inside they are rotten;
  • Logs unnatural color, with spots on the cut, as well as having too much on the core diameter;
  • When buying a ready-made timber should also reject over-dried - they are not easily treated.Determines the degree of drying with the help of an ax blow - published at the same time the sound should be dull.

cylindered or calibrated logs do only under the conditions of production: log diameter is aligned across the length and to protect from destruction and decay the wood is subjected to forced impregnation with antiseptic, and sections were stained with a special compound.Round logs has a longitudinal slot for stacking, its shape is different - the moon, crescent-shaped, or Finnish - with a more complex shape, providing a snug fit.The diameter of logs can be from 180 to 320 mm, the thicker timber, the warmer the room will be.Assembling the log of logs produced quickly, in a few days.You can also order ready-made frame.

The diameter of logs

diameter of logs

Also log for baths need:

  • Concrete or concrete blocks for the foundation of everything;
  • beam or beams and edged board for roof system and roof;
  • Roofing;
  • windows and doors;
  • Finishing materials.


project - the very first and very important stage of construction, which will help you not only to calculate materials and costs, but also to facilitate the work.If you are building a simple rustic bathhouse with a waiting room, a project you can do yourself.If the bath is more space and connectivity to the communications, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.Firms involved in the sale of log houses, bathhouses selling model projects, and you are sure to pick up a suitable reasonably priced.

The project baths

baths project

The project must take into account all the dimensions of space, the location of windows, doors, communications connection point.After that, make the calculation required material.At the height of the calculation takes into account the shrinkage of logs, it is about 5% for raw logs debarked.


foundation for baths perform tape, weakly deepened or columnar, depending on the soil.To choose heaving soils weakly deepened foundation.For a small bath suitable pier foundation on concrete blocks.If the bath area is large, it is better to give preference to the tape base, recessed below the soil freezing depth.After erection of the foundation it laid a layer of waterproofing - roofing.

Erection log of logs

First, the accountant or the crown is made of very thick, better than the oak logs.He put on hydroisolated foundation, pre-skived its lower part and treat it with an antiseptic.Log cabin lay way "in the cup" or "Oblomov".Before packing each log customize it, vytesyvaya on the bottom surface rounded shape groove.The lower the air temperature in the winter months in your area, the groove should be deeper.About methods of connecting beams and logs we have already mentioned.

Option stacking logs

Option stacking logs

logs when laying oriented north side of the timber on the outside of the bath - you can define it by a thin annual rings on the cut.North side of the tree is more resistant to cracking and rot, this property will help the bath to stand much longer.Thicker part of the timber is placed alternately in different directions to keep horizontal log.Between the logs laid-dried moss or hemp fiber.Upper crown carcass called mauerlat, serves as a support for the roof system, so his choice should also be taken responsibly.

After assembling the frame caulk, using moss, linen, hemp or felt.Konopatki lead, starting from the bottom rim, avoiding his circle at the crown.If caulk first one wall, bath can skew.After konopatki bath slightly rise, nor in the draft process will take almost the size of the former.

Log cabin made of logs

If you ordered a ready frame made of logs, its assembly should not cause difficulties.To cut down a instruction manual, and you need to follow it, subject to the following requirements:

  • the accountant crown necessary to trim the bottom side for a better fit to the foundation.From its foundation waterproofing roofing material in two layers;
  • logs impregnated ognebiozaschitnym composition in their places of interfacing;
  • compound timber is produced using a hardwood dowel, which is recessed in the timber is not less than 3 cm;
  • Before drilling holes nageli joined timber must be secured temporary nails, which are removed after the connection;
  • between the logs lay linen or hemp fiber;
  • Each crown is placed with the use of a level avoiding his straight.

Rafter system and roof

Erected frame must necessarily in the same year to have a temporary or permanent roof.The design for the bath of the roof is usually chosen a simple gable, and under it settling cold ventilated loft.Step rafters thus chosen according to the snow load in your area, it is usually about a meter and a half.If you plan to insulate the attic, then step rafters should be chosen, focusing on the size of the slab insulation.

The construction of the roof for the bath

Erection of roof for a bath

rafter cut into mauerlat, relying on him, and fastened on top of each other.On the rafters stuffed crate, and it keeps flashing roofing material such as roofing material.Finishing roofing, you can choose to your taste: decking and metal roofing, Ondulin, Slate.

Windows and doors

finishing touch roughing finishing baths - doors and windows.They cut through to the finished frame, strengthened by okosyachki to which after securing the frame and the door opening.The front door, like all the doors in the bath, must open outwards - it is not only the convenience, but also safety requirements.

also advise to read about the font for a bath.