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August 12, 2017 18:06

Selecting and independent creation of your site landscape lighting

Lighting in any case can not be considered superfluous element in the garden.Any decoration garden plot should end with the finishing touches - the lighting device.It can only be decorative.This is nothing reprehensible.Light may be embedded in the paths, lawns, waterfalls, rockeries and ponds.There are several different types of lighting intended to be used in landscape design: house, decorative, functional, architectural and artistic.Selection and creation of an independent lighting the landscape of your site - it is very interesting and creative.

general principles of the organization of lighting in the area

If you decide to create on his summer cottage decorative lighting, then before proceeding with the implementation of ideas, consider all serious and responsible.After all, the lighting should be not only beautiful, but also safe to use.If your pastime in the country is not restricted to daylight hours, you need to take care not only about the decorative side of the issue, but also functional.In the evening and night, the area should be covered sufficiently bright and evenly.To achieve this, the lighting must be installed correctly.

For example, the lighting along the track must be such as to walk on them safely so that even in the darkest night.At the same time we must not forget about the uniformity of illumination across the territory.However, droshky should set the direction of the entire creative thought.Because they are not only the movement of the system, but also to the axes along which the whole area division into sectors.When covering the tracks trying to set a certain rhythm.This helps lanterns and lamps, which are set at regular intervals along the track.They should fit into the overall style of landscape design, and in any case not be beaten out of him.

Example of lighting tracks in the garden .

Example track lighting in the garden.

lighting system must have sufficient reliability and durability.Each element must be fully ensured protection from the weather and adverse natural phenomena.When the device of electric networks it is necessary to observe all safety rules.tracks Illumination should be according to the standards 1 to 6 lux.This wide range allows the well to adjust the amount of light that allows you to change the appearance of the site dramatically.

management system with all lights can be manual or automatic.In the first case the lamps on and off may be performed together or separately, but manually.In the latter case the LED electromechanical switches or timers can be used.They provide automatic switching on and off of the entire system of grids at the right time.

In any case, it is not necessary to make a track too bright, they just have to be illuminated uniformly.Too bright lighting will distract attention from other equally important objects of your infield.Here they even have to light up brighter than the rest.This includes sculptures, fountains, ponds or even beautiful trees and shrubs.If you find anywhere in your area light does not dazzle the eye.To do this, use a large number of modern lamps with light scattering.

Accents Lighting for important site objects .

lighting accents on the important site objects.

Types of garden lamps

There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, which are used to create light in the garden.Choose the right ones that best fit the entire design of your site.It can be instruments in classic design or modern style, but all of them can be attributed to three main groups: wall, hanging, mounted on the ground in different ways.Consider some of them.

Retro lights and spherical lamps

This classic lighting with sine curve light.That is, they are not able to focus the light and dazzle the eye.Their light is distributed evenly in all directions.That it was not spent in vain, light body design suggests the direction of flow on the sides, but not up or down.They do not put on the track, as the bottom is dark.But they fit as well as possible for the lighting of fences, sculptures or shrubs.They shine in an average of 20 m. It is not recommended to use them and to highlight important architectural element.

The ensemble of spherical lamps

ensemble of spherical lamps

For gardens are best suited spherical versions of these lamps, as well combine with the natural landscape.Plafonds to them are made of matt polycarbonate or polymethyl methacrylate.Effectively on the site it looks a whole composition of these lamps, but we must remember that they have a large enough capacity, so energy costs are high.Spherical lamps do not dazzle the eye, but they have too much brightness that mark many designers as a drawback.

Lanterns with reflected light and lamps for decoration tracks

Indirekty (English Indirect -. Omni-directional, scattered) - it lights that emit diffuse light.They have a well-thought-out design with a lot of advantages:

  • Have anti-reflective device.
  • evenly scatter light over a larger area.
  • used metal halide lamps with excellent color rendering and long life.

These lights are best suited for lighting tracks.Because of the cosine curve of luminous intensity, they illuminate the space below them strictly.This ensures that no blinding effect.Indirekty come in various shapes and sizes, which allows them to draw any track.They can even be embedded in the roadside vegetation to create a truly magical effect.

Fixtures for tracks .

luminaires for tracks.

luminaires installed on

trees When making a site in landscape style any artificial objects are alien.Therefore, designers are coming up with different approaches to their camouflage.One possibility is to place the device in the tree lighting.It uses low-voltage halogen lamps.They can be fastened directly to the trunks of pine trees safely.Screws not harm a large pine tree, as the resin immediately surround the foreign body and will not develop putrefaction process.

Fixtures for type Uplights

track name also has an English origin and means "light directed upwards."Degree of protection from them is not less than IP 67. They are inserted into the transparent elements of paving.They should be small and bright as the light rises from under the feet can dazzle the eye.Better than others for these purposes are suitable LEDs, since they do not heat up sufficiently and have high brightness coupled with efficiency.They can be incorporated into the glass fiber tile.

The light emanating from the track perfectly emphasizes the direction and creates the effect of motion .

light from the track perfectly emphasizes the direction and creates the effect of motion.

garden lighting effects

One or another kind of lighting is designed to create the desired effect from it.Consider the main types of lighting on the country site and their destination.

Guard type of lighting

created by all the perimeter.Most often lamps mounted on fence posts or independent supports.It is necessary for high-quality video and create the effect of presence of the owners in the area.Its activation and deactivation is best equipped automatics based photoelectric.In this case, the maintenance of this type of lighting will be reduced to only periodic replacement of lamps.Since these lights burn all night, you need to take care of energy efficiency.It is best to use a LED or fluorescent lamps.Power wires must be laid inside the construction fence and provide a switch or switch to forcibly turn off the lighting.

Example of security lighting .

Example of security lighting.


lighting This is the main type of lighting, which pursues its primary goal - providing light area.Most often, this type of lighting is present along the tracks and near the important places in the area.Arrange it can be a variety of ways.

Decorative lighting types

aims to provide a play of shadows and light in the right areas of the site to focus on a particular object.Most often, it is set in the recreational areas.So ka light is white and amber, that is warm and cold, the selection should be done according to preference.For example, pine trees cover made cold light, and ponds, waterfalls, fountains and warm.

Decorative illumination of coniferous trees in the area .

Decorative illumination of coniferous trees in the area.

highlighting architectural

Its use is not always, but in vain.After all, the organization of illumination of architectural ensembles, buildings and structures on the said refined sense of beauty in the host area.Typically to create it using two different methods.In the first case, trying to maximize the entire structure of illumination.In the second release only certain light accents.It is difficult first, but in perfect harmony with the buildings, decorated with small architectural forms: towers, pilasters, columns.

At the entrance to the house or the entrance to the site is best to install lights torshernogo type supports a height of 2 - 3 m. They have to cover a large area in front of the entrance.Properly to do lighting on the stairs.The light should be such that the steps were perfectly visible, but did not give shadows.Best of all types here will fit wall lamps or weak lamp, built-in steps themselves.

For lighting paths, as noted above, the light should be chosen so as to not blind the eyes and not too bright.So you can put lanterns on small poles about 1 m in height, which will accentuate the trend.If such lamps equipped with canopies, the light can be directed in the right direction.Veranda or attic on the site must have the lighting is not worse than in the house.To do this, fasten the top lights and provide illumination throughout the area of ​​the building.

to create compositions of fixtures and plant species used portable lighting.They can be installed at any point in the garden during the flowering of a bush.Such devices often have an autonomous power supply in the form of batteries, charged during the day by solar cells.Small-sized plants require lighting from above, and the big trees illuminated from below.


some very interesting effects can be achieved by varying the installation of lighting fixtures.For example, create a shading canopy installation in close proximity to the object.The length of the shadow cast by the regulated distance from the light source object.Crossover effect is achieved by focusing the light on the object from the two light sources.Highlighting the bottom is used for decorating plants and doorways.The effect of moonlight - the most beautiful reception area with lighting design.Steps, walkways or paths make out the effect of lighting step.Highlighting the top is created on flowering plants, making them unique and colorful look.

Fairy effect of moonlight .

Fairy effect of moonlight.

When creating a light near her house is worth remembering and about the need to save energy.This is facilitated by a correct choice of lamps, the use of a variety of automatic switches and motion sensors.Light the lamp should any of something reflected.Otherwise, it will look like a sad lonely point of light without illuminating anything.

Creating literate lighting systems at their summer cottage is quite a challenge.But, when you create should always keep in mind how it will look your site in the rays of light in the dark, which song will be created and a decorative effect it will have.Do not forget about safety when laying electric cables.Use for, the possibility of low-voltage equipment.Provision of high-power devices to be securely isolated and hidden from the accidental finding of children.A well-arranged and safe lighting in the area will fill the magical light unique design of your creation.