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August 12, 2017 18:06

Interesting bed for flowers in the shape of a cat

Hello dear subscribers site.Today we look to you step by step instructions for the construction of flower beds with their own hands.Of course, there are many design options suburban area.For example, we have already discussed with you about how to make a frog out of the foam and a pond of old tires.

But today we are not talking about it, as you already understood from the title, we will make a bed for flowers.Our bed is not easy, and in cat form.This variant design suburban area quite harmoniously fit into almost any version of country life and will please not only you, but perfectly touched and amaze your views of your guests.

A flower bed for flowers in the shape of a cat

flower bed to flower in the form of a cat

Tools for creating flowerbed

To build we will need the following materials:

  1. Canister made of plastic.Can approach a common canister from the engine oil, or for example, 5 liter canister out of the water.It all depends on what kind of shape you want to see our future flowerbed (cat) if the canister is too wide, then our cat will also be thick.
  2. metal wire.Metal wire is required in order for us to strengthen the mustache and cement to attach to our base, but everything on.
  3. cement, sand, plaster, wooden sticks and gloves.

Step beds manufacturing technology in the form of a cat

Canister for future flower beds , which will serve as a basis

canister for future flower beds, which will serve as the basis

So, the first step is making the base of the canister.Our canister 5 liters.If your task is to make a big flower bed, then, respectively, using a surround version of the canister.Thus, the neighbors at the cottage we used a 20 liter base for our beds, which allowed to plant more flowers in the flower bed.

pervades the canister through a metal wire, which will strengthen the cement base without any problems.Otherwise, the cement attached to the wire simply will slip from our base.Once we pierced our canister wire.There comes the next step where we need to substitute and fasten pieces of wood at the base, which subsequently form the legs, head and tail of our future beds - Cat.

Obleplivaem canister cement mortar

canister stuck to grout

Cement solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 1 with sand, which will enable us to stick round our full canister, note that you need to stick all over with rubber gloves.Rubber gloves, we need to, in order that our solution does not dry up in our hands.So we stuck to our base solution.

Making the head and tail of cement

Making the head and tail of the cement

Once the base is ready, proceed to form the head of our cat.Please note that this is not a fast operation stuck to our block of wood with a solution and do it in a shape of a ball.Note that after the head is ready to leave it to dry for 2-3 days, constantly sprayed with water our flower bed in the drying process.This is done in order to cement-sand screed solution is not cracked or collapsed.

After the solution has dried, take a small emery paper and begin to overwrite it with the help of our irregularities.

Our bed is almost ready.Now, let us arm ourselves with colors.We need water-based paints, which are not afraid of moisture.We need exactly this kind of paint, because they will protect our tie and they will flow under the influence of weather conditions such as rain and wind.

Flower bed to flower in the form of a cat is ready

flower bed to flower in the form of a cat is ready