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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a food processor for home - all the answers

Undoubtedly, neither the hostess will not give to have such a perfect and comfortable car, a food processor.Yes, it is in many cases easier housekeeping, saves time and effort.But what kind of model to choose for your home, the question is not so simple as it may seem.

Before you go to the store, you need something to provide for and take into account.Otherwise, then some problems may arise and, as a consequence, dissatisfaction with the purchase.

therefore need to be defined in advance, where food processor will be installed .All models are characterized by different dimensions, and given the small size of most of our kitchens, it is this figure significantly restricts the choice of processor.Of course, it can be "stored" in another room (even on the balcony), and enter into the kitchen only to be used for its intended purpose.


But this option is unlikely to suit the hostess.In addition, almost all domestic models are portable.Hence, the weight value plays.If it is assumed that the processor will take the city, the country, the model in 9 kg it is not well suited for transportation on public transport.Consequently, the need to look for that easier.

Decide for what purposes purchased this device.Virtually all modern cars are so many different features that it seems that this is not a kitchen unit, a "magic wand".But, first, some of its features are really needed it to us?For example, is it really so we can not do without mayonnaise homemade and all, we're going to do it?

Kenwood Secondly, in any home kitchen many different "techniques" - meat grinders, blenders and the like.Is it worth to buy, and for solid money, a device that duplicates the functions already available?What sense to overpay for something that, in principle, in the house already?A range of prices to such an impressive kitchen machines - from 650 to 29 000 rubles.

only deal with these issues and defining for themselves the "golden mean", and should be eyeing the models exhibited at the point of sale.By the way, this prudent approach will greatly simplify the selection of the food processor and save a lot of time and nerves, by the way, too.Consider all of the features is not necessary, as manufacturers are constantly trying to surprise us with new "twists".What this machine is capable of, it is easy to learn for her passport (instruction description).However, some points need to be clarified.


If the processor is not used as a grinder, then cutting vegetables, whipping mousses, squeezing fruit on juices and the like enough and 0.5 kW .But for the dough, processing of meat is clearly not enough.In this case, you should choose a product with a capacity of not less than 1 kW .

Number of speeds

To prepare "something" applied its technology.The greater the speed range, the more opportunities machine.As a rule, they are from 4 to 14. But whether all modes are really needed?To many products with recipes attached recommendations.It is enough to read them carefully in order to understand what food is not supposed to cook and what rate, therefore, absolutely will not be needed.



cup size should correspond to the volume load, which depends mainly on the composition of the family.On this and be guided.Another thing - the material from which it is made.Plastic is cheaper, but it is not "love" begins to overheat and deform.In addition, it is easy to scratch.Glass cup and stronger and easier to clean.But she has a "minus" - considerable weight.

If the processor will be used as a grinder, you should stop the choice on dishes made of metal.It is even more expensive, but more reliable in all respects.The only drawback - steel cookware needs better service.


burdens It can grind only vegetables and fruits.If the car is supposed to be used as a meat grinder, then set it to be a special attachment - auger as a knife from the meat will do unless pate.

But everything else - at the buyer's discretion.It is only necessary to carefully read the product data sheet.

remains to add that the most popular are the models of brands such as «Philips» , «Moulinex» , «Bosch» , «Kenwood» .But it is too simple not call them, and in great demand in part - is a kind of fad.Therefore, before you pay for "super-car", you need to think about it, and whether or not you will use all the functions that it has.

Helpful Hint

Any clear that the more the combine functions and devices, the higher its value.But is it possible to purchase individual components for this model?Maybe much better to buy a simple and cheap machine, but with an eye to the future?If any tool and will need in the future, the question will be solved simply - went out and bought a piece goods.