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August 12, 2017 18:06

Step by step instructions for plastering walls on beacons

Plastering of walls is done in different ways, depending on the qualifications of the master.The method may be a "mechanized", or manually.In any case, one task - to get a flat surface as much as possible, irrespective of what compound is used for plastering.

achieve the desired results is difficult if the surface is subjected to finishing, it is quite large.This greatly complicates the alignment process.In this case and apply a method such as plastering walls on beacons.

What are the beacons?This control "ruler" along the surface mounted at a certain distance from each other.They serve as reference points in the alignment layer of the mixture.The technology works in basically the same, but the ways of installing several lighthouses, like the original "material", which is used as such "pointers".Consider the order of work in relation to the individual housing, where the rooms do not have such large, as the industrial premises.

Methods and procedures of beacons on the wall

extreme beacons installed.They are positioned vertically at a distance of about 20 cm from the corners of the room.As beacons most commonly used steel profiles.Attach it to the wall can be different:

first method ."Vertical" is determined using the plumb line.It must be imposed along the wall plaster lumps, with an interval of 25 - 30 cm. Naturally, each wall has a certain curvature.Therefore, professionals recommend using a long wooden rack.If it is attached to the wall along the marked line, then we will see where the plaster put less, and where - more.By the way, it is believed that it is better to use "Rotband" for mounting the beacons.After that, the resulting "bumps" profile is applied and pressed.The "vertical" is controlled by the building level.

second way .Along the line clamps are attached to the wall.With the help of their "elite" rack equal so that the profile attached to them took a vertical position.In this method, plus the fact that it is not necessary to wait until the plaster dries.However, for every time the store will have to pay, albeit slightly.

installation of beacons along the wall (if required).Such intermediate beacons convenient to establish if between the extreme profiles on top and bottom, pull the string (twine).

Fixing solution profiles.It must be borne in mind that "promazyvat" beacon should along its entire length.After that, you must wait until the solution has dried.

plastering between established beacons.We must not forget that for a quality finish thickness of the layer should be at least 2 cm. If you have to make it thicker, the work is carried out in several stages (solution fits layers).Each layer is necessary to trim the rule (rack).Then there will be great "twists" of the surface.

After the application of the latter, the "upper" layer, it is also aligned with the orientation rule on beacons.

After complete drying of the plaster beacons gently break out.The resulting grooves smeared with a solution and smooth down.

Invited "pro" this work evaluated quite expensive.If you do everything yourself, then this can save considerably.