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August 12, 2017 18:06

Correct the device and how to install a septic tank in a private house

Septic - a device that is used to collect and ensure the treatment of domestic sewage.The principle of operation of any home septic tank is in the gravitational settling, followed by a final purification by filtration or the use of biological treatment methods.Some septic tanks made an extra cleaning with forced filtration, chemical treatment, etc.

Types septic

More recently, work on the septic tank equipment consisted of its construction, but actually you can now do the sewers of concrete rings.However, currently there is a wide range of ready-septic, requiring only the installation.These industrially manufactured septic tanks have a number of advantages, the main ones are:

  • The simplicity and speed of installation work, since considering excavation like a septic tank can be installed in two days.
  • Ensuring a high level of cleaning.
  • high level of environmental safety, be leak-proof cameras.
  • regardless of the nature of the soil and the groundwater level.
  • High reliability and long service life.

Lack of industrial production models is their high cost.To reduce the inevitable costs, septic tank can build their own.

septic - device -in- house

materials used in the construction of septic tanks

for the construction of a septic tank may be used:

  • well ring;
  • brick;
  • containers made of plastic;
  • concrete solution.

Building a septic tank with his own hands, we must remember that they are settling chamber must be tight, and for sewage treatment must be several steps.In the case of installation of ready industrial septic tanks, a requirement to ensure that there is no leakage.

Recommendations on construction

Before starting the construction of a septic tank is necessary to consider the project, taking into account the construction and sanitary norms and rules.

Septic - device


chamber volume at the first stage of the design need to make a chart and determine the volume of all the cameras, depending on the daily volume of waste water.If the amount is small (no more than one cubic meter per day), the septic tank can be mono.If a significant amount of waste, the need for construction of multi-chamber septic tank.Its size should be such that it could accommodate runoff for three days the full stay in the house.

To calculate the volume of the septic tank, should proceed from the fact that the average daily volume of wastewater from living in a house of one man is about 200 liters.Thus, the run-off, educated family per day, for example, of three, is 600 liters.

Selecting a location for building a septic tank on site

important aspect in the construction of a septic tank is the right choice of its location.When choosing, consider the following immutable rules:

  • distance between the septic tank and the foundation of the house should not be less than five meters.
  • septic tank should not be placed at the place where the cars are driving through or in close proximity to such a place as this can damage the septic tank design.
  • septic tank should be located at a distance from the point of abstraction.
  • choosing a place, it is necessary to take into account soil structure and the level of underground water (how to identify them, I'm told).For example, a high level of groundwater can cause septic ascent and destruction of the entire sewer system.At ground motions that can occur especially during freezing and thawing of the soil, septic tank can be destroyed, which would require a large amount of work on its dismantling.

septic tank

Highlights construction works

  • is necessary to ensure complete sealing of septic cameras.If you are installing the industrial model, this requirement is not on the agenda.If the septic tank is built with his own hands, that this case must be approached very seriously.Masonry or well rings do not provide the proper tightness if the joints of structural elements not handle the inside with cement mortar.The outer part of the cells must be sealed by deposition of coating of waterproofing materials.For more security on the outside of the camera should apply a layer of fat clay, poorly permeable water.
  • organic matter trapped in the septic tank are decomposed by bacteria located there, which is accompanied by the release of gases that need to be output, that is necessary to ensure adequate ventilation of a septic tank.For this purpose, the camera is set to the vent pipe, which is displayed, usually on the roof.This pipe should rise by at least half a meter above ground level.
  • Biodegradation of organic matter which is in septic tanks, can be provided by microorganisms that do not require the presence of oxygen (anaerobic bacteria).In that case, if the bacteria are aerobic (requiring oxygen) in septic tanks should be mounted aerators representing a type of compressor that supplies air to the chamber.

Construction of seepage fields

Water flowing from the last chamber, requires further purification, filtration is ensured through the thickness of a specially constructed sand and gravel called the filtration field.

pipeline built to supply water to the field of asbestos or plastic pipes.To the water supply through the twins are connected permeable irrigation pipe.To move water by the water supply by gravity, it is necessary that its slope is at least two centimeters per meter length.

Irrigation pipes can be made on their own out of plastic pipes with diameter of 80-100 mm.For this purpose, they should be staggered drill holes, the distance between which should be of the order of 5 cm. If for irrigation pipes used manufacturing asbestos-cement pipe, the holes can replace the saw cuts about 10 mm and a depth of a third diameter.