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August 12, 2017 18:05

What is the energy-saving windows and how they differ from conventional - features and benefits

Question savings of various resources concerned any thinking and prudent owner.At a time when on the verge of another (for many, and strayed from the account, a) crisis, the relevance of the topic to the forefront.Taking into account what proportion of our household budget account for payment of utility bills, is to understand what constitutes the so-advertised energy-efficient windows?

metering - temperarur Say at once - it is not a myth, not just another trick marketers.In principle, any window reduces heat loss of the structure, if the block is collected efficiently, properly installed, sealed all the cracks and smeared glass (eg, insulated by Swedish technology).In relation to the traditional ( "Soviet") wooden frames PVC window (regardless of type) can be called energy efficient.For example, sealants, putties unlike provide reliable sealing glass, and the frame is not "on bias" with time.

But as far as energy conservation is effective?No need to be a big specialist to realize that the lion's share of losses in the glass (up to 35 - 45%).Yes, they are thick, and, in the package there may be from 1 to 4. However, as the glass material is not an insulator.Consequently, though to a lesser extent than the wooden structures, but PVC products still partially heat the street.

feature energy-efficient windows

no fundamental differences from the plastic blocks, which are now set almost everything there.But there is a caveat - one glass is not usual in the package, but with a special coating.This is clearly seen in the figure.


presence of such "details" allows to reduce heat loss through the window aperture (compared to conventional glazing) about half.Due to what?On one surface of the glass smeared with a special layer, which is a reflector (screen) for the thermal radiation.Consequently, all the thermal energy, which is produced by heaters, remains in the room and not the "out" beyond the street.It is reflected by the elementary special coatings.

And what with the light?Practice operation proved that the light level in the room is reduced.But the rays of the sun so bright through the glass "beat" will not.

fans of indoor plants.Energy efficient windows or in any way affect (negatively) on their growth.


  • weight energy-saving window is smaller than the conventional PVC unit.Accordingly, all the moving parts of the design (hardware) last much longer.
  • Fogging package is possible under any circumstances.
  • This unit does not skip ultraviolet.Therefore, do not have to deal with frequent repairs.For example, change the discolored wallpaper, update the paint, and so on.Sun protection film on the window can also not be necessary.

Practical advice

  1. Some firms go to the "trick."When advertising your window as the energy-saving, in fact establish a regular glazed with tinted.Such a coating for heat rays - not a barrier.But the money was taken as per the claimed product.By the way, energy saving is approximately 700 - 900 rubles more expensive than usual.


Important Factors To order

  • energy-efficient windows is necessary only in reputable organizations.In addition, a good idea to bring extra help and through a friend, since it is no secret that often the positive feedback from corny disburse interested party.
  • In order to be acquainted with the certificate for the products.This, and not the price point.And the cost is slightly higher must not confuse - in this case, it is secondary.Only for 1 heating season can help you save on fuel and the boiler in the private sector, choosing a more gentle treatment.For energy-saving window of an apartment building - as only "plus".The rooms will be warmer, and not have to think as lime appeared fungus or mold.In addition, do not have to systematically include heating E / devices.Here overpayment for such windows and back.
  • Before installing blocks masters need to carefully inspect them.Special coatings must necessarily "look" inside the camera (if it is «I» -glass).We can not exclude errors in manufacturing, so it's best to play it safe and check the unit is assembled correctly.


How to check the glass for forgery

coating refracts the beam.If it is, on the glass, then it from forcing a thin object (pen, the tip screwdrivers) will be shifted reflection.

pestering glass fire source (lighted match, cigarette lighter), you can see the reflection of the flames.If it has changed color, the glass - with energy coating.And if the reflection color remains the same, then it is an imitation of such products, a forgery.